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Hey guys. 🙂 Are you thinking to move on the path of doing your own business or want to learn managing skills? Then you are at the right place. Come, explore all the options that you have. There are ample number of Business analyst courses, certifications and even a free short course for you to pursue your dream.

It’s better to get to know the course from in an out rather than choosing a wrong one. Try to find out which course takes your heart away. 😉 I mean, you know it better that what path you want to choose and which will suit you better. It’s just, you need to know the options you have in front of you.

You should always look out for the best institutes or universities which provide the best platform for you. Don’t be confused, as I will help you to take a sneak peek into these Business analyst courses, certifications and short course.

You will get to understand following points in this Blog post:

  • What is Business analysis?
  • Job of a Business analyst.
  • Business analyst courses with details.
  • Certifications to become Business analyst.
  • Free short term Business analyst course.

So, let’s move on to the main points.

1)What is Business analysis?

Business analysis is a research field of finding answers to business problems and identifying business requirements. Answers may include solutions like, a software systems development component, process improvement, strategic planning or organizational change. The person who handles all these tasks is called a business analyst.

Business analysis includes requirements analysis which is also called as requirements engineering. It keeps a check on the changes made in an organization and ensures that they are aligned with its strategic goals. Changes include, change in structures, policies, business rules, strategies, processes and information systems.

Business analysis focuses on the requirements of the business as a whole. It includes following:

  • Organizing feasibility studies.
  • Scoping and defining new business opportunities.
  • Creating and applying the business architecture.
  • Keeping an eye on new business opportunities.
  • Define those new business opportunities.
  • Organizing the initial risk assessment.

This is, what it will be like, when you step into business analysis. Doing business analyst courses will lead you towards becoming a brilliant business analyst. So, let’s move further to know their detailed job.

2) What is the job of a Business Analyst?

A Business analyst will have the following responsibilities:

  • To investigate business systems. This involves examining elements of the organizational structure and staff development issues as well as present processes and IT systems.
  • To check actions for improving the operation of a business system.This again needs examination of the organizational structure and needs of the staff development. This is to make sure that they are in alignment with any proposed process redesign and IT system development.
  • To do the documentation of the business requirements for the IT system support, using appropriate documentation standards.

Areas of Business Analysis


There are four main types of business analysis:

    • Strategic planning- to find out the organization’s business needs.
    • Business model analysis- to specify the organization’s policies and market approaches.
    • Process design- to regulate the organization’s workflows.
    • Systems analysis- the explanation of business rules and requirements for technical systems.

The Business Analyst, is a person who is sometimes part of the business operation and works with IT section to improve the quality of the services, and sometimes he/she is assisting in testing and integration of new solutions. They may also help in development of project plans and other such stuff.
This gives you a brief intro of what job, a business analyst has to do. So, let’s move on to our main points now which are the business analyst courses.

3)Business Analyst Courses

These are online courses which are very easy to enroll in. Qualifications to enroll into the course might variate for different courses. The fee is also nominal. The most important thing is that, you will get the same recognition as an on-campus student as, you will gain all those qualifications which are required in this field. Now, let’s check the insights of these courses.

i. Bachelor of Information Technology

This degree is developed in collaboration with industry representatives like IBM and Telstra. They want to ensure that the course cover the skills which the employers are looking for.

You will get plenty of experience. This degree will give you opportunity to be at the front of technology with more employment opportunities in various industries. You will get specialized in computer science, software development, security, or game development.

Online study gives you the benefit of time and place. You can study anytime and anywhere you feel like. You will get graduated with the same globally recognized Deakin University qualification as an on-campus student gets.

Qualifications to enroll in this course:

  • Cleared Year 12 with an ATAR of 55, OR
  • A Certificate iv with a weighted average mark of 60, OR
  • A Diploma or educational equivalent, OR
  • Relevant work experience which includes any community work.

Selection is firstly based on academic merits. But, experiences and other qualifications will also be noticed.

Following are the other details you might want to know:

  • Course length: Full time- 3 years, Part time- 4 to 6 years, Max- 7 years.
  • Study mode: Online
  • Provided By: Deakin University
  • Price: Varies on few factors. Visit the main website of Deakin University to know more.

ii. SAP: Financial Accounting

This course is in high demand and is globally recognized. It is a self-paced course and can be completed within six months time.

It is favourable for those consultants who are responsible for implementing financial accounting with SAP ERP Financials. This course will train you properly so that you can easily crack the SAP exam which gives you qualification to become a SAP Certified Application Associate Consultant in Financial Accounting.

Following are the points you might want to know:

  • Career: SAP Administrator, SAP Super/ Power User, SAP System High Level Support and yes most importantly, SAP Consultant in Financial Accounting.
  • Course length: self-paced. Depends on you that how many hours you give in a week. Max. of 5 to 6 months course.
  • Qualifications to enroll in: No specific ones.
  • Location/Study mode: Online (includes interactive exercises, online study guide and practice exam questions).
  • Provider: Sydney Institute of ERP(SiERP).   Price: Varies depending on different factors. Visit the main website to know more.

While doing this course, you will learn to: Search within the SAP system, Find out various levels and types of reporting available in SAP ERP, Recognize the organizational levels present in SAP ERP, Describe the functioning and structure of high level data in supporting ERP business process.

