How to write a perfect dissertation


While you are trying to know all about a perfect dissertation, you should definitely go through this article. By going through this article, you will understand how to write a perfect dissertation without any hassle. Students write a dissertation during their academic years and submit it near the end academic stage. Mainly, it aims at presenting your research skills and ability to gather knowledge and information about a discipline that you have studied. You are expected to showcase research findings through an original piece of writing which can add value to the academic community.

However, it has been noticed that students are failing to come up with good research work. Those who are submitting the dissertation failing to score good grades. The most obvious reason is lacking good research skills. Students consider dissertation a profuse academic work. They are quite correct it is a vast academic writing work. But, if students can get some right guidance in dissertation writing and do it in a proper manner, then one can come up with a good dissertation without any hassle.

How to write a dissertation in a hassle-free manner


I understand that it has never been easy to write a dissertation perfectly. Students have to face lots of hurdles. If there is no time left to complete it on your own, you can take help from experts. This is because, while writing a dissertation for dummies, they make sure students learn from their work. So, you will surely gain valuable knowledge. But, if you have enough time, then try a little harder and follow these steps to make your dissertation a hit without any chaos.

Usually, students start writing and research with great zest, but steadily they lose it. The intimidating task of writing a lengthy dissertation becomes hectic. Thus, make sure that you spend a good amount of time in planning the process of writing. It may not sound vital, but trust me it is important. If you will carry out structuring, planning and research step-by-step, the end will be rewarding. You can remove all the hurdles by following these steps.

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Say bye to procrastination

Most often students think that they have a lot of time to create a dissertation and keep delaying the work. If you are doing the same thing, quit this habit right now. This is the worst and biggest issue students bring themselves and face stress when half of the time gets wasted.

Polish your writing skills

In the world of gadgets and technology, many students failed to develop good or satisfactory writing skills. Don’t worry if you can connect to this statement. There is still so much you can do to improve your skills. So, firstly try to polish your writing skills. You can go for some dissertation writing exercises as well. Make sure you focus on the right citation guidelines, writing form, style and language.

Try to research better

If somebody has ever advised you to gather relevant resources and quotes is enough for a striking dissertation, just throw it out of your mind. You will have to put more effort to have proper analysis and discussion of researched information and elements. Without sincere efforts, one cannot expect perfection in the final draft of the dissertation.

How to write a dissertation step by step

The best tip anyone can give you when you ask how to write a dissertation is to follow the structure. It does not matter what is the topic, how far is the deadline and whether you are a beginner or not. The most effective and fruitful way to bring perfection into dissertation writing is to follow a structured approach. You can see multiple dissertation examples PDF free of cost and notice their structure. They are having a set structure: Introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, conclusions and bibliography. Here, I am explaining all these parts of a dissertation in brief. Have a look and get to know how to write a dissertation step by step:

Dissertation Proposal

Thinking how to write a dissertation proposal? It is a very easy thing. Keep your focus straight on three factors: theme, question and title. After this consider these questions:

  • What are the issues I am going to deal with in this dissertation?
  • Why this topic is an issue for the academic community I come from?
  • What are the possible ways to reach the solution?
  • What is the need for finding a solution to this issue?

All these questions play a major role in making you ready to start a dissertation. Do ensure that you think enough to select the right theme. It should be unique, reasonable and valuable. The questions you finalize must direct you to the testable hypothesis as well. Check out some sample dissertation proposal in education for a better understanding.

How to structure a dissertation proposal

A question may arise in your mind while making a proposal is how to create it. I am going to give you answers to it. Here is how you can make a clean and sorted dissertation proposal. Just don’t forget to add these components in your dissertation format for a proposal:

  • Title
  • Objective
  • Literature
  • Research
  • Methodology
  • Potential Outcomes
  • Time Frame
  • List of references

Just include all of these in your dissertation structure and you will never mess it up.


In this point, you will learn how to conduct research for a dissertation. Go ahead:

Set a timeline

Research is a time-consuming process but you should end it within a set time-frame so that you can devote time to writing and analysis as well.

Mark some good sources

You know that you should set a dissertation writing plan, do the same thing for research also. Have a plan and include some premium websites such as, different scholarly articles and books or textbooks to conduct research and save time.

Keep the sources organized

If you will keep notes you can work easily. So, if you don’t want to confuse yourself, organize the research resource and make a good dissertation writing schedule on its basis.


Once you have made a dissertation proposal you already have a primary outline for actual work. However, in order to write in a more organized manner include new points in the outline.

To know how to outline a dissertation, read below.

How to write a dissertation perfectly? – Make a good outline


This one is the first thing your reader is going to see. If you are confused about how to write a dissertation introduction, do research about writing an introduction first. Make sure that your introduction is drafted as per the criteria. It must give a clear picture of the background of the central issue. Also, it should explain the main statement of the issue. After doing so, make sure that you present the purpose of the research and research questions well. Give precise yet informative definitions of terms relevant to your task. Lastly, explain the expectations and assumptions of final outcomes.

Literature Review

Literature review basically focuses on the review of the research process. It also reviews acknowledgement you have brought up. While writing a literature review make sure that all your research resources are as accurate as they can be. Keep this chapter simple.


