Personal Essay Examples, Structure, and Writing Tips


In your college, you may face writing a personal essay and it is quite puzzling. In a personal essay, the author should describe some vivid scenes from his/her life, not necessarily associated with his person, that prove his experience and highlighted skills. It is a written assignment, which aims to render your personal story to the audience.  There are so many topics in which you can write a personal essay. Some of the personal essay examples are:

  • The place I want to return
  • My parent’s lessons
  • The movie that motivates me
  • Me in ten years
  • Life lessons
  • The mistakes I have done in my life

The list of possible essay is endless, and also remember, a personal essay is a good tool to influence your reader. It can be both impressive and depressing, So, it depends on you how you want to represent your thoughts. It is time to discuss how to make a proper structure of the personal essay.

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Structure of a personal essay

The structure of the personal essay examples is typical and it is basically divided into three sections:

  • The introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The introduction

A personal essay introduction should begin with an inspiring sentence. It should be catchy and easily grab the reader’s attention from the very first line. Write in a manner that your reader covers every piece of your writing. You can add many things in your introduction to make it more attractive. such as:

  • Facts and statistics 
  • Quotes
  • Jokes and Anecdotes

In the personal essay, when you write a topic you should write all the background information to acknowledge the reader about the ongoing events. You have to tell everything including, the person, place etc. Conclude the introduction with a persuasive thesis statement.

The body part

It is totally your choice how many paragraphs you want to write, but 3-4 paragraphs are enough in this part to elaborate your all the points. In every paragraph, an introduction is a must to write further about the topic. Try to contribute with the evidence, and always end up the paragraph with a great conclusion. 5-10 lines are enough in each paragraph.

When you write the body, keep in mind that you write in a way that the reader feels the same way which you felt in the discussed situation. Your main purpose should make a connection with your audience. Personal essays examples are not the same as argumentative or other types of essays. In personal essays, you have to attract your audience by sharing emotions and feelings to them.

Write your paper in chronological order of the events so that you do not get lost from the topic. Also, it would be easier for the audience to understand the point in a good manner. 


The conclusion is the last couple sentences of an essay that provides a summary And also an important part of your essay. Also, it is the final opinion on the topic. Share your thoughts and ideas on a particular topic. You can also give some tips and suggestions to the readers. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts to college students for writing a personal essay. So go through them:


  • Dedicate your time to organize the thoughts before writing a final draft.
  • Share your ideas in a clear manner so that students can understand them easily.
  • Check that your personal ideas are more clear to your audience and understandable for the students. 
  • Remain truthful to your audience tell them the incidence that actually took place in your real life. 
  • In personal essay examples reveal both good and bad sides of the self.
  • Do feel comfortable in expressing anxieties. Everybody has anxieties and it is totally okay.


  • Avoid applying broad-based generalizations while writing your personal essay.
  • Don’t repeat the information that you have provided once in your paper. 
  • Don’t use cliches.
  • Do not be scared to provide proper and personal details.

List of mistakes done by the students

In making a good personal essay example, one should have a good knowledge of the subject. There are many mistakes students do while making memorable college essay. Such as:

Absence of organization: Writing a personal essay is much simpler than writing a term paper or dissertation paper, but still it is important that you write a good personal essay sample in a proper organized way. It would be better if you make a list of the things that you want to discuss in your paper, it will save your time and gives you more time for some other work.

No structure: Many times students don’t have enough knowledge to make a proper structure of an essay. Make sure you know what elements your essay should include in order to make it logical and easy to real. 

Boring topic: You should choose a good and interesting topic for the audience. Always try to select a relevant topic, which will engage your audience, try to spice it up with examples from your own life. 

Absence of a moral: In a personal essay you should teach the audience a particular lesson, otherwise it is all a waste for the audience. You have to tell your reader the contribution of people in your life or how it changes your personality.

Personal essay Outline

To make a good personal essay example outline, the rule is to write the sentences in each of the 5 paragraphs. Try to stay honest and open in front of your audience. The more you attract the audience towards your essay the more it will be comfortable for them to read your essay. Even if you want to write about a sensitive topic then feel free to write about it. Before you write a personal essay for your high-school, make a list of the inspiring things to focus on. So, it would help you to understand what you have to talk about in other paragraphs. Writing a final draft based on one of the available writing styles:

  • ACS
  • Harvard
  • Chicago/Turabian
  • MLA
  • APA 
  • Etc.

