Different Psychology courses to look out for


Hello friends, how are you guys doing? Hope you all are working efficiently and progressively towards your goal. Today you are going to read about a course that is high in demand. I m talking about various psychology courses that are in trend among students. Psychology is an area that fascinates almost all of us but is a difficult one also. Students cope up with the syllabus in different ways. Some take tuitions, extra classes, or assignment help to score well.

Take a note on the topics which you are going to read in this blog

  • What is Psychology?
  • Various branches of Psychology
  • Important theories in Psychology
  • Reasons to go for psychology courses
  • Australian Universities to get a degree in various Psychology courses

It’s time to find out together what this subject has to offer you. 

What is Psychology?


According to APA, Psychology is the study of mind. It tries to find out how the working of mind affects behavior. ‘Psycho’ denotes the mind and ‘Logy’ means study. In general terms, psychology studies Human psyche. It talks about behavioral, mental and emotional processes of mind. It deals with the functions of the brain. Memory organization, people interaction comes under this. it also tells processes through which children learn and interact with the surroundings. Everyone can find something interesting in this subject. You cannot separate psychology from your life. This subject has traces in every field. Social studies, science, arts all have usage of this subject.

You can get a professional degree in Psychology courses such as:

  • Child psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Social psychology
  • Cross-cultural
  • Educational psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Criminal psychology
  • Counselling psychology
  • Health psychology

All of these courses are in high demand and attracts students worldwide. The subject is gaining popularity among the student. Psychology assignments consist extensive research and surveys. You need to focus and give proper time but, at the same time it is interesting too. If you feel the need to take help, you can easily take online Psychology assignment help.

Various branches of Psychology


Psychology subject is growing day by day and covering everything under it. You all have immense scope in this subject. Different psychology courses in which you can get a bachelor or master degree. Let’s have a look at them:

Clinical psychology

  • Clinical psychology uses scientific and practical approach to understand problems. These approaches help in relieving of issues in a person’s life.
  • Clinical psychology promotes personal development, and adjustment to alleviate problems.
  • It focuses on the intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological aspects life. While reading the behavior, specific parameters are kept in mind. These paramenters are socio-economical levels and culture are kept in mind.
  • Clinical psychology understand, prevent, and alleviate psychologically-caused distress. It promotes an individual’s well-being and personal development.
  • Psychologists are also involved in research, and training along with the therapies they provide.

Cognitive psychology

  • Cognitive psychologists examine the mental processes of the human brain. These processes can be problem-solving, learning, memory, and language.
  • It studies how people perceive the information and react to it.
  • It also deals with the way a human brain learn and retain the information.
  • Cognitive psychology can relate to neuroscience and linguistics.
  • Psychologist work on the functioning of the brain concerning data.
  • Cognitive psychologist helps in various aspects of cognition such as:
  1. Memory
  2. Decision making
  3. Learning through different educational programs.

These practical applications help in mental actions like acquiring knowledge and understanding.

Developmental psychology

  • It’s a scientific way to learn how and why human beings transform trough out their life. In simpler words you can say, it’s a study of human development.
  • It concentrates on all the age groups, infants, youngsters, adults and old age.
  • Three goals of developmental psychology are:
  1. Describe
  2. Explain
  3. Optimize development
  • Parameters to study the developmental psychology are:
  1. Motor skills
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Moral understanding
  4. Acquiring language
  5. Motions
  6. Personality
  7. Self-concept
  8. Identity formation

Developmental psychology also deals with mental structure. How the brain learns through experiences and surroundings. These all are responsible for human development.

Evolutionary psychology

  • Evolutionary psychology is a theoretical approach to psychology. It explains that all mental and psychological traits are the result of adaptations. In easy words, Evolutionary psychology is the shaping of human behaviour due to adaptations.
  • This approach helps to bring biological mechanism into psychology.
  • It is applied to all organism with the nervous system but mainly deals with humans.
  • Examples are:
  1. Language acquisition methods
  2. Incest avoidance
  3. Cheating detection mechanism
  4. Preference for the specific sex

Forensic psychology

  • This branch of psychology is to study criminal activities. It deals with criminal matters and the law.
  • A forensic psychologist scientifically uses psychology in the criminal justice system and courts.
  • A forensic psychologist study criminal’s behavior. They research them to find out traits of criminals. This may help in developing knowledge about why they committed the crime.
  • Techniques involved in this is interviewing and studying the criminal. A psychologist gains background information on criminal from family and loved ones.

