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Opt Environmental Engineering and make future better


Have you ever had a thought of preserving your surroundings? If yes, then you can go for environmental engineering and work to make world a better place to live.  Environmental engineering is a an interesting thing to do. So, you will surely enjoy your studies. Plus, there are a lot of tutors ready to help you with the complex parts. You can go for assignment help online and complete your studies easily. 

Here, in this blog post, I am going to tell you almost everything about this field. Following are the points which I will cover:

  • What is environmental engineering?
  • Main works that environmental engineers do
  • Works of environmental engineer
  • How to Become an Environmental Engineer?
  • Important Qualities of Environmental Engineers
  • Careers Related to Environmental Engineering 

So, let’s get started with this Blog post.

What is Environmental Engineering?

Environmental engineering is a branch of Engineering. It aims to protect the mass from the degrading effects of environment. An environmental engineer tries to improve atmosphere. They work to improve recycling, health, water, and air quality.

Environmental Engineering is not a new concept. It is in fashion since the beginning of the civilization. Ancient people also dealt with the challenges of the environment. They made the methods to treat solid waste and sewage. With the rise of industrial revolution air pollution level also increased. Thus, people started to worry about air quality and soil pollution. So by this, we can understand the need for environmental engineering. Environmental engineering helps in developing methods to clean the environment.

Joseph Bazalgette was the first Environmental Engineer. He came into this profession in the 19th century. He was a chief engineer of London’s metropolitan board of works. Bazalgette got fame for his invention of the sewer system in London. Invention helped in eradicating epidemics and cleansing of river Thames. This idea prompted in his mind after unbearable stench from the Thames. The river got polluted due to sewage discharge in it. Thames was the only source of drinking water for the city. Westminster of evacuated due to the strong smell.

Major works that environmental engineers do

Environmental Engineers work on engineering principles, soil science, biology. With the help of these principles, they make solutions for environmental problems.

There are various responsibilities to environmental engineer such as:

Preventing the release of hazardous chemicals into the air, water, and soil. This field is a separate environmental discipline. People concern about water, air and soil pollution. Thus, environmental engineering is gaining popularity in recent times. Engineers make every kind of efforts to stop the environmental degradation.

So what exactly engineers do to protect the environment?

They first detect the presence of pollutants.

Once they know, they track them to know the source of origin.

When the source of origin of pollutant is known, then it can be reduced.

There are various industries who are polluting the environment. Engineers try to find the ways to reduce the pollution coming out through such industries. Knowledge of chemistry, fluid dynamics, and biology help in a great way.

As you all know the population is growing day by day. To settle them various actions have been taken. Such actions may have a bad impact on the environment. To tackle such things environmental engineers come up with new ideas regularly. For instance, development of CNG, Gobar gas, solar panels, etc. Such inventions reduce the pollution and keep the environment clean.

Works of Environmental Engineers


Solid Waste management

Humans are the consumer society. They produce a lot of waste. What all dispose of such as food packaging, broken electronics, excreta comes in waste. Most of the developed countries have efficient waste management techniques. They recycle the solid waste very easily. But developing countries are still facing problems. Lack of technology and awareness are the main causes. Environmental engineers work day and night to provide sufficient ways to dispose of the waste. They are coming up with strategies to curb the problem of waste management.

Strategies to reduce waste

  • Composting
  • Incineration
  • Landfill
  • Recycling
  • Window
  • composting
  • Land-farming
  • In-vessel composting
  • Mechanical, biological treatment
  • Mechanical heat treatment
  • Molten salt oxidation
  • Plasma arc waste disposal 
  • Pyrolysis
  • Refuse-derived fuel
  • Sewage treatment
  • Tunnel composting

These are some of the ways to mitigate waste. Engineers are still developing new methods to make life good.

Water Supply management

Expanding population has expanding demands. Water is essential to sustain. Every form of life is dependant on water. Freshwater is of vital importance to living. As you know how much there is a scarcity of water in society. On the other hand, there are instances of a flood. Both flood or drought put a strain on lives. It affects humans directly and indirectly. Over the last decade, Europe faced both drought and flood. Recently, Cape Town was declared as the zero water country. They faced the biggest crisis in last one decade. Moreover, the government has to pay high charges for clean up operations.

Environment engineers are playing a vital role here. They identify the origin of the problem. They develop the tools or machines to fight this issue. Building of canals, irrigation fields, sprinklers are the inventions to protect from droughts. These things help to provide an adequate amount of water.

Sewage system, water treatment plants, are some of the ways to tackle the floods and recycle the water for various purposes. Removing waste water is also equally important. If wastewater is out of our houses only then, we can ensure good health. Sources of wastewater at home are- toilets, showers, cloth washing. Production of wastewater is not limited to home only. Industries are also the reason for wastewater. There are many hazardous substances industries produce. If they leak in water, then it could be a sign of danger. So it is necessary to treat wastewater to ensure a healthy supply of water.

