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In the previous article about Online marketing assignment help we saw parameters that are handy in the market analysis. Let us recall the parameters before moving ahead. There are six important market analysis assignments parameter that should be taken care of while conducting an marketing analysis survey for a business.

Current and Future Size of the Market

First parameter is the current market size and the possible expansion in future. Name itself proves the importance of this parameter for the marketing case study analysis. An approximate size of the market can be determined with analyzing the data available on the present sales and we can use year by year data to predict the future sales. Few of the sources that can provide data are: consumer surveys, trade union associations and government data.

Growth rate of market

The Growth rate is basically the future growth rate and can only be speculated on the current sales and the trend in the sales from previous years. Future sales forecast was based on the growth rate pattern in the past. This gives a clear picture to company about the possible growth of the market.

Industry cost structure

Industry cost structure is an important aspect of a business foundation. If the initial setting cost is exorbitantly high many of the mid-size company won’t be able to enter the online marketing assignment help. For example, setting up a company that manufacture heavy cranes or companies that manufacture commercial planes cost too high and it rules out the possibility of small and mid-size company to enter the market.

Key success factors

Companies need to identify a USP (Unique Selling Point) and have to take a deeper look internally about the best feature in their product. They also need to develop in such a way that even without a unique product they can survive in the market. Main motive should be to not just survive but also reaps profits from it.

Distribution channels

A distribution channel is nothing but a supply channel through which companies distribute their final product to the consumers. The common distribution channel includes Dealers—Wholesalers–Retailers. This increases the operational cost and that finally gets added to the selling price of the finished goods hence increase in the online marketing assignment help cost. To remove the cost few companies take a different route of direct selling. Tupperware and Amway are two such companies which pioneered in the field of direct selling.

Market trends

A company has to look after the marketing trend. Somebody selling an outdated product won’t be able to compete in the fast and dynamic market. A company that reads the trend correctly and reciprocates well with their product leads the market. One of the best examples is: Nokia use to be the best mobile selling company in the Asian market but Samsung and Apple has taken over. Reason being the outdated operating system provided by the Nokia. Nokia is trying to gain by introducing new cell phones now but, Samsung and Apple have eaten up the maximum market share just because they are good enough to judge the market trends.

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