Wuhan COVID 19: How to make this time a learning opportunity


It is undoubtedly true that Wuhan Coronavirus/ COVID 19 is the prime concern of every person around us. Everyone is taking precautions to prevent its spread in their community. The struggle is real and the risk is too harsh to handle. We are globally tired and still don’t have a vaccine to deal with COVID 19.

The Wuhan coronavirus/COVID 19 is still evident in Singapore, the number of infected patients is still rising. All efforts to get it sorted are going into vain.

However, this does not mean that we should cover up ourselves with gloom and negativity. There are a lot of things to learn in the COVID 19 outbreak. There is still a lot of things we can observe, learn and change. Especially, the way people are reacting to Chinese citizens. People are losing acceptance and Chinese people are being singled out or cornered. Here are some results of the pandemic and things to learn in COVID 19 outbreak:

Xenophobic and bullying elements

Everybody knows that the coronavirus was originated in China. This is why the fear of foreigners and instances of xenophobia are taking place every other day. Sadly, bullying is also rising towards Chinese citizens and even to the people who have a resemblance to Chinese people.

To these people who “fear” Chinese citizens and tourists from China, it is crucial that these “carriers” are banned from entering the country so that the outbreak doesn’t spread.

You cannot deny the fact that, to some people, every Chinese person – whether they have been to the country or not – are responsible for the pandemic. This also applies to the individuals who once lived or been to China for work, study or tourism purposes. These people “fear” everyone who is connected to China and think that they should be banned from entering the country to stop the outbreak.

In Singapore, an online campaign was led to a demand for a temporary ban on people who are citizens or travelers from China. You will find some cases wherein such people are bullied harshly as they are considered as “carriers of corona”

Things to learn in coronavirus outbreak to stay away from bullying

If you don’t want to share such negativity and xenophobic sentiments towards Chinese nationals, or anyone related to you, read more about the virus, how it can be prevented and how it is spread.

Being alert and learned will help you in unthinkable ways. You can read articles on why Chinese people and others residing in China should not be labeled as “corona carriers”. There is simply no clear evidence that every person in China has the COVID 19/corona virus. In order to not get carried away with the xenophobic environment, you can discuss the signs and backdrops of bullying. Doing so, will not only protect yourself from bullying but you will also prevent yourself from being a part of bullying others.

Students can even spread awareness through making papers and assignments on dealing with the deadly virus. if your professor has assigned a task to cover the pandemic you can show its origin, prevention, etc. If you need to come up with enriching and intensely-researched content on Wuhan coronavirus, you can even get paper help from experts in Singapore.

The spread of fake news and fear-mongering

Social media has become one of the biggest sources of passing information. This has its own pros and cons. There are a lot of people who learn in COVID 19 through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other similar sites only. Some shady media sources misled people and cause panic.

There are various posts that talk about the shortage of food supplies or face masks or hand sanitizers or even on the uncontrollable spread of coronavirus in Singapore. They are a threat to society to such a great extent that Singapore and some countries have instructed a crackdown for such “misleading information”

Things to learn in COVID 19 outbreak about fake news and fear-mongering

Try to learn in COVID 19 outbreak how to read between the lines. This will help you in identifying fake news. If you will follow some authentic and credible news sources in Singapore such as CNN, Reuters or The Straits Times, you will gradually learn to differentiate between real and fake information especially on social media.

The best thing to do would be to rely on Singaporean government websites. If you have any doubts in your mind regarding the speculations and evidence that are being presented, you can analyze the information and discuss it with peers. This way you will surely learn in COVID 19 outbreaks to deal with fake news. Maybe, you can help people in situations where fear-mongering and fake news is creating a mess.

Needless panic and hoarding

Fake news gives support to fear-mongering online and triggers panic among masses. Currently, folks are making unnecessary purchases because they fear that supplies would be cut short and they may not have access to the essentials in the near future.

They are hoarding food items, sanitization items, and similar other necessities items without even realizing the harsh effects of their actions. People are over-concerned about taking prevention methods to an extreme height.

Reports claim that face masks, food items, and antibacterial soaps have been hoarded in huge quantities. Apart from this panic buying, there are people like middlemen and retailers who are hoarding for doubling their profit margin.

Things you can learn from social interests in Coronavirus outbreak

If you want to get a break from all the panic and stress going on, relax. It is not too tough to bring some positivity even in the pandemic. All you need is courage and calmness to deal with the situation and learn in COVID 19 outbreak. Take out some time off, stop where you are, get back to the issue to question yourself on what you actually think about the Wuhan coronavirus.

This time, you should be honest with yourself about your position in the COVID 19/ corona outbreak. Recall all the morality lessons you have ever learned in life because your environment can change your beliefs. And, we all are living amid waves of hatred and panic. Talk to your friends and family about the ways society should tackle this time of crisis.

China and other countries badly affected

Amid the atmosphere of stress and fear, we are sadly having consistent fake news spreading like fire. You can easily find fake information pieces claiming that so-and-so Chinese city or neighboring country is badly effective by a coronavirus. They would often say that the cases in certain places are worsening with every passing day. This turns even more illogical and pathetic when hoax news doesn’t shy away from asserting countries that are not even in the official list of confirmed cases of COVID 19.

As per some authentic sources, around 31 provinces in China have reported the cases of the virus. Many of these cases are situated in Hubei province where Wuhan is located. Apart from China and its provinces, COVID 19 has spread its reach to 211 countries. We are living in a dire situation and fake news are making things even worse.

Activities that can keep you busy amid COVID 19 outbreak

Go grab the world map you may have somewhere in your closet. If you don’t have a physical copy of the world map, Google it out. Now, try to locate countries in proximity to China. By doing this, you will get a clear picture of the effect of COVID 19 on the basis of geographical boundaries. You can analyze how different cities and countries are dealing with COVID 19. If you like this task and done with listing out the nearby countries of China, repeat this with a change. Point out cities near Wuhan, the epicenter of the deadly virus and mark the Chinese cities in its proximity.

Through this activity, you can develop an interest in geography too. In case you just don’t want to discuss Corona, for the time being, don’t worry, you can still use this method. All you have to do is to divert the subject by finding out the uniqueness and specialty of each country and province. In order to get some help with geography-based tasks, you can connect to us at AllAssignemntHelp Sg and make the activity easier.

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