Air Pollution Management

You all are aware of the air pollution. Its a major issue in many countries. to curb this problem various countries have started clean air act. There are many countries who are the big polluters. Engineers have developed the ways to fight with the problem of air pollution. Development of CNG, solar panels for cars and homes, are some of the ways to clean the air. Engineers are also coming up with the ways to manage toxic substances.

Now the next-next thing that comes in air pollution is a greenhouse effect. Engineers are trying to reduce the output of carbon dioxide gas to limit the temperature rise.

Some more duties need to be performed by Environmental Engineers

In the above blog, I have already told you about the duties of an environmental engineer. Let’s have a recap on it in brief.

  • They prepare environmental investigation reports. Review it and take actions to protect the environment.
  • Designing of projects to protect environment. Water treatment plants, air pollution control mechanism.
  • Technical support for environment cleaning projects and taking actions for it.
  • Obtaining data, analysing it and quality-control checks.
  • Monitoring the progress of Environment protection programs.
  • Checking industries to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

How to Become an Environmental Engineer

You must have a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering to be an environmental engineer. You can also do courses such as such as civil, chemical, or general engineering. Let’s learn in detail about this,

You must have a Bachelors degree to get an entry-level job in Environmental Engineering. There are colleges who give good exposure in this field.

You can also enroll yourself for dual course program. You will get Bachelors and masters degree in it. It would be a five years program. Graduate degree makes an engineer do research and development.

What you need to do bachelors in Environmental engineering? First, take science in High school. Have a good knowledge of physics chemistry and biology along with maths.

Attention please:

At this stage, I want you to focus on a statement- “The more you learn the better you work”. Well, you may want to the purpose for which I am telling this to you. Let me tell you the same. My advice with this statement is to give complete attention to your studies.

If you will not take your courses seriously then it may be a negative add on to your career. So, study properly. Clear doubts, right at the time they occur. You can get help from your teachers. Apart from this, there are so many tutors ready to provide you online assignment help. You can contact them as well.

In all, give your 100% to your course.

Important Qualities of Environmental Engineers


Now a degree is not enough for this course. You just need to be passionate about it. Under mentioned skills can help you to achieve heights in this area.

Imagination. Engineers need to design various systems and plans. They should mind to plan projects and execute them successfully. For that, an imaginative, and creative mind is required.

Interpersonal skills

Environmental engineers must have interactive skills. They should work with others to achieve a common goal. They usually work with different people like scientists and mechanics. For that interpersonal relationships should be good. Moreover, if there will be any conflict, it will hinder in goal achievement.

Problem-solving skills

Any new invention may have several issues. You need to be calm and compose to solve problems. As an engineer, identify the problems and solve it carefully. Problems can be of any sort. Workers health issues, damage to the equipment or anything else.

Reading skills

Engineers may get situations where they have to deal with topics of other fields. They should have an understanding and reading skills to deal with people outside their field.

Writing skills

Environmental engineers must have good and creative writing skills. Their work should be easy to understand. Whatever the plans, document work, proposals they do should be understandable to for others.

Careers Related to Environmental Engineering


Environmental engineering subject is one of a kind. It has many opportunities in various fields. You can have various jobs in it. One more benefit is that it can give you exposure internationally.

Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers can deal with chemicals related problems. They solve issues related to fuels, drugs, and food.  Moreover, they apply the principles of chemistry, physics & biology to get the solutions. They do the projects for large-scale chemical factories and plants.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers work to design, build, construct, and supervise the workers. They take care of the infrastructures such as roads, airports, dams, bridges, etc. Any kind of construction is taken care by these people.

Environmental Engineering Technicians

They carry out the plans that environmental engineers develop. Their work includes testing & operating environment. Plus, they modify equipment used to prevent or clean up environmental pollution. They also collect samples for testing whenever needed. Along with this, they may work to mitigate sources of environmental pollution

Environmental Scientists and Specialists

Environmental scientists use the knowledge of natural science to safeguard the environment. They protect human and various life forms. They bring the ways to clean the pollution of all type.


They study how water moves through and across the Earth’s crust. Hydrologists use their expertise to solve problems in the areas of water quality or availability.

Natural Sciences Managers

These managers supervise the work of scientists, including physicists, chemists, and biologists. They manage and direct activities related to research and development. They also coordinate activities such as testing, quality control, and production.


So, guys, I hope you get a clear idea about environmental Engineering. The subject is not much tough but needs hard work. Let ’s have a small reminder of the topics I discussed in this blog. I started the discussion with the works of environmental engineers. Moving further, I talked about how to proceed for environmental engineering. In the later part of the blog, I discussed qualities and career for Environmental engineers. These are the areas which I found vital for students. Your feedbacks are appreciated. Any queries if you have then you can contact us any time.

Let’s see how we can help you?

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