A methodology basically speaks answers you get while you were thinking about how to plan a dissertation. The best tip on dissertation methodology for dummies can definitely be to focus on the resources. You have to make sure that you locate all the research resources and the way they derived a result. Those who want to know about qualitative dissertation should take care of the following:

  • Information about sample and population
  • Instrumentation of data
  • Collection of data
  • Analysis of data
  • Research questions
  • Research hypotheses


In this section, you must give a little bit of extra focus so that the readers can understand the outcomes of your research in a smooth way. The research findings section is a vital stage as you will have to restate the main questions of your research. To learn how to write a dissertation in a perfect manner, you must focus on presenting your findings in the right manner.


To end your dissertation you will have to summarize the study in this section. Try to keep the conclusion short and report the results of research in a brief manner. Do not forget that you will require describing how the research findings can make a difference in academics. While ending your conclusion you can add a small section termed as “recommendations for future research”. You can see some dissertation conclusion examples on various academic websites such as Udemy, to understand how this section is presented. In this subsection, you can propose the prospective future research which can clarify the central argument even more. If “recommendations for future research” section is required and you want it to be in your dissertation make sure you tell the readers why you are suggesting the research and the method which can be used.


Use the recommended citation style for your field of study, and make sure to include all sources you used during the research and writing stages.

Proofread and edit your dissertation

Carrying out in-depth research, doing a great analysis and writing as per the guidelines are surely needed, but don’t forget to proofread. We all make errors while working in a flow and if you will not rectify them your dissertation can not grab the best grades. Thus, in order to make a flawless dissertation do careful proofreading and edit the errors. If you are facing issues in rectifying your mistakes, take proofreading and editing help online.

How to write a narrative dissertation


There are many students who get confused about how to write an English dissertation in a narrative sense. It is completely fine if you are struggling to start. However, I have sorted things for you by offering some quick and easy tips to kick start.

Before delving into details of how to write a narrative dissertation, let’s understand its meaning.

So, what is a narrative dissertation?

These types of dissertations are experiential, anecdotal yet personal in nature. They help in stating the personal opinion of the author in a creative and precise manner. Now, it’s time to know how to write a dissertation in a narrative tone:

  • You must be able to transform personal experience into a content which has some value.
  • Always start with creating an outline because in narrative writing students are more prone to leave the actual set up. Then draft your dissertation and polish it until perfection.
  • Your readers must be able to understand the story or opinion of your writing. Involve described events and explanations.
  • It is not enough to present your opinion, you will have to give arguments to support it as well. Provide readers with some references and facts to prove the validity of your viewpoint.
  • Don’t add unnecessary details. They will make your dissertation extra lengthy and irrelevant. Also, it will end in leaving your readers in confusion.

The difference between undergraduate and master’s dissertation

How to write an undergraduate dissertation? Or how to write a dissertation for masters? If these types of queries are there in your mind then we will solve them quickly. Have a look at the similarities and differences between both of them:

Chapter requirements

In the dissertation plan template of both these academic levels, this chapter remains the same. They require a similar type of information.

Topic requirements

This point also remains the same in both of them. The topic must be important, relevant and feasible.

Proposal requirements

At the undergraduate level, a proposal is not needed sometimes. On the other hand in the dissertation sample format for masters, you will always see it there in an in-depth way.

Research requirements

The research requirements are almost similar for both the academic levels.

Writing requirements

They are also quite same but the master’s dissertation should have high-quality content for sure.

Overall instructions

The overall instructions are different for these levels. Undergraduate students generally get less tangled and easier instructions than masters students.
Now you can also go through some undergraduate and master’s dissertation examples PDF for a clear picture. Take help from websites such as Khan Academy and get various examples of the master’s dissertation from them.

How to write a dissertation in a year?

How long is a dissertation doesn’t matter because more or less it will demand your time? If this seems hectic then have to ever think of writing early? Right now, the title may sound bizarre or straightaway crazy but yes you can take a whole year for completing it. The best benefit a long-term commitment will give you is that you will not have to race-to-the-finish.

You may have come across a lot of dissertation examples in education span, the perfect ones may have inspired to write a good one on your own. But, regular chores of academic life often doesn’t allow to create a masterpiece. So, if you are longing to do something great with your dissertation take your time. Get permission from your professor to start early. It takes time to build a castle and you will love the process. Now, the issue must be how to write a dissertation in a year. Here is the quick answer to write steadily but perfectly:

  • “Good readers make good writers”. Reading will surely help you to formulate ideas. It is a great source to learn a writing style and moves.
  • Try to make a slightly stern writing schedule. Don’t be too strict on yourself, instead commit short word count or time goals. Such as deciding to write 50–1000 daily or write for one hour daily. Choose whichever suits you the most.
  • You can’t expect yourself to write all the 365 days. It can turn writing into a task which will end the purpose of early writing. Take breaks of one or two days a week.
  • Don’t leave a blank page for the next morning. Always leave one or two lines for the upcoming page while ending your current’ task.
  • Jot down your progress and keep distractions away.

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