the theories of leadership has been mentioned and select Bill Gates as a leader



Need to critically review the theories of leadership has been mentioned and select Bill Gates as a leader. 



In order to complete this assignment, Bill Gates as a great leader has been selected. 
As I have selected Bill Gates as a leader because he inspired a lot of people in the world. Due to his social work and contribution to the nation, he was well recognized all over the world. 
The main philosophy of the Bill Gates which make all to get inspired with his ideology is that he always says that managing the success is very simple but a true leader is one who can handle the failures in a much effective manner (Northouse, P. G. 2018). He pointed out that one should try to learn from his failure. 
What inspired the most is that at the age of only 13 Bill Gates developed a software which brought revolution in the field of technology. A true leader is one who brings the revolution in the nation and Bill Gates proved it by bringing revolution in Information Technology sector. He established the Microsoft Corporation who continuously engaged in making a transformation in the field of technology.  
Even he is counted in billionaires and recognized as a great leader he is still putting his effort into developing himself from time to time. His humanitarianism and philanthropist approach use to inspire many around the globe.  As Bill Gates use to offer a maximum of his wealth to other charitable organization and poor who are in need of it. He believed that giving priority to other interest is more important and best way to develop the nation as a whole (Dinh et al., 2014).
Bill Gates is a risk bearer as he signed the contract to write the software for the IBM PC in other language and to BASIC. Which shows that he is very much risk bearer plus have enough confidence in himself.
The thing which put me in interest towards Bill Gates is that even though he is very successful in his business dealing and in his real personal life he is still working hard to improve his public speaking and communication skill. And he always tries to spare some of his time interacting with the people and his staff.

Literature review 

Theories of leadership 

According to the Richard Daft, he very well defined the leadership theory that a leader is a person who very well manages his relation with his subordinate and influence other by his relation and action. A true leader is one who tries to influence his followers by his action and deeds. So this quality is found in the Bill Gates as he uses to influence and motivates his followers through his humanitarianism and philanthropist approach. 

Trait Theory 

According to Stogdill 1974, he argued that leader is born. As he pointed out that some people are born who poses the inherent quality or traits of a leader. He also pointed that various traits which show that a man is a leader are- adjustable to a different situation, cooperative nature, filled with energetic, a good decision maker, creative and very much social that is socially skilled.

Behavioral Theory  

This behavioral theory mainly focusses on the leader's behavior this theory does not focus on the inborn traits or quality. As this theory point out that leaders are made. As this theory provides a framework which enables to know the quality of the leader as weather leader is more concerned about the people or he is more concerned about the result. According to Mouton's and Blake drafted the Leadership Grid which provides the ranking of the leadership style as a leader is more concerned about the people or he is more concerned about the result. So the leader who got 9 points is called an effective leader as he is more concerned about the team and people as well as concerned about the end result also (Northouse, P. G. 2018). This theory pointed out that effective team management is the key skill of the leaders. 

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Charismatic leadership 

According to McGregor, he argued that a true leader should be Charismatic as he should possess the ability to influence his followers, team members by his code of conduct and by his act. A true leader is one who makes the atmosphere in such a way that leads to adopting the change. This theory also tells that if a person influences his followers and made his team to trust him then the person is said that he bears the quality of leadership. 

Team leadership 

This theory argues that team leadership is mainly based on the three principles.
The first principle tells that leader should create a clear vision of the act.
The second principle tells that leader should be able to admit his fault and motivate his team member.
The third principle tells that leader should provide full support and coaching to his team member in a way to build confidence (Yammarino et al., 2015).

Utilitarian theory (Ethical leaders)

