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Computer Technology and its explanation


Computer Technology: Innovation has transformed ourselves by expanding the speed of time. Since innovation is changing our lives each second. Robots are our new human model and toward the end, just robots control this world. Innovation is presently attempting to go inside the human body and it’s nearly there and the objective is human blood and feelings.

Technology makes business and different fields quicker and simpler. Helps all understudies including poor understudies and understudies with inabilities, master essential and propelled aptitudes required for the universe of work. The technological and mechanical advancement has dependably given humankind the unexpected headway that has dependably filled in as the way for dynamic improvements. The development of the technology and accessibility of the web has completely altered the world in an effective way and has enabled the human kind at each end with the intensity of the ultra-quick virtual world. Now the experts from Assignment Help will tell you everything in detail.


Computer as we all know that is a part of or as a result of technological development. Computer technology is the combination of both hardware and software which made easier for the user to solve the complex and dynamic problems in an efficient manner. It is directly connected with the information technology and hence it covers a developing list of numerous software system devises and program.

Computer technology basically includes networking, programming, database design and various development that ensure proper working of the computer and other devices..

Importance of computer technology

In an era of globalization and modernization, nothing is confined to the nation as everything is going out of the nation and to compete with the global environment and to keep oneself updated so here the role of computer-based technology arises and hence make the computer-based technology immensely important. Utilization of computer-based technology on a regular basis in individual life is of immense importance.

It is because computer technology has positively impacted on the lives and it is evident in every sphere and walk of life. The human mind has achieved almost everything just by the power of imagination.  Technology has also changed the way the business organization uses to do their business with the help of computer technology and the introduction of the computer-based technology almost all the business organization has changed their way of doing business. Now all the paper and stationary work have been replaced with digital work and computer technology also made the business communication effective and faster.

  • Faster business communication enables sound relationship which is a result of technological development
  • Computer-based technology enhances the ease of mobility
  • Computer-based technology and information technology made the world available at the click of a mouse
  • Computer-based technology is a useful servant and help in solving the complex problem at hand in a simple manner

What does computer technology do?

Computer technology is directly linked with the information technology and it is mainly used for the study of networks that is computer networks and computers. Computer-based technology is used to solve the complex problem with the help of human interference. Human interference is been used to exactly make the technology works effectively and efficiently.

Computer technology is used to do networking, database designing, and other programming function. It also improves the functionality of the work from time to time in order to get a strategic and competitive advantage in the global, dynamic environment. It also solves mathematical operations and helps in processing the bulk of information. Technologies provide the facilities of internet access which in return enables the individual and others to establish proper communication relation as well as also ensure fast and efficient communication process. In nutshell, it can be concluded that computer-based technology helps the work performance easier and make the end result more reliable. It also helps in resolving the complex issues and to effectively address the global challenges. It makes the numerous calculation and complex calculation easier for the individual. 

Scope of computer-based technology and career in the computer field

Scope of computer-based technology is vast and vital. In the coming future scope of computer technology or information technology will be at its increasing point owing to its numerous advantage and components. Student of computer-based technology has a lot of job opportunity in the global market.

There is job opportunity like a mobile application developer, software developers, web design developers, Information technology security specialist and technology manager for the Information technology student, especially for the computer science students. It is to notify that scope of the this technology, or computer science is not limited to any particular field or career area, rather it has the great potentiality to make the career bright and this potentiality will go on increasing day by day. One can easily explore the computer science filed and make their career more rewarding and healthy. Instant Assignment Help will now tell you about competitive advantages of computer technology.

Computer technology is leading towards competitive advantage  

Computer-based technology is leading towards competitive as well as a strategic advantage in the global market scenario. Technology is making possible for the corporate world to establish a virtual team of experts to run and to work effectively and efficiently. Office automation is one of the most relevant examples of computer-based technology which made the office automation into existence.

Technology especially computer science technology shape the business world into a competitive edge by introducing numerous technological software and tools that can be used in business operation at large. Software like a decision support system, management information system, and enterprise resource planning are the gift of computer science technology. MIS, ERP, and DSS are been used by the business organization mainly to gain competitive as well as a strategic advantage in global marketing.      

A career in the field of computer or An Ideal career

Student and professional of computer science have prospering career opportunity. Computer science job is ideal for the professional. It is because it will provide high salary package with job security as compared with the other non-information technology jobs.  

A career in computer filed includes computer engineering, computer science and information technology, manager of information technology specialist and so on.  In the coming future, a lot of prospering career opportunity is going to knock the door. In the coming future, there is a career opportunity for the computer science student and other information technology professional like database administration, market research analyst, and computer system analyst and so on.  It is evident that computer science job or information technology related will be of high demand in the coming future with the sound salary package.  

How computer technology changed the lives

Internet and technology has changed life in a various manner, and it is very difficult to keep a count on them. Now in the present era, one can book flights, rail ticket and other ticket sitting from the home, one need not come out of their comfort zone to book the tickets this is has been done with the help of computer and information technology.

