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Errors to Avoid While Writing an Essay


Essay writing is something that is not a cup of tea that everyone could enjoy. This process involves not just writing about a topic, but as a student, you also have to follow the instructions given by the professor. You might be familiar with such instructions like referencing, type of the essay and word count, etc. but there are some things that you might not be aware of and might end up making mistakes in the process of writing an essay.

 Thats why as an online assignment help provider, we have come up with a writing piece that tries to tell you the errors you should avoid in the process of writing your college essay.

 Avoid making mistakes in application of tenses

First of all, you need to make sure to stick to using present tense while writing an essay. It has been seen that lots of students think that an accident happened in the past is not equivalent to the present one. As a result, they end up using two different sentences in describing that accident which is totally wrong. So, once again, put emphasis on using present tense while writing an essay.

 Don’t use pronouns

The second mistake you might make while writing an essay is to use the pronouns in the process of writing an essay. According to the experts, usage of pronouns is not suited for essay writing and you should only use it if your professor has advised you to use it. You must be thinking what you should use to address your readers in your essay, well you should use a third person word such as one, instead of using second person word like you.

 Don’t write an incomplete sentence

As a college student, you must be smart enough to realize that every sentence becomes complete with a subject and one verb. So, its a must for you to write such sentences that contain both these things. In addition, you should also give importance to writing short and clear sentences and should avoid the overuse of which and that. If you do both these things while writing an essay, then you can be sure of writing a quality essay.

 Avoid using too many quotes

 Your professor assigns you to write an essay to see how much knowledge you have got about a subject and what efforts you have put to write an essay. So, they would like to see you writing an essay that sticks to its core. For that, you should avoid using too many quotes as it could be the cause of essay getting hampered and readers might lose interest in reading it.

With that, you should also make sure to write simple and clear title as it is something that gets noticed by your readers first of all. So, keep these things in mind while writing an essay. Hope it was helpful.

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