Health psychology

  • Another name for health psychology is medical psychology.
  • It focuses on how behavior, biology and psychology influence health and illness.
  • Here a psychologist lookout for psychological factors that deteriorates health. These factors may include the background, status, relationships, etc.
  • Psychologist focus on patient’s reaction, coping ability and illness.
  • Medical professionals and health psychologist work together in clinical settings.


  • Neuro-psychology studies brain functions concerning cognition, emotion, and behavior.
  • Sometimes Neuro-psychologists also involved when there is an injury in the brain. They study the electrical activities of the brain.
  • Psychologist uses a Neuro-psychological test to identify the occurrence of psychological problems.
  • According to the results, doctors carry out the treatment methods.
  • Conditions that come under Neuro-psychology are:
  1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  2. Endocrine Disorders
  3. Brain Tumors & Cancer
  4. Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders
  5. Klinefelter Syndrome Sex Chromosome Defects
  6. Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia, Math & Writing
  7. Autism Spectrum Disorders
  8. Neuron Diseases
  9. Sports Concussion
  10. Traumatic Brain Injury

Occupational psychology

  • Occupational psychology is also known as organisational psychology.
  • It focuses on employee behaviour at the work space. Occupational Psychology consists of productivity improvement and coping mechanism of an employee.
  • Psychologist here helps the company by providing ideas to enhance production and group behavior.
  • This also helps in employee selection, providing job satisfaction and employee retention.
  • Psychologist motivates employee by making plans for rewards system and health policies.
  • He may design jobs which benefits the company and employee both.
  • Working on employees appraisal also carried out by occupational psychology

Social psychology

  • Social psychology uses a scientific approach to study human interaction with society.
  • It also studies how society influences human behavior. For example, you may have noticed that people around you alter your behavior and emotions.
  • Social psychologist looks at group behavior, body language, leadership, etc. how human perceive and interacts help to know his/her social behavior.
  • I have listed down some important areas of social psychology. Have a look at them to learn more about it.
  1. Self-concept
  2. Social cognition
  3. Attribution theory
  4. Social influence
  5. Group processes
  6. Prejudice and discrimination
  7. Interpersonal processes
  8. Aggression
  9. Attitudes
  10. Stereotypes

So you have got the idea about the depth of this subject. But do not get afraid with the depth. Some experts may provide assignment help online to make your life easy.

 Important theories in Psychology


Let’s talk about different theories in psychology. Various philosophers and famous psychologists have given these theories. Theories help in understanding the human behaviour. It gives us various parameters to study the human psyche. I have come up with 4 main theories in psychology. Below I have mentioned theories which are applicable in all branches of psychology. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Psycho-dynamics

Sigmund Freud gave the theory in the early 20th century. This theory states that human nature is based on the unconscious and conscious forces or beliefs. Freud states that human nature is consist of three things.


ID contains sexual drives, memories, and aggressiveness. It seeks pleasure. Id based on the immediate gratification of needs. A personality of a newborn consists of ID. She/He develops superego and ego in the later stages of life.


Ego act as a mediator between unrealistic Id and the outside world. It is a decision-making component of human personality. Ego tells a person where to stop and how to control the desires. It also seeks pleasure like ID. But the pleasure is real. Whereas in ID pleasure is the main focus area.

Super Ego

Superego is about the morals and values from parents and society. It reduces the drive of ID. For example: controlling the urge of sex, or severe aggression. Super Ego has two parts first is conscience and second is ideal self. Conscience punishes ID, whereas Ideal self is the way you interact with society. Ideal self also aspires the individual towards a career.

2. Behaviourism

John B. Watson coined the term behaviourism in 1913. It is a scientific approach which focuses on observable behaviours. Psychologists state that environment results in the learning of different behaviours. Surrounding influences Human behaviour. He proposed that behaviour is not the result of an internal process. It is gain from the response to the environment

  • There are two types of behaviourism:
  1. Methodological behaviourism
  2. Radical behaviourism

3. Humanism

  • Humanism is a philosophical approach to study the uniqueness of an individual.
  • Humanists believe that learning is an act to fulfill one’s desire.
  • Humanism is a response against psycho-dynamic and behaviorism. Humanists believe behaviorism and psychoanalytic as dehumanizing.

