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In this article, we aim to discuss the different learning style that every student possess. However, it would be a waste of time if you dont get to know why we are discussing different learning styles and how it could be helpful for a student to learn and for a teacher to teach in a better way.

The learning styles we are going to discuss are based on the multiple intelligence theory is given by psychologist named Howard Gardner. According to this theory every child has different learning style and if he or she gets to learn using that specific style, then that child could perform better in the academics.

So, you have got the idea of what is multiple intelligence and how it could prove helpful for the students, lets have a thorough look at the different learning styles that come under the umbrella of multiple intelligence.

Interpersonal learning style

It is the most common learning style that is popular among lots of students. The students who belong to this category learn well in the group such as learning with everyone in the class, group study and also dont hesitate in discussing their assignment problems with the teacher.

Intrapersonal learning style

This type of learners are silent geniuses and are independent as well. These students have a clear understanding of what they want to do in life. With that, they excel in the solitude as they get the chance to think about various things in life.

Visual-spatial learning style

These are the students who find it easy to learn through imagery method rather than text. It is like that because they think in terms of the space around them. So, they feel attracted to different visual methods of learning and learn much better through visual method.

Linguistic learning style

In the last point, we discussed about the students who learn better through visual method. Here we will discuss the opposite of it. In the linguistic learning style, a student feels comfortable in learning through text. These students are good readers.

Logical-mathematical learning style

These are the students who are geniuses. These students have the ability to think abstractly and dont find it hard to recognize patterns. These students find it interesting to learn in top-down learning method, i.e. they like to learn big ideas first and learn small details later.

Bodily-kinesthetic learning style

Students from this category find it easy to learn through hands-on activities and movement. These students perform well in the physical activities.

Musical learning style

Another type of learners are who are tuned into sound and rhythm. Students who belong to this category can find it easy to learn if there is music in the background.

So, it was a small effort from us to give you an idea of the different learning styles students possess. Hope you find it useful.

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