why the organization needs to adopt a virtual desktop solution

Question: Write a proposal explaining why the organization needs to adopt a virtual desktop solution.


The leadership of the company has decided to pursue the idea of outsourcing a virtual desktop solution that would allow much more flexibility and secure desktop delivery. There are several different virtual desktop solutions available in the market but it is quite difficult to choose the best among them. This is particularly because all such software have specific advantages and disadvantages. And hence, prior to recommending a particular solution one has to learn about the pros and cons of the software thoroughly. But despite such difficulties, the organization must adopt a virtual desktop solution considering the advantages that such adoption would provide. This paper is going to propose the adoption of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for the organization considering the benefits that VDI may provide and considering its contribution to the overall growth and development of the organization in the long run. 
The VDI must substitute the existing system in the organization keeping in mind the cost effectiveness of the solution. The management of the organization should resort to the policy of adopting a virtual desktop infrastructure keeping in mind the value that such adoption would render. It must be noted that most of the software vendors would provide return on investment (ROI) calculators that would allow the top management to eventually explore the savings that the product would be providing to the organization (Hodgman, 2013). Though it is often noted that such ROI calculators tend to overlook the increase in indirect costs that the products will generate (Cross, 2018); overall, the installation and implementation of VDI would be financially beneficial for the organization. In this respect one must take into account the fact that, “any investment in additional server hardware could increase your power and cooling bills, but this could be offset against savings made by introducing more power-efficient thin client hardware to replace existing PCs” (Cross, 2018). That is one primary reason why the organization must resort to the process of adopting VDI. 
Moreover, as discussed earlier, there is a need for the organization to adopt the VDI environment for reaping certain benefits. The organization must adopt VDI primarily to enjoy the benefit of having the liberty of usage of the same image. It must be noted in this respect that “The OS, as well as applications that are installed, decreases organizational and support costs” (Brown, 2015). Secondly, the management must decide to resort to the implementation of a VDI environment pivotally to save office space. It must be noted in this regard that everything would be hosted in the data center and that is one reason why the need for a huge collection of standard PCs in the office would be deemed redundant (Brown, 2015). It is a fact that investment in server hardware and storage infrastructure would be required, but such investment would contribute to the process of saving space. Thirdly, the management of the organization should resort to the process of adopting VDI because “Many companies are adopting a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for private cloud computing to reduce costs and enhance the efficiency of their servers” (Jeong et al., 2015). Finally, the management of the organization should be recommended to adopt VDI considering the fact that management of a single OS can eventually reduce costs (Brown, 2015). It is noteworthy that “Because everything is hosted in the data center, admins will have to install drivers, patches and applications only once and every user – depending upon that image – benefits from the update” (Brown, 2015). 
Furthermore, it must be taken into account that the management must be recommended to replace the existing system and adopt VDI as the substitute centrally because the existing system that constitutes the presence of increasing number of personal computers trigger workloads of system administrators owing to issues that are related to energy costs, IT expenses, PC replacement expenditures, data storage capacity, information security etc. (Tong, Yan & Yu, 2015), but the implementation of VDI would save the organization from incurring such undue costs. 
In conclusion, the organization should be recommended to adopt VDI considering the benefits that the recommended environment would provide to the organization and its members. It is to be taken into account that VDI might incur some initial investments and costs but a thorough analysis of the ROI would ensure that the idea of implementation of VDI is both beneficial and logical. The successful implementation of VDI will not only reduce the cost but would also make the operations of the organization easier than ever. And considering the benefits of having VDI it is imperative for the management to introduce it to the organization’s internal stakeholders. 


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