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Homework Tips For Kids

In this article, I will discuss with you some homework help for kids. As we see many students struggle with their homework from time to time. But some kids struggle more than the other kids. Understanding your child’s problems and challenges helps you to defuse their homework problems. I’m writing this article because I got a huge number of mail and suggestions from students to write on this topic.

Here are some common homework challenges, along with homework strategies and tips to help.

Different challenges for the students

If a student consistently fails to complete his homework or assignment then it is important to understand the root of the problem. Kids can struggle with their homework for lots of reasons.  Some of them are:

1. Rushing through Homework

Many kids rush through homework once in a while so that they can get to the things they’d rather be doing. But for many of the students rushing is like an ongoing task. There are many reasons for the kids to rush through homework. Teachers can help the students in this matter like they can give switch the order of homework to the students. Parents can also help kids with homework by understanding their child’s problems, just talk to them and ask them the difficulties they are facing,  try to solve them.

2. Taking Notes

Taking good notes is not an easy task for the kids as it requires good writing and organization. Many students find it hard to read the text and take notes at the same time. It would be better if they can take help from note-taking apps. There are many note-taking apps like OneNote, Evernote, Dropbox paper and many others. These apps help students to know the note taking strategies .

3. Managing time and staying organized

For kids, school homework is a challenging task. Students always suffer to make a good plan for their homework. They need to stay organized with their homework.  

4. Recalling Information

 Most of the students suffer from the problem of retaining information. They always find it difficult to retain in exams or tests. It can be an issue of inattention or can be caused by trouble with something called working memory.

5. Learning independently

 Many students are not able to do their homework by themselves they always need help from others which is fine, but it is important for the students to become independent learners.

6. Lack of understanding

 It is also the main reason which is why students are not able to do their homework on time. It is important for them to first understand the concept or have a piece of good knowledge so that only they can do their work. 

Different types of homework

It is very important to understand that not all type of homework is equal. There is many type of homework your child’s teacher has assigned. Go through them to get a better understanding:

1.  Practice homework

Practice homework is designed to help the students learn and remember the concepts which they were taught in the class. For example- Math homework

2.  Extension homework

Extensions homework are the types of homework where the students are asked to apply their skills on a special project that is usually assigned over some time.

3.  Preparation homework

Preparation homework is the type of homework that hasn’t been taught in the class, but teachers give it to the students before so that students can understand the concept first and then learn it later.

4.  Integration homework

Integration homework is the type of homework that is similar to the extension homework, but often it likes class presentations or events like a history fair.

Best homework tips for the kids

1. Establish a good working space

Having a good work space area helps the student to focus. Working in a comfortable space minimizes potential distractions from unfamiliar sights or sounds. It would be great if you keep a consistent study area for yourself.

2. Break big projects into small chunks

There are many projects and research works that can be overwhelming if students try to complete them in one go. It is better to schedule your time so that you can complete it on time and also likely lead to higher grades.  You can use this time to review your work and make important adjustments to your content. 

3. Harness the power of technology

While doing your homework you should keep in mind that you stay away from all the distracting electronics (including your mobile phones). But technology plays a very important and positive role in student life when it used in a positive manner .Students can take help from the Internet for their homework. They can also take help from mindly mind maps or graphs. It would help students who have a hard time processing verbal or written information. The Internet can be a very positive asset in a student’s life if it is used in a positive.

4. Use a homework timer

A timer will give the student a better sense of time. There are many types of timers available for the students. You can choose one from them. And yes, you can go for your phone timer as well.

5. Use checklists

Checklists help your kid to know what tasks he has done and what to be done. By checklist, students can learn how good it feels to get a track record of their schoolwork. You can also go for clickUp app it helps you to store information and managing tasks.

6. Make a homework schedule

A good homework schedule helps you to set a specific time and place for studying. Parents can help kids with homework by helping them in creating a homework schedule. Set a time and show your child how to chunk the homework.