Collins very well defined the utilitarian theory of leadership. As according to this theory it points out that leader should focus on the interest of the people. A leader should give prime priority to the stakeholders and other than to himself. A leader should try to give more benefits to the public and he should always strive for the betterment of the society at large. An ethical leader is one who put all his effort in complaining that all the operation in the organization is going according to established norm and rules. A leader should try to keep an eagle eye on all the process and line of the operation happening in the organization (Bell et al., 2017). If a leader is ethical then it will raise his values and made his team to work effectively and efficiently. As ethical standards will provide the detailed guideline of all the action to be done and also pointed out the action which should not be performed adhering the compliance of ethics (Kimuyu et al., 2018).
 The leader is a judge on many traits and quality and among many qualities and traits, some are very common which is very much necessary to inculcate in order to become an effective leader in the society. Some common traits are a leader should be able to motivate the team and be able to influence his followers by his actions and deeds. A leader should possess good communication skills in a way to address in the best manner. Must be a risk taker and confident. A leader must be able to take a decision and he must be visionary. A leader must be able to manage the success and failure in the best manner. A true leader is one who knows very well that how to manage the success as well as knows very well that how to tackle the failure. A true leaders always try to learn from his failure as he will try to make his failure a pillar to success.
When Microsoft was found guilty in an anti-competition practice then Bill Gates accepted this criticism. Then soon he changed the Information Technology infrastructure for conducting the business. Which shows that Bill Gates was very responsible and his ability to bring the change. As this situation also pointed out that he is an ethical leader who has revolutionized the Technological world.

Critical analysis 

In article named How Bill Gates Become a leadership Legend written by John Rampton September 2016- in this article it was clearly mentioned that Bill Gates is a true leader who possesses the major qualities of a leader like visionary, able to manage the team and influence his team members and followers, socially skilled and continuous learning. This article clearly highlights the qualities of Bill Gates as a leader. In this article, it was also mentioned that he brought revolution in a computer world. 

Team building

Bill Gates as a leader has team leadership quality- as in his organization he uses to focus on building the team. As he argued that building a team spirit will yield more positive and productive performance in an organization. It will lead to having good coordination among the team members. As a result, it will increase the organizational performance (Yammarino et al., 2015).

Ethics Utilitarianism theory of leadership

Bill Gates as a leader follows the ethics- a leader must be ethical in his practice. It can be said that Bill Gates is a leader who follows the ethics in his action and in all his operational activities.
As when Microsoft was gaining more importance in the technology industry and becoming the technology giant. Then soon after Bill Gates started to formulate all his ethical conduct and code for his functional activities (Bell et al., 2017). As he also very much concerned about the public at large at every stage of his action he uses to evaluate the benefits that whether my act will give benefits to the general public or not.  He always tries to put the priority on benefits the general public first. So all this concern of Bill Gates proves that he is a real leader who has ethical conduct and is socially responsible. 
As per the trait theory of leadership, it can be said that Bill Gates has leadership quality as he is very much visionary and cooperative in nature. He is also very much social that is he is socially skilled.
As per the report of Forbes news, it was found that Bill Gates only take 1 percent of the total profit of Microsoft and rest 99 percent he used to invest in other charitable and other social organization. He used to think of other most and try to contribute to the development of the nation at large.
As per the theory leadership that is managing the diversity and bringing the change Bill Gates found perfect according to this theory as he brought revolution in the field of technology. At the age of only 13, he introduced the software (Chris et al 2018). With his continuous effort and hard work, Bill Gates established the Microsoft corporation which generated many employment opportunities in the whole economy as well transform the way of business operation. Microsoft engages continuously in improving the technology and upgrading which is enabling the organization worldwide to keep updated and stay ahead.
In the field of business, Bill Gates was regarded as a leader. He was ranked among the top 10 fortune who are most admired as a business leader. And it is because of his continuous effort to bring the change in the technological world. Even after becoming the billionaires he still tries to spare his time in improving his public speaking and trying to interact with the people to solve the issues prevailing in the society. 


In the end, it can be very well said Bill Gates poses the true quality of a leader. He transformed the world of technology by bringing the revolution in Information Technology Sector. Bill Gates at the age of Just 13 build the software. He is rich in his social activities that is Bill Gates is very much socially skilled. Even after coming in the list of billionaires he tries to keep learning and updating himself. He uses to motivate and influence his followers and his teammates by his action and deeds. His philosophy is that everyone knows that how to manage success but only a few ones knew how to tackle the failures. So he is very much expert in building the team spirit and making his team to achieve the predetermined goals in best effective manner.  As he uses to clarify all the objectives and goals of the organization to his team members and professional. As he keeps himself learning and improving his public speaking and communication which gave him the strategic advantage in the organization to manage in the best manner. 
In one of the article, it was mentioned that he used to avoid the conflict rather than facing it so I will recommend that he should try to face them also as it will give the deep insight to other also as to how great leaders used to face the conflict. Although Bill Gates is a great leader.


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