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Marketing is essential for both buyers and sellers as It brings both the consumers and dealers together and helps them to satisfy their demand and needs. Customers have the option of selecting their favorite product from among the hundreds of options available in the open market and the vendors have the opportunity to sell their product and grow their business. To put it simply, marketing is a critical component of the market without which no business can function. Writing a marketing assignment is not an easy task because it necessitates a great deal of attention to detail in things, such as various marketing strategies, market segmentation, marketing limitations, marketing advantages, research, and planning. All of the factors are directly and indirectly related to one another, but putting them into words requires a significant amount of effort and dedication. 

The experts at All Assignment Help have produced this blog post to assist students pursuing careers in this field in understanding the various parameters of marketing. Moving on in this post, we will briefly discuss the marketing mix, how can the students make good marketing assignments.

Parameters of Marketing Assignment Help Canada

Before we proceed with this blog post, first let’s review the parameters. While conducting a marketing analysis survey for a business, six important market analysis assignment parameters should be considered. Let us take a closer look at them. The six marketing analysis parameters are listed below to help you in writing your assignment. Students can also take homework help Canada if they are unable to understand the different parameters of marketing.

Current and Future Size of the Market

The first parameter is the current market size and the possible expansion in the future. The name itself proves the importance of this parameter for the marketing case study analysis. The approximate size of the market can be determined by analyzing the data available on the present sales and we can use year-by-year data to predict future sales. A few of the sources that can provide data are consumer surveys, trade union associations, and government data.

The growth rate of market

The Growth rate is the future growth rate and can only be speculated on the current sales and the trend in the sales from previous years. Future sales forecast was based on the growth rate pattern in the past. This gives a clear picture to the company about the possible growth of the market.

Industry cost structure

The industry cost structure is an important aspect of a business foundation. If the initial setting cost is exorbitantly high many mid-size companies won’t be able to enter the online marketing assignment help. For example, setting up a company that manufactures heavy cranes or companies that manufacture commercial planes costs too high and it rules out the possibility of the small and mid-size company entering the market.

Key success factors

Companies need to identify a USP (Unique Selling Point) and have to take a deeper look internally about the best feature in their product. They also need to develop in such a way that even without a unique product they can survive in the market. The main motive should be to not just survive but also reaps profits from it.

Distribution channels

A distribution channel is nothing but a supply channel through which companies distribute their final product to the consumers. The common distribution channel includes Dealers—Wholesalers–Retailers. This increases the operational cost and that finally gets added to the selling price of the finished goods hence increase in the online marketing assignment help cost. To remove the cost few companies take a different route of direct selling. Tupperware and Amway are two such companies that pioneered the field of direct selling.

Market trends

A company has to look after the marketing trend. Somebody selling an outdated product won’t be able to compete in the fast and dynamic market. A company that reads the trend correctly and reciprocates well with its product leads the market. One of the best examples is: Nokia use to be the best mobile selling company in the Asian market but Samsung and Apple have taken over. The reason is the outdated operating system provided by Nokia. Nokia is trying to gain by introducing new cell phones now but, Samsung and Apple have eaten up the maximum market share just because they are good enough to judge the market trends.

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Marketing Mix – Marketing Assignment Help Canada

The marketing mix or 4p’s of marketing is the important decision-making process of marketing. It was founded in the year 1960 by a marketing professor and author E. Jerome McCarthy. This comprehensive marketing plan consists of price, promotion, place, and product. All of this is independent and can be studied separately but while practicing all the mixes are dependent and related to each other. The marketing mix is like the soul of the marketing process and market. While moving forward we will study and thoroughly understand each of them.

