training experiences as an employee


Write a 6-8 page paper describing and analyzing two experiences - your best and your worst training experiences as an employee.



Training is the method of teaching or developing oneself or the others. Training is the important part and parcel of the human resource development. It is an important tool which brings the employee or anyone to the desired position where they can do their best and perform at the best (Bell et al., 2017).
Training is an organized activity which aimed to impart information in a way to improve the person or group performance or to help the person or the group to attain the desired level of knowledge and skills.

Employee training to do the job in perfect manner or in very effective manner employer use to provide the training to the employee. Training of the employee is not in continuous rather it is on the periodic basis and is given in the specific time, from time to time. Training is mainly given by an expert of some professional (Phillips et al., 2016). Nowadays in a way to stay forward and updated all the organization used to provide the necessary training from time to time to their employee. It has become the need of the hour that training is the need of the hour to excel.
Benefits of training will increase job satisfaction, increased the level of motivation, it will also increase efficiencies in the process which will result in the financial gain (Cascio et al., 2018). It will reduce the accident chances and reduces the supervision cost also moreover reduce the employee turnover (Aruna et al., 2015).
Purpose of training the main purpose of any training is to improve effectiveness and productivity (Arjovsky et al., 2017). Another purpose is that it enables to enhance the capabilities and knowledge.
Type of training various types of training are teaching training, soft skills training, team training, managerial training, safety training and technical training. 
As an employee, I too got chance to attain the training in a way to enhance my skills, knowledge, and ability. Working in an organization and coping with the stiff competition and various challenges from internal as well externally. I to need the training in a way to perform the best. So management arranges the training program in regards to imparting the necessary knowledge and skill to stay ahead in work performance and to cope up with the various challenges coming in the future.
As an employee, I attended various training program arranged by my own organization that is McKesson Corporation and other which is arranged by other training institution, so after attending the numerous training program I have both the experience that is positive as well as negative. Worst training experience and good training experience. And altogether the experience whether good or bad depends upon the training facilitators and the principles of the training that is whether training enhances the knowledge, skills or not, whether it met your goals or not, whether the purpose of attending the training is fulfilled or not. So if the purpose and the objectives for which training has been attended is full filled then it will have good experience otherwise it will give put worst experience and prove as the wastage of time and resources.

Good experience (Soft Skills Training Program)

Reason for participating in training program 

As an employee, I have participated in soft skill training program in my organization (McKesson Corporation). The main reason for taking participation is that I want to improve my interpersonal skills, communication skills and although critical thinking to build the ability to jointly solve the problem. As these are the necessary skills which are nowadays required to stay ahead and competitive.

Objectives of the training

The main objectives of this soft skills training arranged by the organization is 
To develop effective communication skill among the employee.
Developing personality that is personality development through soft skills training.
Brainstorming and problem solving 
As all these skills will lead the organization to a higher level and make organization at the top and competitive and provide better services to society and customer in a way to be in their heart.

Physical site

This soft skill training was arranged in the conventional seminar room by the organization (McKesson Corporation). The seating arrangement was very good and the voice of the trainer is very much audible the seminar atmosphere was excellent in term of lighting and temperature. 

Training method (Class Room Training Method)

The method used to conduct soft skill training program by the organization is classroom lecture and role play that is role-reversal that come under off the job training method. Under this method, the employee is called to the room or seminar room to attain the training by the professional trainer or expert. This method is very effective to develop soft skill in the employee. 
Role play method is also known as role-reversal under this trainee are given some role to play and act accordingly which will enhance their critical thinking and overall personality. Here I was supposed to act out a given role as I would in the stage play which enhances confidence and overall personality.
Another method of soft skill training is Management game it is part of soft skill training program which enables people or employee to learn best by being involved, and the game can gain such involvement. Here in this game group are made and every group has to select their leader which help in generating team spirit and leadership quality.

Target audience 

In this soft skill training program, all the employee who is working in customer dealing department and held a position of the executive are been targeted.

