The art of making excuses for not doing homework


Let’s accept it, nobody is going to waste their afternoon doing algebra homework or writing college paper, when a new Star Wars movie has just been released, right? So, when students realise that they can’t come up with adequate homework in given deadline, they try to come up with funny, creative, weird and believable excuses. Afterall “getting sick” is too simple for them, they plot the whole story to create a proper effect on teacher. Although sometimes it goes way too far: So to celebrate the vivid imagination of students, we have gathered a list of most used, funny and creative excuses for not doing homework.

Genuine ideas

My dog/cat ate my homework


Poor pets and animals are leading the charts of “why I couldn’t complete my homework” excuses. Students use this excuse hoping that it will touch the emotional strings of teachers. Pets are usually immune to teacher’s punishments and wraths. The sickness of your cat/dogs already sounds plausible. If that doesn’t work, how about you try “I completed my homework, but my cat shredded it to pieces.” Cats, after all, looks vicious.

I left my homework at home.

Lamest excuse ever- Unknown

It’s a foolproof excuse to try it for one time but it’s illogical to use it very often. The trick works well as it is feasible for your professor think student missed the notebook in a hurry. But if you are using it every day, It may sound fishy. It’s doubtful that every time when you are assigned with a task, you tend to forget your homework. There is also a possibility that other classmates makes the same excuse. So we suggest you to not to go for it.

The absent friend have my homework.

“Where is he”

There is always a friend who is absent on the homework submission day. The plan is to pin him up for your inability to complete homework. You can tell your professor that “your absentee friend didn’t understand the topic, so he borrowed it and promised me to return back before class, but unfortunately, he didn’t turn up”. Presented in a helpful way, your teacher might get furious on you but he will consider it as a genuine excuse.

I was volunteering/fishing/practicing/jogging/ etc

An extrovert

Extracurricular activities are a big excuse for your teacher to spare you. Students often participate/volunteer in sports, drama, dance, debate and other activities. We advise not to use this card very often as participating in academics is equally important as other activities.

Tell truth why you missed it

Truth always prevails

This is a revolutionary excuse. Just tell your professor clearly why you missed it. Honesty is a good trait and if you are that kid who always complete your homework on time. Teacher can spare you from detention beliving your genuine excuse. Truth always prevails and you will have additional time to complete your homework.

Physical issues

Power was down.


Long days are gone when you could use the issue with electricity as an excuse for not doing homework. You can although try your luck citing”The light went off from the block”. Your teacher might consider it genuine depending on the weather condition of your city. This excuse has been passed from generation to generation. Our ancestors used it till you heard the same excuse from your parents. Nowadays it sounds like a fishy excuse. To make it more appealing, you can add”I sure might have done it under the light of candles, but my parents were worried about my eyes. “

My laptop or PC did’t work

Technical bugs

Well, this excuse depends on the type of homework. If your homework needs the use of a laptop or a computer, you can cite this reason. You can just claim that ” I had completed almost whole homework, but my laptop automatically crashed, and I couldn’t find a relatable solution for my problem”. The reason will reflect the technical issue and your teacher might spare you.

Creative ideas

Use of creative domestic cataclysms

Silly home issues

It is a classy excuse you can give to your professor to get out of doing homework. Some of them sound funny, but if executed perfectly, the teacher might believe you. You can cite” there was a fuming burning smell in your house, which was irresistible.” or “The toilets clogged down, due to some issue with plumbing”. The critical part is how to present this excuse to your teacher. You definitely need to have a Pokerface while saying it.

Failed to understand the homework.

Question Everything!

Cite this reason if the topic was not explained properly in the classroom. You can say that you tried to research about the topic, but you failed to comprehend the core meaning of it. You can even ask about a specific topic which you failed to understand and request your teacher to explain again. This honest, humble behaviour will ease the anger and your teacher will automatically stand up to clear the concept. But again, remember not to use this reason, if a teacher have explained it clearly a couple of times in class.

Someone stole homework/backpack

Victim Play

Tell your professor that while you were on your way to school, the thieves on bike grabbed your backpack. In the struggle, my other books fell from it but unfortunately, they took my maths homework along with other useful necessity. You teacher won’t get furious over you, as you have just faced a traumatizing experience.

I wasn’t feeling well.

Sickness work if other doesn’t

Any infection, disease or problem never come up with an invitation and teachers do understand this. If you have already made above excuses, go for this one. To make it more creative, search for a rare health issue. Most critically, even teacher knows that students frequently face several health issues, so they can’t get hard on you in your sickness.

Family issues

A close reltive passed away

Big family tree

You can cite that one of your relative like grandma just died. You were facing difficulties to take it on your own. The emotions always work when you are making such an excuse. Any justified thing your teacher will do is not to debate over this and pay his/her condolences. Although you need to be completely mean in order to use this excuse. Make sure your teacher doesn’t call your parents or else MAYDAY!

I left in my mom’s car in hurry.

Stuck up in hectic schedule

This is a simple excuse but quite believable. Just tell that you were working over your homework on your way to school but accidentally left it in your mom’s car and now she is in office. Your teacher can’t ask your mom to bring her homework. It goes without saying that execution matters the most.

Blame it on your siblings

Weekly brother brwal

If you are blessed with a younger sister or brother of age 5-10 years old, you can cite this excuse for not studying. You can mention that you have to watch over him the whole day while your parents were out of town or the classic “my brother tore down my homework while it was lying on the table”. If you tell this excuse, your teacher might get furious for being careless, but ultimately you will be saved from getting detained or punishment.

Some funny excuses

Apart from genuine ideas, here is a list of some funny, ridiculous excuses for not doing homework. Just for a good laugh.

  • “My dad ordered a shredder for his office, and it was shipped yesterday. He wanted to see how it works and accidentally shredded my science homework and destroyed it. I tried to tape it up but it was gone.”
  • “I was completing my homework on the beach, suddenly a big wave swept in and washed me away along with my homework. A sudden high tide perhaps. “
  • “My brother’s friend who came to our home yesterday mistakenly spilled hot coffee over him, and in a sudden used my homework paper to clean. I failed to see it was my homework and realized that it was too late to stop now. “
  • “I was volunteering for a public cause to help and feed the poor. In my opinion, helping public was more resourceful and learning than completing a mundane homework. ” Good luck trying this.
  • “I needed a calculator to solve big numerical for my maths homework. Unfortunately, I have a solar-powered calculator and it’s cloudy outside. “
  • “I left it home as I didn’t want other classmates to feel bad about their homework. I don’t like competitions. “
  • “My father mistook it to his official letters and took it up with himself to his new venture meeting. He is facing more serious concerns now. “
  • “The history homework was based on the reports of Jew massacre in World War 2nd and I am Anti-Semitic. Also, I love peace.”
  • “The big wind came and blew the homework right out of my window. It landed in trashbin and I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder about hygiene. “

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Making an excuse is not a justified solution, one should always try never to miss any deadlines. Though this blog is only meant for entertainment purpose, we will never suggest anyone to bunk their homework. Homeworks are an integral part of academics which test the analytical, numerical and research skill of students. It also verifies that student is taking an interest in their class and not just surfing their way.

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