4. Cognitive theory

  • The theory was introduced in 1970. Theory studies human behavior with the help of thought processes.
  • Psychologists believe that we take information, and then it processes in the brain. Our behavior is the response of that processed information of brain.
  • According to the theory brain processes information just like computer.
  • Brain takes information, transforms it, store it and retrieve it when needed.
  • Applications of cognitive theory:
  1. Memory
  2. Learning
  3. Perceptual systems
  4. Mental disorders
  5. Dreams

Reasons to go for psychology courses


Friends till now I have told you about the branches of psychology and different theories. If you are planning to do a bachelor or masters, then you should look into this stream. Now I won’t tell you why you should go for psychology courses.

Degree in psychology courses can bring amazing jobs for you.

Counsellor or a psychologist is required in every profession nowadays. The competition is growing and stress is also on hike. A psychologist is the only option who can help to reduce the pressure from life. Some most common jobs for a psychology degree holder are:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Human Factors Psychology

Understanding life and self

Gaining psychology courses degree is valuable asset. The knowledge you will gain will help you a lot in your life. Have you ever wondered why some people behave in certain ways? To understand them the subject can assist you in a significant way. Psychology creates a sorted perception towards life and self. This subject would be an excellent deal for those who want to understand human nature.

You can be a helping hand for most of the people

Knowledge you gain through psychology course will help in understanding people. There are many people in stress out there. They need someone who can be a friend and a guide. You may do a work of humanity by helping those who are in need.

Universities in Australia to get degree in various Psychology courses.

For undergraduate degrees

Types of psychology courses and degree by Monash University are:

  • Bachelor Of Business (psychology)
  • Bachelor Of Psychology (with Honours)
  • Honours Degree Of Bachelor Of Behavioural Neuroscience
  • Honours Degree Of Bachelor Of Psychological Science And Business (psychology)

Types of psychology courses and degree by Charles Sturt University are:

  • Bachelor Of Social Science (psychology)/Bachelor Of Business
  • Bachelor Of Psychology
  • Degree of Bachelor in Social Science (psychology)
  • Bachelor Of Social Science (psychology)/Bachelor Of Business
  • Bachelor Of Psychology
  • Degree of Bachelor in Social Science (psychology)
  • Honours degree Of Social Science (psychology)
  • Bachelor Of Social Science (psychology)
  • Bachelor Of Psychology
  • Degree of Bachelor Of Social Science (psychology)

Types of psychology courses and degree by Edith Cowan University are:

  • Bachelor Of Business/Bachelor Of Arts (psychology)
  • Degree of Bachelor’s in Laws/Bachelor Of Psychological Science
  • Bachelor Of Arts (psychology And Addiction Studies)
  • B.A. (psychology And Counselling)
  • Bachelor’s of psychology
  • Bachelor Of Arts (psychology, Criminology, And Justice)
  • Bachelor Of Psychological Science
  • Degree of Bachelor in Business/ Arts (psychology)
  • Bachelors in Laws/Psychological Science
  • Bachelor degree of (psychology And Addiction Studies)
  • BA (psychology And Counselling)
  • Bachelor degree in Psychology
  • BA honours (Psychology)
  • BA in psychology, Criminology, And Justice
  • Bachelor’s in Psychological Science
  • Bachelorette degree in Science (psychology)
  • Bachelor Of Science (Psychology) Honours

For Postgraduate degrees

Australian Catholic University postgraduate psychology courses:

  • Master Of Psychology (clinical)
  • Master Of Psychology (clinical)/doctor Of Philosophy
  • Postgraduate Diploma In Psychology
  • Master’s in Psychology (clinical)
  • MA Psychology (clinical)/doctor Of Philosophy
  • Master Of Psychology (educational & Developmental)/doctor Of Philosophy
  • Master Of Psychology (educational And Developmental)
  • Postgraduate Diploma In Psychology

Bond University for Postgraduate Psychology Courses

  • Master Of Psychology (clinical)
  • Graduate Diploma Of Psychology
  • Master Of Psychology (forensic)

University of Melbourne for Postgraduate Psychology Courses

  • MA Of Psychology
  • Master in Psychology (clinical – Singapore)
  • Master Of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology)
  • MA in Psychology (clinical)
  • Master’s in Science – Applied Psychology (coursework)
  • MA Science – Clinical Psychology (coursework)
  • Graduate Diploma In Psychology

Above I have mentioned some of the famous universities of Australia for Psychology courses. There are more universities where you can get a psychology degree.


I guess I have done my work by providing you best of my knowledge. In this blog, I tried to clear your doubts regarding psychology courses. Friends you can have best of academic experience after doing this course. If you have any query or want to know something more, then let us know.

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