Technology Revolution

technology revolution

When an old technology replaces with another and more advanced technology known as a technology revolution.

In other words, we can say Technology has created amazing tools and resources, which make human life easy and safe. Technology revolution increases productivity and efficiency. We can see the evolution of technology in every field of life. Today we have a lot of facilities which were not available in our past.

We can access any information from anywhere with the help of the internet which is one of the facilities provided, and it is a perfect example of a technology revolution. Revolution in technology bring a positive impact on society and contribute towards its development. But it has some negative points too which should be cared  properly.

Revolution is good but when it is used for only development, not destruction. We can make and destroy our lives with the use of technology. Proper and constructive use will help you to achieve success and growth while an improper and destructive purpose can ruin the whole society.

A technology revolution is not just related to the growth of the internet or digitalisation; a revolution of technology can take place in any filed. We can see the impact of the technology revolution in our lives and the way it is improving it.  In this blog post, I will tell you how technology improved and affected our life.  I will talk about its advantages and disadvantages by which it affects human society. Assignment Help will help you out in providing detailed information on Technology Revolution related assignments.


The technological revolution is taking place in our life since ancient time. It was the technological revolution which brought us pyramids of Egypt, Tajmahal, aeroplane, electricity and many more.  We can not start with a fixed point from which technological revolution started to occur, but yeah we can predict, that most of the technological revolution occurred in the 19th century.

If we talk about the technological revolution, we will find the most known example of the technical revolution was an industrial revolution which happened in the 19th century and then the second revolution took place known as a technological revolution in 1950-1960.

How the technology revolution has changed our life

Technology has changed our life completely. If we compare our past with the present, we will find how much we have gained and changed in the field of technology. Today, we have advanced computer systems, smartphones, excellent medical facility, transportations and many more facilities which make our life easy. Today we have a facility of everything which minimises the cost of service and saves our time and money. Which the help of technological revolution we have reached to the mars and moon. We can cure many diseases and save lives. Technology gives us freedom which we should use for the betterment of society. Because if better use of technology can improve our lives, it can destroy it also. You can take help for your assignments related to the Technology Revolution by visiting online assignment help.

Here are some areas which have become more advanced because of the technological revolution.

technology revolution

Technology has changed the way of communication.

Today’s technology has completely changed our way of communication. We have several methods available for communication. We have smartphones, laptops, email, social media apps etc, by which we can communicate with anyone and at any time. The changes made by the technology in the field of communication are so significant that traditional types of communication methods like the telegraph, letters are becoming extinct. Now we have more control over how we talk or communicate than ever before. Today’s technology offers us a fast reliable and cost-effective communication facility.

Faster communication

We all know about the communication facility in our past, and how slow it was, a revolution in communication technology has made it quite fast and secure. Now we can send any message or voice note to our loved one within a sec. It is the greatest achievement provided by the technology. In the past, we had only a few methods of, and they were quite expensive and slow, but now we have several ways of communication.

Cost-Effective Communication

The present technology provides us very cost effective communication facility by which we can connect with our loved ones, no matter how far they are. In the past, we were bound to use the services of traditional phone companies, they use to provide us the same communication facility at a very high rate. But today we have a lot of social media apps which offer us calling facility at zero cost.

Hassle free experience

This new technology gives us hassle-free experience while we communicate. We can communicate with our loved one or relatives without being worried about the call disconnection and any voice interruption. In the past, the calling process was not as good as compared to the existing communication facility. Revolution in technology give us uninterrupted and hassle facility.

It allows paying bills from home

We all hate to stand in queue especially when it is paying for bills. The current technology allows us to pay for a bill from home without being a part of any line. It saves time and money also. Paying bills from home is as secure as paying by standing in queue. The current technology uses a secure system by which you can pay any amount without being worried about our money.

Technology for shopping

The current technology give us the freedom to shop from home. Today we have a lot of shopping websites which provide us the facility by which we can shop from home. They deliver the product at your doorstep. This is a innovative way of shopping. It not only saves our time and money but also give a reliable service and quality. Shopping from home gives you hassle free experience by which you can enjoy your shopping without being worried about its quality, discount and price. Today we have Flipkart, Amazon, eBay etc kind of websites for shopping. By using them we can avail discounts on products and save our money and time.

