How to get good grades in academics?


Hello to all my readers, how are you doing? I hope you guys are having a good time in academics. Today I am going to discuss a topic which is not related to any specific subject but have importance in every student’s life. The topic for today is “How to get good grades in academics?” Many students are not satisfied with the scores they are obtaining in college. They try hard and take assignment help from friends but still not able to achieve A in academic writing work.

So today in this blog I am going to tell you the ways through which you can improve your academic grades. What so ever is your subject, all you need to do is follow some habits and you will see a great change.

Let’s have a look on the sections you will read in this blog:

  • Why you need a good score in academics
  • Reasons of poor grades
  • How to get good grades – steps for getting good grades

Why you need a good score in academics?

As a student you want to get good scores in your academics. You strive hard every day for achieving new heights in academics. You make every possible effort still fail miserably. At the end you end up in low confidence and grades. Scoring well in academics is of utmost importance. Here is why:

  • A low score will take you nowhere in your career. For a good job and a financially secured life you must have a good score on the mark sheet or else you end up as a failure in life.
  • It will help you to get recognition in the college and improve your knowledge. A good score usually indicates that you have a brilliant brain.
  • Good grades will take you towards more success. You can go for higher studies only if you score well in college.

Reasons of poor grades

Before taking our discussion to know how to get good grades in academics, we need to understand the reasons of scoring low grades. A disease cannot be treated completely, if root cause is unknown. Similarly, to treat the low scoring marks, you need to have good idea about the weak areas. So let’s see what are the reasons due to which students face low score issue.

Lack of direction

Students do not have idea what to do, how to do and when to do. After completing high school, they don’t know what subject suits their capabilities, or area of interest. Sometimes due to peer or parental pressure they choose a stream which doesn’t suit them. This is the starting stage of all the problems. Once you enter in a discipline which is not aligned with your dream or skills, you start scoring low. So to tackle such issue, you need proper guidance and counseling sessions. Many schools and universities organize career counseling programs to guide students for future. You should go in that and discuss all your queries and things you want to know.

Pressure from parents or peers

As discussed this in previous point, peer and parental pressure can be a bad thing for students. To overcome such pressure situation, you must talk to your parents.

Now peer pressure, this also becomes hindrance for an individual when choosing a subject after completing the high school. Do not do what others are doing. It would be a disastrous decision for you if you go by the choices of your friends. They have a different set of skills and you have different. Choose a field in which you have interest or which suits you the best.

Laziness and procrastination

How to get good grades? Lazy people don’t have rights to ask this. To achieve good grades in your academics you need to be active, mentally as well as physically. A passive person cannot achieve great heights in life.

Lack of confidence

Often students get low confidence level when they can’t score well. Also if you are not prepared well for the subject, your confidence dwindles.  Lack of confidence is also one of the main reasons due to which students face difficulty in scoring well.

Family or relationship problems

Everyone has their own problems. Some are occupied with family chaos and some are stuck in bad relationships. Dispute in family or friend or with your loved ones can have a significant impact on your academic life.

Drug problems

Nowadays drug abuse is getting common within students. They find drugs an easy way to escape all the problems of life. They relax themselves with drugs which is extremely harmful for life. Once they get habitual of drugs, they lose all the focus and interest from the studies.  

Excessive Involvement in social and athletic activities

Making new friends and be active on social media is a good way to keep the connection with outer world. But excess of anything is harmful. When you get too much involve social circle then, you don’t get much time to study. You spend your whole day in hanging out with friends and in clubbing. You lose focus from the academics.

Along with social involvement, too much inclination towards athletic activities can also reduce your academic scores. Students forget the studies and participate in competition. These things lead to missing of important lectures and eventually lack of concept or topic clarity.

Difficult Subject

A difficult subject also becomes an obstacle in achieving good grades. When you choose a difficult subject then scoring good gets tough. You face trouble in making assignments, exam preparations, and all the things related to that subject.  

Laborious Study Environment

Last but not the least; laborious study environment also affect your grades. Students when step into college life, start doing part time jobs to earn money for their education and to fulfill needs. They cannot get enough time to study and prepare for exams. Eventually they end up with poor grades.

These are some most common reasons a student can have which reduces their academic performance. There can be infinite reasons to score less marks in academics. So now let’s move to our next topic, in which I will tell you How to get good grades in academics.

How to get good grades – steps for getting good grades

We had discussed the reasons of scoring poor grades in academics. Now in this section of blog you will learn how to get good grades in your college. When you get the idea of the reasons of scoring low, you can easily work upon them and improve your score. Let’s have a look at them:

Develop Morning Habit to Set the Tone for the Rest of the Day

When you wake up early in the morning, you will be more organized and active throughout the day. You can be more productive and follow a timetable in apt manner. Set up a routine and break your morning hours into chunks of work that are easy to do

  • Wake up early
  • be optimistic and think positively
  • Make your bed
  • Do exercise and yoga
  • Read novel or any of your subject book

These habits are not tough to follow. You will think that how these things will help your academic scores but eventually you will learn that this will give your life a direction.

