Roles of a project manager


Write a two page paper overview of any selected project chosen in an organization that you are either managing or working on as an individual project to pursue during this class. It can be a project at work or a project in a volunteer activity. Describe the key roles of the Project Manager, manager, facilitator, and mentor) and describe how they relate to your project.


According to the Project Management Institute, a project is generally a temporary undertaking with a beginning and an end and it should be used be used for creating an innovative and creative product or services. The project team that an organization makes sometimes does not include the individual working together from the same firm but they tend to include people from other nationalities and also from other companies for accomplishing the project in a smooth manner. This specific project will completely focus on expanding the sales in an organization. It can be said that the requirements of the project will be met by the application of necessary tools, knowledge, skills and other important techniques. Furthermore, in this project, I will be acting as the project manager for this specific project. 

Roles of a project manager in the project 

The main role of a project manager revolves around delivering a project in a successful manner. Hence, being a project manager the role of a mentor, leader and also facilitator is entirely highlighted in the entire project. It is already known that expanding sales in an organization is not at all easy it is indeed a tough job. Hence in this scenario, as a project manager, I motivated my team with regular communication and explained to them if the sales expand then what it can bring to the company as well as to them. Secondly, as a mentor the employees were given a sense of direction for enhancing their performance and also the strengths and weaknesses of the employees were identified so that being a project manager I assisted them and worked accordingly. Lastly, facilitation was extremely needed for this project as it was quite complex during displaying this role I successfully planned the right team processes, then I also made sure to create and sustain an environment that was participatory in nature and I trusted my team for this project that reflected my positive professional attitude (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). 

Strategies used by the project manager for resolving the interpersonal conflicts 

It is needless to say whenever there is a group project there are a lot of interpersonal conflicts in it. Hence, in this project also it was not an exception but being a project manager I used some of the strategies for resolving these conflicts. Firstly, I was made clear about the objectives and the goals. An initiative was taken for resolving the conflict in a cooperative manner (Bredillet, Tywoniak, and Dwivedula, 2015). Negotiations were made and the employees were made understand that the decision-making authority was not in my hand and their efforts towards the project were also appreciated. Secondly, the problems were confronted and not the employees directly. Thirdly, all the genuine participation from the employees was welcomed and everyone's advice was taken into account. Lastly, instead of highlighting the problem being a project manager I preferred to stay in the problem-solving mode. 

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Role of the stakeholders in the project 

Stakeholders are considered to be one of the most important elements of a project and the stakeholder management is also one of the vital parts with regards to the strategic management of firms. There are a lot of cases that have suggested that the success and failure of a project completely depend on the stakeholders. It has been also learned that cooperation and recognition are required with the adverse stakeholders for making a project successful. 


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