Data Communication: A Connectivity Method between two Entities

Data communication

Data communication is a method of exchanging data and information between the two entities such as receiver and sender. It is a method which allows transmitting the data from one source to another source. Data communication use media for transmitting data from one end to another end. This medium of transportation can be wired and wireless both. Data communication is said to be local communication if the communicating devices which take a part to establish the communication facility between two entities are in the same building or restricted in a geographical area. If you want to know more about this topic you should take online assignment help from the experts to learn about everything related to your topic in a detailed manner

Definition of Source and Receiver

We can define the meaning of source and receiver in a very simple manner. The device which transmits or send the data known as the source. And a device which receives the data from the source known as the receiver. The aim of the data communication is to transfer and maintain data integrity during the process. But it does not take part in the generation of actual information at the source and receiver. Data communication just provide a methodology by which anyone can communicate. And transfer the data from one end to another end.

What is Datum?

The word datum that describes the fact information statistic. The fact and information are gathered and processed according to the defined system. Data can exist in multiple varieties and in multiple forms. It can be a number, text bits and bytes. When the data is processed through the channel, it travels in the form of multiple varieties. As we can see it could be a number of text bits and bytes.

In a simple manner, we can say information can be termed as data no matter which form of data you will be using. The aim of the data communication system is to collect the data from remote locations by using transmission circuits. And then its responsibility to process the complete data without breaking its integrity to the receiver. In a simple language, we can say collecting data from remote locations and sending them to another remote location known as a communication network or data communication. It is one of the most widely used techniques which is used by today’s technology to process the data from one end to another end.

There are so many data communication techniques which are using by the world and they are presently spread worldwide. Our data communication methodology is gradually improving. And it is replacing the previous technology with better improvement and better update. There are so many data communication jargons which contend with Such a baud rate, modems, LAN, WAN, MAN, TCP IP, ISDN etc. The given examples are communication system which can be used during the establishment of communication facility between two entities. Hence it is very important which kind of data communication method you are going. And behalf of your priority you can choose any of the given data communication types for communication facility.

Data communication system and its components

There are so many components which take part in communication system here are following component of the communication system are given below;

Data communication


A message is a form of communication. With the help of this facility, we send our information or data to the receiver. The message facility in the current time is now more improved and advanced. With the help of this facility, we can send any kind of text, data and information. The advanced facility of data communication technology gives us the freedom to share any kind of data through the network.


Once the message is generated now it is a responsibility of device or computer to send the message to the receiver. These devices make sure that what amount of information is processing through the network. And devices also make sure whether the actual amount of data is receiving by the receiver or not.


Once the data sent through the computer or any electronic device now another computer or electronic device receive the message. The remote location of the receiver computer or device used to be different from the sender computer or device. That’s mean the communication is established between the two entities are not nearby. And with the help of the computer or an electronic device, we make sure that data is sending and receiving by the other end. The distance between sender and receiver completely depends upon the network type. Or what kind of network they are using for sending the information.


For the successful transportation of information, the most important thing which is necessary for it is medium. It is a kind of channel or physical path through which the message travel from one end to another end. You can see the message is used to be carried between two entities these two entities are known as sender and receiver.
There is a lot of medium option that can be used for establishing the communication network between two entities. We have two kinds of methodology by which we can establish a communication network between two entities. One is wired technology and second is wireless technology. The wired technology consists of fibre optic cables twisted pair and many more. Whereas the wireless technology uses radio waves, laser and microwaves technology.


The protocol is a set of rules between the devices that govern the communication between sender and receiver. The sender and receiver both should follow the same protocol for communication. And this is essential for establishing communication with each other. If still, you have some queries related to the topic you can take help from assignment help Australia to know more about this topic.

There are several functions which are performed by protocols which are given below:

Data sequencing

With the help of data Sequencing, we can break a long message into so many smaller package. So that we could fix the size of data. And with the help of this, we can easily send the information through the network. Data Sequencing also helps us to define the method of numbering the packets so that we could easily detect loss or duplicate of the packets. With the help of this, we can easily and correctly identify the packets that belong to the same kind of message.

Data routing

It is the most efficient path provided between the source and the destination. With the help of data routing, we can define the best path by which the data can easily transmit through the one source to the destination without breaking its integrity. And without having any loss of data.

Data formatting

Data formatting is the most essential thing that defines which group of character and bits must contain the packet. By which we can have constitutes of data, addressing, control and other important formation.

Flow control

Flow control communication protocol help to prevent a fast sender from overwhelming a slow receiver. It ensures protection and resource sharing against traffic congestion. This processing is preceded by regulating the flow of data.

Error control

Error protocols are designed to detect the error in the messages. And with the help of these protocols, we can ensure the correct transmission of the message through the network or channel. It is a most common method by which we retransmit erroneous block of messages. In such a case if there is an error in any block is discarded by the receiver. And now it will be retransmitted to the sender.

Precedence and order of transmission

With the help of these protocol rules, we make sure that all notes get a proper chance to use the communication line. And also we ensure that every resource of the network is assigned to every node based on its priorities.

Connection establishment and termination.

With this set of rules, we can now define how the connection can be maintained established. And terminated between the two nodes of a network. It is a most important set of rules or protocol which help to establish the connection between the two entities and even help to terminate the connection when it’s needed.

Data security

Data security is the most important thing to maintain the integrity of data and providing data security. The data privacy is also essential, In fact, it has to be built into most communication software packages. With the help of this facility, we can prevent our data from unauthorised use. And this is the most important thing that must be included for increasing the data security

Log information

There are a lot of communication software which are designed to give information log. And It consists of all kind of job that includes the data Information and Communication task. which take place during the connection. This kind of information is very important for charging the user according to the their uses of the network resources. We get log information. With the help of the software which are intentionally made for creating log information. And with the help of these softwares, we can have a track record of uses of information and data.

Data communication effectiveness depends on four fundamental characteristics that are given below;


The delivery of the data and information must be delivered in the very constructive and correct order with the exact destination. The destination path cannot be changed and data should be delivered to the correct destination.


The accuracy is the most important thing and it must be accurate for the receiver and for establishing an error-free connection.


It is the most important thing for data delivery and it must be delivered in a timely manner. the late delivery of data is useless in the connection. And the data must follow the timeliness.


The uneven quality is caused by any error and delay in the package arrival time. This all happened by the Jitter.

Importance of data communication

As we all know today’s Information Technology has achieved a milestone in the Technology Sector. And everything is now digitalised. Information technology gives us new possibilities that can change our way of living. Now we are more civilized and more advanced as compared to our past. The whole Information Technology Sector depends on data and communication.

Communication between data takes a major part in the development of the technology sector. Whatever we see over the globe, over the internet is basically data information. And it makes us two steps ahead from others. This is the importance of data communication. The data communication system must be fast and reliable and there should be no error in the network. With the help of proper data communication system, we can have better advantages than others.

Today we can access any kind of data from anywhere at any time. And this is a part of Information Technology. With the help of proper and genuine information, we can have a lot of advantages. Information Technology Sector is growing rapidly and with the help of this communication facility. We have wired and wireless both the technology. By which we can access any kind of data. The processing of data from sender to receiver must be quite fast. So that we could enjoy the lag-free services.


Now we can see how data communication takes a major part in the development of the Information Technology Sector. And how they improve this technology. Today everything is quite fast and when we talked about the information it should be very fast and easily accessible. But the efficiency and speed of the information depend on the channel or communication method by which you are communicating from one end to another end. And this is the reason how technology plays a major role in the formation of data and communication. If you want further assistance regarding the topic, go for instant assignment help from the experts and get information about the intricate areas of this topic.

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