 Know that Sleep is Unimportant 

Time is of the essence in school, and sleep is one of the biggest thieves. While sleep is important, learn to need less and less of it. No matter how early you get things out of the way, there will always be nights when you need to stay up. Less sleep will automatically put more hours in your day. You can devote more time to your study by doing this. Also if you sleep less then you can engage yourself in other fun activities which you want to do without disturbing the time of studies.

Find a Distraction

By this I meant not a distraction to spoil yourself, but a distraction which from the hustle and bustle of college life. For instance, if you have a passion of writing, then write something, if you think you are an artist then draw something. These kinds of activities keep your mind fresh and also these activities can be a reward for studying whole day. Such activities will keep you motivated for studies.

Join a Study Group

In college, I tutored students one-on-one and in study groups for a number of subjects. I taught everything ranging from finance to law. Not only did it help me stay on top of my work, but all my “students” passed all their courses as well. Sometimes you need information related to you in informal language, in a way that you can remember it. Too often textbooks don’t do it and teachers don’t know how.

Write Everything Down

There are students who like to show off. They say they don’t feel need to write anything or making notes of any subject. But those students are not interested in studies at all. You need to make notes all the time to revise the topic at home. If you do not make notes then it will get tough for you to recall things at home. Notes also help you to make assignments.

When you make notes in a lecture, just note down important points. Do not write in detailed manner. Come to your home and then elaborate them and do a research online over those points. This will also help you in research paper writing.

Take help from experts

If you have missed something in class or you are facing difficulty in understanding any topic. Then you should look out for expert help. You also know that assignments are of immense importance for students. So if you have any assignment left and you don’t have idea about the topic then go for online assignment help. Over the internet you can find various assignment writing services that are helping students to get best possible grades in assignments. They have expert writers who will make sure to provide you a well researched assignment.

Read Over as Soon as You Get Home

Go to your place and take a nap of one or two hours. Wake up and read all the things you learned in the class. This will engage only an hour or two of your day, but make a good impact on your knowledge and subject understanding. This will also help you to correct your mistakes if you have made in notes. All the information will settle in your brain for long time.

Three Time’s the Charm

When I was in high school, my English teacher told me that our brains only retain 30% of information at a time, so we have to read things three times to score 90%. I don’t know how much it is true or science behind this. But you can give it a try. So read your notes then read your book on the same topic and do a small research on it over the net or in library. This will help in imprinting the information in your brain.

Do not involve yourself too much with your friends

If you want to score good grades then you must keep yourself at a distance with your friend circle. It’s good to have friends but if they are not serious for studies then keep yourself at distance. Trust me you will improve in academics soon. Moreover, you can focus on other good activities more like reading writing.

Take Care of Yourself 

Eat healthy and stay healthy. Your health is a biggest wealth. If you are not healthy then you may not be able to study with focus. A bad health will always come as obstacle in the path of your success. Along with eating healthy, give an hour to your body. Do some yoga or workout. This will keep you in shape and help in building confidence. Exercise will also boost your immunity and keep you healthy and disease free.

Be Proactive 

It sounds simple, but many people make a big mistake by procrastinating things. Lazy people will end up with zero accomplishments. You need to procrastinate the habit of procrastination to achieve something good in life.  You need to keep going, no matter what just don’t get stuck at any place. Till the time you are in motion, you will climb the mountain, and if you show lazy stuff or procrastinate things. You will get stuck if you become lazy. All you need to do is go out of your comfort level and challenge the obstacles.

Discuss your dreams and ambition

You only got one life, do what your heart says. Do not waste the life in living someone else’s dream. Do what makes you happy. As discussed in previous section, parents put pressure on students for choosing a specific course. Talk to them; tell your ambitions, and dreams to them. Let them understand your point of view, or convince them. You can also ask them to go along with you to a career counselor.

Now I guess you got the answer of the question How to get good grades in academics. Above mentioned ways are some of the best ways to help yourself out in academics. I have personally done these things in my college time to overcome the issue of poor academic performance.


Now let’s conclude this blog by recalling all the things we have discussed related to the topic how to get good grades in academics. This blog begins with a small description of the need of performing well in the exams and importance of scoring well. Then I shifted to reasons of getting poor grades. In that section I have discussed in details all the important reasons of getting poor grades in academics. Understanding these reasons will take you one step further in getting the answer of the question “how to get good grades?” third thing in this blog is the steps to get good grades in academics. If you will follow these steps then surely you will achieve success in your academic life. Hope this blog helped you to learn the answer of the question “How to get good grades?” Please provide your feedback to help me in improving the blogs in future. Thank you for reading.

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