  1. Product: This is a service, item, thing, or object for which the consumer has a demand for. Raw materials are also considered a product which is then further sold to the customers to satisfy their needs. It can be classified into tangible and intangible products. The product is what determines the direction of the business. As previously stated, the seller must thoroughly research the most popular product on the market. Because this benefits the seller’s growth and development.
  2. Price: A price is a method of payment that customers use to obtain the items they desire in their lives. The seller determines the price in order to sell their product. The marketing process begins when the buyer and seller reach an agreement on a price. If not, the buyer will go to a different vendor, and the retailer will go to a different customer. Price is the primary factor that allows the marketing cycle to function.
  3. Place: Following the selection of the product and the price, the marketer in the marketing The third p of the marketing mix has been implemented. A location and distribution area are chosen in order to get the product directly to the customers. For example, different types of goods necessitate different warehouses in which to store their products before deciding on a method of sale. They can either send it directly to the customers or use online marketing to sell their products.
  4. Promotion: The promotion of the product aids and connects the sellers and consumers. Direct promotion, online promotion, or third-party promotion via social media are all options. The main goal is to attract and retain a larger number of customers. This is the most important aspect of marketing. To be successful in the market in the long run, the marketer must employ a unique promotion strategy. Because if we go on to buy a product, we will almost certainly find more than ten options. It may be impossible to choose the best one, but promotion allows customers to set their priorities wisely.

We hope with the help of this blog we helped the students of Canada in understanding the marketing mix in a detailed manner. If you still have difficulty in writing your marketing assignments then you can consider taking help from assignment writing service Canada and score your desired grades.

Steps to Write a Great Marketing Assignment – Marketing Assignment Help Canada

The following are some of the steps which can help the student in writing a perfect marketing assignment that will fetch them good marks. All the steps must be taken into consideration but the writers have the opportunity to adjust it according to their preference and convenience. So let’s get into this thing.

  1. The first and the foremost step is to read and understand the assignment questions thoroughly. The students should pay equal attention to all parts of the requirements file as we may not be aware that which part is important to answer and which to not.
  2. Marks is the thing for which the students spend their whole life studying and memorizing those difficult concepts. So, they should check the rubrics area and see how the marking is allotted by our professor and try to craft the assignment accordingly.
  3. Example of any of the successful organization should be taken in account to understand all the factors of marketing in a better way. Because it is found that example helps the students to learn things faslty. But the example must be real life and well researched.
  4. While writing the answers the students should make sure that hey only write answers from a reliable source. And the most important thing they must not copy from others work. All the written answers must be purely and solely presented by them. Because nowadays the university are very strict with the plagiarism and they also employ plagiarism checkers to check the trace of imitation in the assignments. If the student is caught with plagiarism then it may risk their entire educational year.
  5. Many students forget about the presentation in the assignment. But they must know that the presentation is equally important as that of the content. Tables, images, bullet points, and headings may help the students assignment unique and different from the others.
  6. The assignment must be written as per the reference style which is mentioned in the assignment questions. Reference and sources is also marked in the marketing assignments. While referencing the assignment google can help you.

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Marketing Assignment Help Canada – The Best Universities in Canada to Study

The following are some Canadian universities where students can continue their education:

  • University of toronto
  • University of british columbia
  • Western university
  • University of waterloo
  • Queen’s university
  • University of calgary
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  • University of ottawa
  • University of victoria
  • Laval university
  • Ryerson university
  • York university
  • Concordia university

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the best courses for marketing in Canada?
Answer: Some of the marketing courses in Canada are listed as follows:
A- Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management.
B- Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management
C- Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Marketing
D- Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration-Marketing
E- Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration-Marketing
F- Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management from Ontario College
Question 2: What are the different kinds of segmentation of marketing?
Answer: The following are the seven types of market segmentation:
A- Demographic segmentation
B- Geographic segmentation
C- Psychographic segmentation
D- Behavioristic segmentation
E- Volume segmentation
F- Benefit segmentation
G- Product space segmentation
Question 3: What is affiliate marketing?
Answer: Affiliate marketing is a type of third-party advertising in which a seller hires someone else to promote their product. The organization in this case pays a fee or commission in exchange for the promotion of their brand or product. Anyone with a large number of social media followers can become an affiliate marketer and earn money.