Guidelines in writing a personal essay examples for college application

A personal essay can be written for different purposes. But the main idea of a personal essay is to inform the readers, while at the same time, inspiring them. To write a good personal essay sample a writer should focus on some important points. Some of them are given below:

1. Pick a good and attractive topic for your essay

A writer should choose a good topic that is both significant and timely in your area. Good essay topics will attract your audience towards your essay. You may also see personal essay examples or samples to get a good idea of the topic.

2. Determine the focus

Whenever you write a personal essay, just focus your mind it will help you to write a good essay.

3. Know the purpose

It is important that you first know the purpose of writing a good personal essay. When you know the purpose of writing a good personal essay then it would be easy for you to write a good essay easily.

4. Create a good outline

Creating a good outline is very important for a personal essay. It provides a better organization and a division of ideas. Also, a good outline gives the writer a direction on what to focus on. You can take help from for further understanding on the outline of the essay.

5. Write a good draft

Writing a draft is a good habit. It helps you to write your ideas without hesitations and restrictions. You can write anything you want to write.

6. Give the proper facts in your essay

Whenever you write an essay, do proper research and write about the facts. You can also take help from other personal essay samples.

7. Share your opinions and your advice

When you write a personal essay, keep in mind that you write what you have experienced in your life. And be truthful with your experience. Give your audience a piece of advice at last.

8. Write simply and briefly

Using a simple language will enable you to explain your topic clearly. Your audience will engage more when you use short sentences and simple language. You can check analytical essay examples to get an idea from it. 

9. Do proofreading and editing of your essay

When you have done with the writing part the next thing which you should do is to improve your short essay by reviewing and proofreading. By proofreading, you can cut down all the errors from your essay. You can download Grammarly to check grammar errors, punctuation, or spelling errors. You can also get anti-plagiarism software to find out whether your content is 100% original or not. 

College admission essay examples about yourself

It is a rule to write an essay about yourself in up to 400 words. Also, you can write any topic for such type of paper. Sometimes your professor assigns you topics but sometimes you have to think about it by yourself. There are many topics in which you can write an essay example about yourself such as:

  • How I survived my college years
  • My first work experience
  • How my friends influenced my interests
  • The impact of my sister in my life
  • Your skills and knowledge
  • Educational background
  • Your work background
  • You life experiences
  • Things you have done in your life
  • You life goals
  • Successes you have made in your life 
  • Your experience of a particular thing
  • You can describe yourself in 200 words
  • My early days at school

There are many other topics as well in which you can write an essay about yourself. So, choose wisely.

Tips on how to write a personal essay example

Get your family involved in your personal essay

It is better to get professional writing assistance from the corresponding service. A good way to engage your audience towards your essay is to recall the stories related to your family or personal experience is a good way to appeal to the heart of your readers. You can tell about any of your family members. And also when you talk about family members then stay honest and sincere. So feel free to share your stories with the audience.

Manage your time

As we all know very well and academic paper has a deadline. A paper describing yourself has a strict deadline as well. It is better if you start writing as soon you have assigned the task otherwise you can take help from online essay writing service. These writing services will help you to complete your task before the deadline.

Find inspiration

If you have not got any idea about writing an essay then it would be great that you get inspired by another person. If you don’t have any idea to write about a personal essay then you can take someone else’s story and write about it.

Focus on the needs of the University

It is important while you writing an essay that you focus on the needs of the university. Give an overall idea of what you can do well, and describe how you can contribute your knowledge to the prosperity of that particular college or university. 

Avoid using complex words

It is important that you give more focus on the words that you are using in your essays. You should know what every word means when you use it in an essay about yourself. You can use synonyms to make your essay richer and best. Use simple words and simple sentences for the audience. So that they can easily read it and understand it.


If you are not able to do your personal essay by yourself then there are so many online essay assignment help service that can provide you with the best assistance. You can take their help to get the best quality essay.

I hope this blog about personal essay examples helped you. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the blog you can write in the comment section below!

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