Technology for entertainment

We can see the evolution of technology in the field of entertainment industry. Today we can watch movies and listen to songs for absolutely free. If we compare our entertainment industry, we will get to know how drastic changes have made in the field of entertainment. We can watch movies and listen songs without paying anything. We have several ways of entertainment like youtube, free movie websites, free music websites etc, by using them you entertain your self without paying anything.

Technology for travelling

Remember when we were child we all have seen how our parents use to book tickets for any travelling plan. We had seen, how much we use to plan before going anywhere. But in this digital world, we can book ticket and hotels from our home. The best thing that provided by the technology is the power of the internet. In this current era, we can consider the internet as a critical solver for every problem.

Technology for health and care

With the help of technology, we can care about our health in a more better way. Today we have a lot of medical facilities given by the technology by which we can inspect our body and prevent ourselves from huge loses.

Impact of a technology revolution on our life

The technology revolution has excellent impact on our life. It affects our experience in both positive and negative ways. If we positively use the technology, it will have a great impact, but if we use the technology in negative way, it can destroy society. Remember the destruction caused during Hiroshima Nagasaki attack. It was one of the biggest destruction till date in human history. Now it is perfect example if technology can cure, it can destroy too. We should be cautious while using any technique and be assured that technology is only being used for a useful purpose.

The disadvantage of the technology revolution

The evaluation of the technology revolution has some disadvantages too; for example, we can see the dependency of this generation on the new technology. Man no longer think even calculator is a good invention but using the mind for calculations make it more active. So In the same way, New invention makes human life , but it makes the human being lazy and less careful about their work. Now I will talk about some disadvantages of technology revolution, and we should be aware of these disadvantages.

Now here are some more examples which show how technology negatively affects the human being.

For destruction purpose

Today, we have modern guns, tanks, missiles, atom bombs etc. They made for security reasons, and with the help of this we make sure that our country and people are safe, but nowadays people are using this technology for destruction purpose. As a result, we can see the growth rate of crime which is a severe problem. We are still suffering from the bad memories of Hiroshima an Nagasaki. Today every country has the atomic power imagine if these countries get into the war, and use the atom bombs, this will destroy the civilization.

Made a harmful impact on the human body

The technological revolution made a terrible impact on the human body. It made the human being lazy and least interested about outdoor games. Our new generation shows less interest in outdoor sports which made them fat and lazy.

  • Too much use of mobile and social media apps make the human-less interested in the social relationship.
  • Too much use of mobile and laptops affect the eye-sight and make it weak.
  • too much use of gadgets makes you the victim of depression. You feel alone and stop liking the social interaction with your friends, relatives.
  • Technology is good, but if we use it in the limit, we should learn those we are suffering because of using too much social media applications and all.

Make less interested in the outdoor games

Playing outdoor games not only make you healthy but also help to connect with others. Sports generate discipline quality and make us aware about the society, but today we have such games which took to us into an imaginary world, which affect the human mind and make us less interested about the outdoor sports.

Risk of fraud

The digital revolution or technological revolution has increased the chances of fraud. Today everything is globally connected in such case you little bit carelessness can cause a significant loss for you. In this digitalised world, we use to share a lot of personal information and if we are not careful about it, Our one wrong step can cause a significant loss for us. While online shopping or making the online payment we should be cautious to prevent any damage.

Increased unemployment

Revolution in technology made our life easy but it unemployed many people. Whenever we invent some new technology, it increases unemployment because they are meant to replace human power. This is how technology minimises the production cost. As we all know a single machine can replace many humans which causes unemployment.


In this blog post, we discussed the evolution of technology in both positive and negative ways, and the answer is here if we use the technology in a constructive way it has the power to improve the life of human being but if we use the technology in a negative way it can destroy the whole world. As a result, we can say if Technology can cure and ruin too. We should understand that we have the opportunity to use it so we should use it constructively by which it could contribute towards the development of the country and human being. I hope with this blog post now you have understood how the technology revolution works. For more information do visit assignment help online.

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