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Rhetorical Essay

The word rhetoric refers to the study of words that are used by the writer to communicate and influence their readers. In a simple manner, we can say rhetorical analysis is nothing but it is a way of analyzing writers’ method of writing. The rhetoric essay is more than writing and allows you to understand whether you believe in the writer’s arguments or not. 

It is a form of essay writing that asks you to dive deep into how the writer has chosen to write. Rhetoric essay writing is all about dissecting into the piece by which we can determine the writing technique used by the writer to deliver the main point or message. 

The rhetoric form of essay writing holds much significance in your academics. Thus, as an assignment help provider, we are here with a complete writing analysis of this form of essay writing. With the help of this blog article, you will be able to handle the rhetorical essay writing task efficiently without facing any writing complications. 

How to write a rhetorical analysis essay step by step?

For writing a rhetorical analysis essay you need to follow a constructive approach of writing and step by step procedures that are listed below:

How-to-write-a-rhetorical-analysis essay-step-by-step

Understand your topic

Without a proper understanding of the topic, you should not start writing as a writer your job is to research and analyze your essay topics from a different perspective and then you should try to add your own explanation for the topic

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Collect information

After analyzing the topic you need to follow the next step which is collecting information from relevant sources. It is the most important step that decides the quality of your rhetorical analysis essay. Try to include the following questions while gathering the necessary information. 

  • What is the author’s prime focus? 
  • What are the main ideas highlighted by the writer in the essay
  • Issues raised by the author
  • What is the target audience of the author?
  • How the author will convey the message successfully to the audience?
  • Which methods were utilized by the author to communicate the objectives

Rhetorical analysis essay outline

Just like other academic essays rhetorical analysis essays also follow the same structure including an introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion 


An introduction is the most important part of any essay writing and helps the reader to know about the theme of the essay. It works as a roadmap and sets the tone of the entire paper. While writing the introduction for a rhetorical essay you must discuss the main ideas, goals, and purpose of the essay in this section. 

Writing the body paragraph

This paragraph gives the initial framework to the body of the essay. This section includes important information and argument with several questions. 

While writing this paragraph you must divide each body paragraph according to different ideas and identify the ethos, pathos, and logos in the work. Every section should justify its claim and provide proper evidence. 

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Writing the concluding paragraph

It is a section where you give the final touch to your essay and summarise the main ideas and arguments that you used in the entire essay for justifying your opinion about the topic. Always remember you should never forget to provide your opinion. 

Tips for writing a rhetorical essay analysis

  • Without having proper analysis about the topic don’t try to focus on proving your point
  • Always use correct transitions it will improve the quality of your essay
  • Proofread your work once you are done with the writing. Sometimes in the flow of writing, we forget to fix small mistakes that become major ones later.
  • Fix all grammatical and punctuation error it will help you to improve the quality of your essay and make you stand tall in front of peers
  • Always follow university guidelines and try to limit your essay in a given condition

Rhetorical Essay analysis strategies for persuasion

There are three main persuasive methods that are quite popular for supporting the arguments made in the essay. So if you want to improve the quality of your essay you must use the combination of ethos, pathos, and logos


“Authors personal opinion”

In general, we can say it relay on the author’s personal opinion and experience. Ethos is a Greek word that means character. The main focus of ethos is to justify the authority and credibility of the person. For example, celebrities often promote products and appeal to the people that they should use them and give them a try. 


“The constructive approach of using feeling to arouse emotions in the readers”

In general, we can define pathos as a persuasion method that helps the reader to feel the emotion through the author’s writing instead of thinking about something. The main purpose of pathos is to trigger the emotions of the audience


“Use of rational and logical approach with statistics, fact, and strong arguments so that we could easily convince the reader”

In general, we can define Lagos as an approach by which the author convinces readers of given arguments by using logic and reason. 


This is the complete constructive approach to rhetorical analysis essay writing. With the help of this writing approach, you can easily write a rhetorical essay without facing any difficulties. You just need to follow the given steps one by one. Without skipping any and you will have a good quality of the rhetorical essay. 

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