the role played by management accounting though exploring the literature

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Demonstrate your understanding to the role played by management accounting though exploring the literature and writing an essay on The Impact of Organizational Change on Management Accounting

Assignment Answer


The management accounting function has taken the new shape due to the impact of organizational change and the latest technological advancements. Organizations are managing changes under pressure of business complexities ,cost reduction by the concept of value addition. The organizations are adopting the structures and processes for the achievement of strategic positions in the competitive market. (Kuipers ,2014)In the present study, the discussion has been made by reviewing the previous literature conducted on the same type of studies that how the organizational change has played an important impact on Management accounting. As every organization has varied challenges to maintain the global competitiveness of the market by providing value based quality at the lowest cost by maintaining the customer needs and competitors .So here it raises the concept of management accounting that how the changes will be managed by the managerial accountants.

Literature review

The ultimate purpose of accounting is to help the organization in making decisions by taking in context the various advancements and changes, with respect to organizations. (Quigley,2015) The association between organizational and managerial accounting change has created broad scholarly literature with an assortment of distinctive hypothetical understandings and procedures. Past researchers propose that experts see management accounting change as being driven by changes in hierarchical and business rehearse . (Goetsch ,2014)One of the difficulties in authoritative and administration bookkeeping research includes the essential conceptualization of the organization.In his exemplary book, Morgan (2016) recommended an assortment of methods for envisioning associations as machines, life forms, brains, societies and political frameworks. The picture that management accounting is customarily most connected with is likely the machine model. (Theriou,2014)
In this model, the part of managerial accounting is clear in the various leveled divided association whereby the association is to a great extent characterized by its accounting duties. Consequently,  the segments are viewed as cost centers, profit centers, and investment centers. (Chenhall,2015) The association phrasing is one of the divisions of  data (especially budgetary data) which is viewed as streaming vertically in order of hierarchical announcing and managerial control. The stress is on the structure of the association with generally little concentrate on authoritative forms (Chandler 2015).
Management accounting is defined as the particular field of accounting that helps in generating information for managers and top management for creating an integral strategic process ,which involves the process of identification,measurement ,analysis , interpretation, and communication of information for the achievement of organizational objectives. (Quinn,2014) The Chartered Institute of Management Accounting describes managerial accounting as the important part of management which helps in identifying the information by the concept of managerial presentation for the formulation and implementation of effective planning and decision making strategy within the organization for the organizational improvement and value addition.
If an organization wants to achieve the strategic fit within the organizational change, it is imperative for the organization to improve the performance of sustainability and growth. But very few researchers have been conducted in this field that how changes in the technology and business environment have an impact on the accounting practices of the organization. (Albright,2015) Like the developed countries , management accounting practices (MAP) in developing nations might be increased through "bringing in" administration bookkeeping frameworks in the way embraced by remote organizations building up operations in developing nations.
The change in respect to management accounting is not the stable phenomenon. The factors of change have been identified by the management accountants so to find out that how the internal and the external factors have an impact on the managerial techniques and systems of accounting. In the words of (Sheldon,2014) the potential change drivers are rivalry, innovations, hierarchical plan and methodologies. These drivers of progress additionally show the contrasting parts which causal variables can have during the change process.  Environmental changes additionally suggest vulnerability and hazard which will ultimately leads to the creation of demand for facilitation of management accounting change in the scenario of 'non-monetary' measures.
Different researchers have developed the interest in the concept of management accounting in terms of organizational change. For instance Langfield Waterhouse,2014 has found out the importance of management accounting , but he is not aware of the forces that lead to the managerial change in management accounting.On the other hand Agnes and Bainfield,2016 has identified the different tracts of situations for accounting change which are termed as motivators, promoters, and initiators. The motivators are defined as the market competitiveness, organization structure, and product innovation. Promoters are termed as low financial conditions, little market share and the changes in the organization.initiators are termed as the human accounting resources and the various accounting needs in terms of organizational change. The relationship between these  different variables helps in promoting change in the managerial accounting and the various related fields.
As different factors have been proposed by different scholars to show the association between the organizational change and management accounting . (Andon ,2017)  Apart from that the organizational structure and organizational factors are also considered as the circumstantial factors within the organization that show the impact of the change in the management accounting perspective.


This present paper helps in finding the evidence in the context of management accounting change with respect to the organizations. This study helps in finding the valuable impact of the organizational change in the management accounting perspective.with the help of the literature review, we find that different factors are responsible for the organizational change and the managerial accountants have to consider that factors for studying the impact of the organizational change in the management accounting. (Chenhall,2017) The literature review also suggests that the global environment and the technological innovations are also related to organizational and accounting change.

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