Topics On Great Wall of China

Decide which ancient culture was the most interesting to you and why, and then post a related website that provides good information about your chosen culture.
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Great Wall of China

History is always seen as the interesting topic, as it reviews the cultures and traditions of different places. As we have studied various types of cultures of different countries, but the most interesting one that we found is the Great Wall of China. This paper reviews the ancient culture of China, that why it seemed to be interesting, and what makes it different from other historic monuments.

The Great Wall of China is considered as the cultural icon as its watchtowers show the culture of China by its extravagant culture of pride and projects, which is depicted in the form of paintings, poems, stories, and legends.

The Great Wall of China shows the culture of heritage, which highlights the openness of the world, by making the Great wall as the biggest tourist attraction in China. The Great Wall of China is seen as the powerful symbol, which represents the unification of China by showing the ability of Chinese to work together for the benefit of the country.

This historical place also draws the attention due to the various stories related to it. One story is of Meng Jiagnu who loved Fan Xiliang, and got married  but his husband was taken to the great wall construction site .Meng waited day and night for his husband but he won’t come back, One day she reached construction site and informed that his husband died and his body was built in the Great Wall. The girl wept for days and night and deeply moved by the girls weeping the Great wall collapsed. This story is the real one as the temple of Meng Jiagnu was found 5 km northeast of the Shanghai Pass Great wall fortress.  

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