Once, you complete this course, you will be given an Executive Certificate in ERP from SiERP. But, You have to clear the SAP exam to get qualified.

iii. SAP: Human Capital Management

Basically, it is good for consultants who are responsible for implying management and administration with SAP ERP Human Capital Management. This course is also self-paced and you can complete it under 5 to 6 months depending on the no. of hours you give to the online classes. This course is Globally recognized.

You need to clear an exam after you complete this course. The exam is to qualify as a SAP Certified Application Associate Consultant in Human capital Managemnt.

You will learn to: recognize different components of SAP NetWeaver, Justify the functions and structure of the high level data in supporting ERP business process, Identify Human Capital Management’s organizational master data and structure.

Following are some more points regarding the course:

  • Qualifications: Nothing specific. Course length: 5 to 6 months.
  • Study mode/Course Location: Online.
  • Provider: Sydney Institute of ERP(SiERP).   Price: Varies. Kindly visit the official website of SiERP FOR more details.

iv. SAP Integration of Business Processes

In this course you will learn the art to confidently navigate and implement SAP across a variety of business processes.This course will skill you enough to clear the SAP exam that qualifies you to be an SAP Certified Associate in Business Process Integration.

There are other SAP integrated Business analyst courses too which are again provided by Sydney Institute of ERP(SiERP). Following are other courses which come under SAP:

  • Business Intelligence:SAP Netweaver
  • SAP SCM: ERP Procurement
  • SAP SCM: Order Fulfillment

All these above mentioned courses are accessible online with guides available and sample question papers. These courses are provided by (SiERP). There are no specific qualifications required to get enrolled in these courses. Fee structure variates for different purposes. for more details, you can visit the official website of the Sydney Institute of ERP(SiERP).

v. IT Service Management

The course is provided by Skillsoft. By doing this course, you gain a basic-level understanding of (ITIL), which is globally known for best practices in IT service management. You have to appear for an exam which is conducted for ITIL V3 Foundation. once, you clear this exam then you get the certification from ITIL. After clearing first exam, you can further apply for higher certifications of ITIL.

IT Service Management is an internationally recognized course. This course will train you exactly at that level, from where you can easily pass the exam for the ITIL V3 Foundation.

Following are some details about the course:

    • You will learn to: Recognize the features of service management, Measure the effectiveness of the service desk, Manage service strategy, Build a management architecture design which integrates IT needs with business needs and Keep a check on the service level management process.
    • Career: ITIL change Management Analyst, Desktop Support Manager, Project Manager and Service Support Analyst.
    • Qualifications: Specifically none.        Study mode: Online
    • Course length: Self-paced. Maximum completion time: 2 Years.

There are few other Business analyst courses too, provided by Softskills which are as follows:

      • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner(ACP).
      • Six Sigma Black Belt.
      • MCSE: Messaging.
      • MCSE: Private Cloud.

For any brief details, you can visit the main website of Skillsoft.

4) Business Analyst Certifications and Qualifications

There are mainly three organisations in Australia, that provide professional business analyst certifications and qualifications. Following are those three organisations:

i. British Computer Society(BCS)

It is also known as BCS qualification. BCS is well settled and highly regarded in the UK. But, it is limited in Australia. There are only few testing centers in Australia that provide, BCS foundation level certifications.

ii. Project Management Institute(PMI)

PMI launched their business analysis qualification, PMI Professional in Business Analysis(PMI-PBA) in 2014. This qualification is known as business analysis qualification for project managers. You get a proper certifications from the institute.

iii. International Institute of Business Analysis(IIBA)

IIBA was founded in 2003, and it is a non-profit association and has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It has over 29,000 members organised different chapters.

IIBM had released its multi-level Certification for Business Analysts in 2016. Following are the four-level certifications:

      • Level 1- Entry Certificate in Business Analysis(ECBA)- For those people who have less than two years of experience or no experience in business analysis. Such people can join this course, who want to enter into this profession.
      • Level 2- Certification of Capability in Business Analysis(CCBA)- It’s a mid level qualification for business analysts with a minimum of 3,750 hours work experience i.e, 7 years approx.
      • Level 3- Certified Business Analysis Professional(CBAP)- To pursue this certification, you need to have minimum experience of 7,500 working hours i.e, 10 years approx as a business analyst. You also need to pass a knowledge-based exam.
      • Level 4- Certified Business Analysis Thought Leader(CBATL)- It is for business analysts with 10 or more years of experience and who are recognized as thought leaders in the field.

5) Free Short Course: Introductory Certificate in Business Analysis

Its a free online course. This course targets audience:

  • Who are interested in pursuing a career in Business analysis.
  • Who want to find out about tools and techniques used by Business Analysts.
  • Those are interested in moving forward with the introductory Certificate in Business Analysis from Business Analyst International Qualifications(BAIQ).
  • Who will be able to work more effectively with Business Analysts.

The Aim of this course is to give you the taste of the Introductory Certificate in Business Analysis(ICBA) course and exam from Business Analysis International Qualifications(BAIQ). Another aim is to give you a slight experience of what it is like to undertake postgraduate study via online education with Charles Sturt University.

Brenton Burchmore takes the webinars. He has 20 years of industry experience. He teach analysis techniques and methods to the audience who become a part of this course.

So, guys, these were some of the amazing business analyst courses which i have brought to you. If you are a business kind of a person and want to pursue business, or want to learn skills, techniques and methods for increasing a business, then my friend these courses are the best for you. So, if you liked this information or you want to add on something, then do let me know through your comments below. Also, in case of any query, you can contact us via email id given on our website. Thank you, for reading. Do subscribe to my Blog for more such useful articles.