7. Start with something easy

Encourage yourself with easy things so that you can boost your confidence. The feeling of accomplishment always gives more confidence to the students. Getting one thing out of the way helps the homework session begin on a positive note and you can then move to the difficult concepts.

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How can parents encourage their children to do Homework?

All the parents want that their children do great in their school. Naturally, you might get anxious about this responsibility as a parent. It is very obvious that as a parent it is your responsibility to teach your children and give homework help to kids. Many parents are in the trenches with their kids, and also the kids rebel when it comes to homework. There are many ways by which parents can encourage their children to do their homework and they can also help them to do so.

1. Let your kid make his own choices

It would be better if you give a chance to your child to makes his own choices so that he can understand his responsibilities. If you take too much control over the situation, it will backfire on you by turning into a power struggle. Also, they won’t learn if they don’t think for themselves and make their own mistakes.

2. Be a motivator for your child

Just ask your kid about the assignments, tests, and quizzes, tests and other academic works. Always, encourage your child to do better. Check their completed work and give feedback which helps them to do better in their next time.

3. Make available yourself to your kid

Students always suffer from anxiety and they have so many questions in their minds which they want to ask and get the answers. You should make yourself available to them, to their concerns and questions.

4. Give them homework at home

Giving homework for a kid at home helps them to learn the concept better and also helps them to perform better in their tests and exams at school.

5. Schedule regular study time for your kid

Some students love to study in the morning while some like to study at night. It all depends on which time they prefer for their studies. Make a schedule for your child on his preference.

6. Teach don’t tell

The parents need to understand that you only give guidance to your child, not the answers. Everyone can learn from their struggle and your child should search for their answers by themselves.

7. Cooperate with your child

A parent role in their child’s life is very important always cooperate with your child in their homework so that you can show them that school and home are a team for your child.

And last, always praise your kid efforts which encourage them to achieve more.

Effective homework strategies for the students

A teacher should teach the students good homework habits so that the students can complete it on time. Regardless of grade level, understand the importance of homework in student life. Here are some strategies for students.

Encourage student to

  • Take notes during the school day and revise them at home.
  • Encourage them to use a planner
  • Do their homework in chunks rather than in bulk.
  • Encourage them to avoid cell phones or any electronics gadgets during their study time or homework time.

How can teachers encourage good homework habits?

As a teacher, it is important to encourage students to do homework on time and effectively. Below are the things which teachers can do to reinforce good homework habits:

1. Provide prompt feedback

Providing feedback is very important for the students as it will help them to improve their mistakes as soon as possible and if there is no mistake then their confidence will boost up. Also, nobody remembers the details of homework or assignment from a week ago but immediate homework feedback has a greater impact on student performance. 

2. Always check homework

After assigning homework it should be your duty to check their homework daily in front of them so that they’ll be more alert and they’ll be more likely to complete it. You should not casual about homework, otherwise, students won’t think that is it essential and they’ll take it for granted. It would be great if you provide the grade to the students on their homework so that they can see their progress.

3. Provide the children’s homework help when needed

Many students are not able to do their homework or need someone’s help. You can provide the children’s homework help or guide them before or after school so that they can get clear their doubts easily.

4. Praise the students on their performance

Praising kids for school homework will boost their confidence and encourage them to do good. Make sure that your praise is genuine towards them.

5. No partiality towards the students

The teachers need to understand that all students are equal for them and they should not do any partiality towards any of the students. Make sure that you give genuine grades to the students on their work.

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Homework for kids is very stressful as they find it very boring. It is the responsibility of the teacher, student and parents to give more focus on homework. One of the most important things you can do for your child is giving them the space they need to grow and give them a break. Homework tips for kids help them to do it effectively and timely. Helping your child work through homework challenges can be tricky but you have to do it to make your child more independent and confident. If homework continues to be a challenge for your child then try to talk with the teacher in parents teacher meetings.

I hope this blog helped you.

Thank you for reading!

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