What are the accountant job opportunities for students in the US 2020



An accountant refers to a person responsible for keeping and inspecting financial records and reports of a company. They are the people who use to excel at the organization as well as at detail-oriented work. Accountants enjoy a well-build living and job security. The current essay is drafted to identify the various kinds of accountant job opportunities for students having an accounting degree. In 2020, there is a wide range of accountant job opportunities in the US which makes the field of accounting study lucrative in terms of career options. At present, accounting stands one of the most growing and hottest industries across the world. The career opportunities in the accounting field are boundless due to the variety of accounting-related job positions. Students studying in the US get the opportunity to avail of rewarding jobs as accountants and in any other job position related to accounting. In the context of the US, employment of students as accountants is projected to experience growth by 2028 compared to all other occupations and thus, it is very often to believe that there are a large number of accountant job opportunities available in the US.

Main Body/Discussion

In the US, employment for accountants is expected to grow by 6% within 2028 which is much higher compared to other occupations. In general, the growth of accountants’ employment is projected to be tied closely to the overall economic health of the US. The more the people or companies make money, the great they need others (accountants) to handle the same for them. Job as an accountant is less stressful than other jobs. The major thing it requires is deep attention and focus to detail and hard work like other professions. There are a large number of accounting job opportunities in the US. Job opportunities for students for the position of accountants are very lucrative and value providing. In the US, some of the most common accounting jobs or accountants positions and a description of duties attached to these job positions are described below.

General Accountant

Companies have started bolstering their capability for realizing organizational goals by recruiting analytics-savvy accountants in their finance departments. An accounting student with a bachelor’s degree and 1-3 years of work experience in corporate accounting and financial services get the opportunity to become a general accountant in any US-based company. The job role of a general accountant includes reviewing GL (general ledger) accounts, preparing as well as adjusting journal entries, performing reconciliation and analysis of bank statements and intercompany GL accounts, maintaining GL chart, assisting in the evaluations of initial internal controls, and posting periodic accruals (, 2020).

CFO (Chief Finance Officer)

CFO is a senior corporate officer who is responsible for managing and overseeing a corporation’s financial risks. Usually, a CFO stands responsible for financial planning as well as record-keeping, overseeing cash flow, liability, performance, budgets, and shareholder and partner relations. They are also accountable for monitoring a company’s Accounting, Finance, HR, and IT departments and start their career as accountants.


CPA means Certified Public Accountant who acts as an accountant, financial auditor, and business consultant in companies. CPAs use to handle a large range of financial services that start from corporate finance, verification to preparation of tax. CPAs are often get employed by associations and corporations and sometimes manage a company’s finances as finance managers or Chief Financial Officers use to manage. In order to become a CPA, a student needs to pass the ‘Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination’ for getting the certificate that required for availing this particular kind of accountant job opportunity.

Tax Accountants

This is one of the most commonly found accountant job opportunities in the US. A tax accountant is responsible to prepare documents for federal and state income tax for a company or client. This type of accountants sometimes found self-employed, when others use to work for some accounting firms, or in a company’s in-house as an accounting staff. A senior tax accountant also found providing strategic advice to their employer or client. All the accountants for avail the job opportunity of a tax accountant must have CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) license.

Corporate Accountants

One of the most high-profile accountant job opportunity for accounting students currently prevailing in the US is the job of a Corporate Accountant who is specialized in business accounting as well as capable of maintaining a company’s financial records for ensuring compliance with accounting standards, regulations, laws, and other organizational policies. The job of a corporate accountant also involves helping executives internally in making financial decisions for the company (Smith, 2017).

Financial Accountant

To a student who is intended to avail of this job position held responsible to run a company’s financial and accounting activities. A financial accountant is accountable for analyzing a company’s economic stability and providing financial information to other departments for enabling these departments in setting investment and budgeting decisions (Zubac, 2012).

Accountant (Junior)

The job opportunity of an accountant held a student responsible for recording and analyzing a company’s or individual’s financial records. The job of an accountant is to verify and compile all kinds of financial transactions and then ensure that his/her clients or company is financially efficient and compliant with the lawful practices related to business. Within this particular field of accountant job opportunity, a number of specialties are there and the most commonly found specialties are management accountants, government accountants, and public accountants.

Senior Accountant

The job opportunity for a senior accountant is very much available in the US. The companies seeking senior-level well-rounded accountants having the ability to prepare budgets and financial statements, conduct risk assessments, and assess internal control systems provide this particular accountant job opportunity to the existing accountants having more than seven to eight years experience of working as an accountant.

Staff Accountant

The staff accountant is the bulk of staff engaged in a company’s accounting department. In order words, staff accountants are also called account executives. The duties for a staff accountant include general bookkeeping, analyzing and preparing budgets, and maintaining periodic financial reports of a company. In order to avail of the job opportunity of a staff accountant, a student must have the required skills to use Microsoft Excel (advance) and any accounting software among Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, ERP, IPIX ERP. This job opportunity stands at the very first step to a high-level accounting position such as a finance controller, and chief financial officer (, 2020).

Management Accountant

In the US, the job opportunity for a management accountant becomes one of the most commonly found job opportunities. A management accountant is accountable for looking after the accounts of a company and advising the managers regarding financial implications associated with business decisions in order to aid profit and growth. Responsibilities of this particular job role include preparing budgets, financial reports, financial statements, and commentaries as well as undertaking internal audits and financial administration (Brands & Holtzblatt, 2015).

Cost Accountant

The job of a cost accountant stands as a facet of a management accountant who is responsible for determining a product’s actual cost of manufacturing. Cost accountants are recruited by companies to determine their variable and fixed costs of operations. In the US, AICPA i.e. the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is the national organization that provides AICPA certification to students that require by them for availing the job opportunity of a cost accountant. While most of the cost accountants use to work in large companies or government organizations, some use to work as financial consultants through their own independent firms or public accounting firms (Zubac, 2012).


The current essay included all the required information about the types of accountant job opportunities available in the US in 2020. In order to conclude this essay, it is very obvious to state that the students studying accountancy are able to select any job option from the above mentioned large variety of accounting filed based jobs and jobs for accountant positions. The job opportunities in relation to an accountant or accounting field are expected to increase due to the increasing demand for companies to recruit more numbers of accountants to simplify the entire accounting work.

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