Competencies of the trainer 

Mr. Mohammed Ikan was the main trainer he came from the Lakshadweep Island mainly to provide soft skill training to major employee those who are working at executive level in customer dealing department. 
He has a unique way to address the situation.
Ikan’s talk was inspiring, informative and his method of delivery was so easy to receive.
His competencies are also that he made the whole seminar engaged in productive manner till, the end of the training session.
Visualization skill was mind blowing and he provides feedback in such a way that inspire and motivate the trainee.

Is the training objective support organizational strategy

Yes, the training objectives supported the organizational strategy. There is a match between training objectives and organizational strategy as the objective of the soft skill training is to impart knowledge and build effective communication skills and to develop or groom the personality whereas the strategy of the organization is also to build their employee in such a way that meet the future challenges and have good communication skill to stay in the market for longer period of time (Cummings et al., 2014). The organizational strategy is also to build leadership quality among the employee and through this soft skill one can enhance his leadership quality through actively participating in management game and management game is the part of soft skill training program which aims in improving the problem-solving skills and generates leadership quality.

Which element made the training good experience?

Question and answer/ Brainstorming session and De-briefing and Feedback and role pay session made the training good experience. As it led the whole training session engaged in the active discussion and participation. So all the employee who has attended this training session or program were very much satisfied and gained the confidence and improved their communication skills.
Rewards system- in this training program fair and proper rewards is provided to the employee who is the best performing when asked.
Active engagement and proper rewards and feedback are the main elements which made the training good experience.

Worst experience.

As an employee, I too had the worst training experience which I had when I attended a technical training program conducted by training institute in Diego.   
Reason for participating the technical training program.

The main reason for which I have attended the technical training program was to build the confidence in using various equipment and tools. To stay updated in term of using tools and new equipment in a way to meet competition among various employee and colleague.

Objectives of the technical training program.

The main objectives of any technical training program are to build and provide opportunities for internal mobility (Mealer et al., 2014). To stay at the top of rapidly changing technologies.
Another objective of the technical training program is to make an employee to produce the high quality of the product through using the standardized equipment. 

Physical site 

This technical training which I have attended was arranged by the Institute of training and development Diego. The seating arrangement was fine.

Target audience.

In this training, all the employee who is working at an executive level and is using various equipment and tool to perform the task are been targeted.

Method of training program (technical training program) 

The trainer adopted the method to provide the technical training is vestibule training method. Vestibule training is part of off the job training. Mostly this method of training is used by the expert or professional to train the employee on how to use the equipment at the actual workplace.

Competencies of the trainer

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In this technical training program what I found is that lack of competencies in the trainer, due to less experience and not able to demonstrate the. As the trainer was unable to demonstrate how to use the equipment in the best manner.
Various competencies of technical trainer are he must have sound knowledge of technology, perfection in using the sophisticated equipment, knowledge of how to be safe while using tools and equipment (Lam et al., 2015).

Is the training objective support organizational strategy

Yes, the training objectives support the organization strategy, the objective of the technical training is to make the employee confident in terms of using various equipment at the workplace and the organizational strategy to make all the employee cope up with the changing and advancing the technological challenges and to become fit and smart in using various equipment.

Which element made the training worst experience?

Time taken to demonstrate how to use the various equipment was so lengthy and training started so late in its actual time so all the trainee needs to wait a long for the training session. Which make tried and bored before the training actually started. And due to the less experience of the trainer, he is not able to actively make the atmosphere alive and healthy. He was not demonstrated and asked to do practically to handle the equipment which is so new due to technological advancement.
No reward for the best employee who is performing best and using the equipment more comfortably.
No refreshment is provided. So all these elements that are no rewards no refreshment make the training worst experience.

Recommendation to improve worst training 

In a way to have a successful training program, the program should be designed meticulously. The training program should be relevant to the organizational and to the individual employee needs. And it should be delivered in such a way that brings positive change in the attitude and approach of the employee. 
Provide the trainee the refreshment facility to make them alive and energetic.
Providing proper feedback and result to the trainee which will help them in analyzing their strength and knowledge.
Provide rewards for the best performer in the training session which will create fair and healthy competition among the trainee. This will also lead motivation to learn and express in a much better way or manner. And focusing on the objectives of the training and schedule the training according to the desired time of the trainee, training should be started on time no delay should be there in respect of timing.


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