It can be said that technology has made the lives easier and more comfortable now everything is available within a click of a mouse. Business professional changed their methods of conducting the meeting and seminar now with the use of computer-based technology manager and professional uses to conduct a meeting using the webinar and other online assistance. Besides this technology has improved the standard of individual living as well by making almost each and everything are available within a click of the mouse. Now a day’s individual can meet their needs with the greater ease and hence made the individual life better and quality one. Children are now becoming keen on using computer-based technology in their daily life as they found technology as a source of entertainment. In the field of academic and education technology is playing a crucial role and transforming education at a new level. Now in the present era, almost all the educational institution is implementing technology in their classes and practical labs in order to make the learning more easier and student friendly. Academic professional is now engaging their student through an online platform and helping them 24*7. 

Following are some point which highlights how technologies changed life and made life better-

  1. Improved in communication- In the modern era of technological advancement maintaining touch with friends and family is a child’s play.  Now with the advancement, the computer-based technology one can get in touch with anyone within a click of a button.  
  2. Improved education- Outlook of education has changed drastically due to advancement in technology. Now the student can assess the books and study material online. Technology helps the student to do various research project effectively and efficiently which make them enough competitive in the practical field.  
  3. Improvement in the medical filed- Dedication and skills of the medical staff, paired with the newest and improved technology help in making the treatment easier and cost effective. In diagnosing the illness technology plays a vital role, now medical professional and practitioner can easily diagnose illness with the help of advanced technology.
  4. Modifications in family ways- Families came closer with the introduction of the computer-based technology even if they are living miles apart. Technology enables families and friends to stay connected with their loved one.
  5. Changes in trade, business, and industry- Technology especially computer-based technology has changed the way of business in many spheres. Technologies enable the client to have more services and product available to them. Innovation in product development from time to time helps the business organization to develop innovatively and demanded product and services.  

Development with the pace of nature and time

Innovation and development in computer-based technology pushed the individual to develop themselves with the pace of nature and time. It became important for every single to adopt computer-based technology in their daily life routine. It is because it will help an individual to gain competitive as well as a strategic advantage in the market and global environment. It is the need of the hour to utilize technology in operational activities because it will lead to having better efficiencies and productivity at large for a longer period of time.

A recent development in computer-based technology

Technologies have gone under various development. Recently China successfully launched the world fastest computer devise taihulight.   Taihulight is capable if of performing trillion of calculation per second. It made the task of calculation easier and efficient. In the field of Computer-based technology, every day some invention and innovation are been carried out and this is only in order to make the entire globe connected and developing at the pace of time and nature.

Impact of computer technology

Computer technology has impacted human life in numerous manner. Impact of technology on human life is very evident. Technology has made the life of an individual easier as well as simple. Nowadays an individual can order any things from the internet using a computer or any other computer-based devices. It is clear that technology has put positive as well as a negative impact on individual life. If the technologies are used smartly and efficiently then it will make the task easier and efficient otherwise technologies made the task more complex and put a negative impact on the overall performance. Almost all business organization are trying to use innovative and advanced technologies. It is because they know that using innovative and advanced, improved technology will put a positive impact on their overall performance for a longer period of time.     

Time of digitalization

Now, due to improvement in the technology and innovation in the technology, everything is going out of the nation and which pushed the world and economy to become digitalized. It is an era of digitalization where every activity is been done on network, online platform using internet and technology. Now almost all the business organization are also using the online platform to market their product and services in the best possible manner.  Reach of an online platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platform is very high which help the promotion in a positive manner. Within a click of the mouse, a business organization uses to introduces its offerings to the targeted audience, this all happens with the use of innovative technology. Nowadays no one found time to read the long newspaper and other study material instead people use to devote their free time on surfing the internet. So it became vital for the marketer and other business institution to promote their product and services online using social media platform.  

Computer technology changed the way of work

Technology has changed the way of work in many spheres. Now with the introduction of technology especially computer-based technology, every business activities are been automated and there is no need for paper and pen work. In the business world, all the mundane work is been automated. Computer-based technology is reshaping the workplace activities and bringing the fundamental changes in the way of work. Technology is been used in order to enhance the productivity and performance of an organization. It is to notify that with the increase in the technological development and advancement every single work has been changed. Technology or computer-based technology has made the work more effective and simple, every task is been automated and its result is also positive. The computer can solve a lot of problem at a single time without any errors and mistake. Hence, its value and importance increase day by day in the digitalized economy at large for a longer period of time.


Day by day improvement, advancement in technology is been carried out. Nowadays each and everything is based on technology. Computer-based technology is also growing at a faster rate and making or transforming the world’s economy into a digitalized platform. Computer technology importance is vital as it uses to make the lives of an individual simple and easier. Now, individual can get each and everything at their doorsteps without coming out of the comfort zone. Technology has impacted and changed the way if human life in many ways. It made life if an individual easier and simple. It is profound that in the field of education, medical care, business trade and even in the field of entertainment technologies has revolutionized the concept and made the things easier and friendly. In short, it can be said technological development and computer-based technology has changed every walk of human life. Now all the complex task are been performed with the help of innovative technology. Technology is been used in each and every field irrespective of its nature and size. Nowadays in the ear of globalization, everybody is keen on using the internet and computer-based technology in order to stay competitive and strategically ahead. For more help in any other topics you can also check assignment help Canada.