Response to peers and critique evaluation of business implementation plan

Key Topics

Respond to two of your peers, critique other students evaluation of their business implementation plan and recommend changes to strengthen it. Ask probing questions to challenge your peers to deepen their analysis and justification of their own ideas.

Response 1

Hi, Travis Wanger
You have proposed a very nice business plan. You have included an overview of the product and the company as well as financial analysis and funding which is quite impressive. The contingency plan provided by you also strengthens the business plan. You have also talked about the ability of the company to produce the new product as well as the opportunity for the product in the market.
The proposal of business plan could be more impressive as well as strengthen if few more factors would have been included in the proposal. For example- you have not talked about the scope of the product in the global market. The trends and nature of global market or international market could be different from the local market. Therefore, it is necessary to provide insight into the scope of the product in the international market. Apart from this, you need to include SWOT analysis as well as analysis of Porter's five forces. It will assist the reader of the proposal to find the answer to the following questions; what are the threats to the organization to launch such product? What are the weaknesses of the organization? Porter’s five forces will assist to answer questions related to threats from the competitor either existing or new, bargaining power of consumers as well as suppliers. Therefore, these two analyses should be included. Apart from this one thing should also be included and that is the demand and preference of the customers to analyze the potential of the product in the local as well as global market.

Response 2

Hi, Kyle Segan
You have successfully addressed the problems of reducing the manufacturing cost of the electric car. You have also provided some figures to support your statement which is quite good for the business proposal.  Apart from this, you have mentioned about the implementation schedule of the plan in which you have talked about how to start the project to achieve the feasibility of the project. You have outlined what needs to do first and what is required to do in the last. This is providing a deep understanding of the project and strengthens the proposal. Your assignment has also included project review process to keep the project on track which is one of the advantages of the assignment. 
If you had included some more factors, the assignment would have been more impressive as well as strengthen. Your introduction is little poor. You could make your introduction more attractive as well as innovative. You need to provide some more realistic data to get insight into the project. One of the biggest mistakes that you have made in your plan is you have not provided a business implementation plan. Without the implementation plan, it is quite confusing to understand what the project is all about. You must provide the business implementation plan to make your assignment complete. The assignment would not be considered complete without it. Apart from this, you also need to do SWOT analysis as well as competitor analysis of the Ford to gain an understanding about the strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities, internal and external environment of the company. 

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