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Please write an analysis report about the recent hacktivist group "Anonymous" attack on Department of Justice In the report, please answer the following questions:
1- What type of attack was launched on DOJ?
2- What was compromised or breached?
2- How was the attack accomplished if known?
4- Your own analysis and feedback about the attack?


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Anonymous is so-called "hacktivist" group, known for their involvement in high profile hacking in some of the big organization and international corporations. This time Anonymous was involved in cyber-attack on U.S Justice Department. This group was developed in 2003, on 4chan message board, this group was involved in censoring campaign and hacking especially for a torrent website named "The Pirates Bay" and also for a cloud storage "Mega Upload". This group was also involved in hacking government website of Israel.
This group mostly used to oppose the government policy, censorship on internet and corruption of government. The group is famous and people used to call them "Digital Robin hood", their members used to come in front of the public wearing mask. And demand approval of independence from chaos and harassment. 
In February 2012, while attending a debate in Canada's House of Commons, the liberal minister expressed concern about the threat presented to the Canadian government. He said that "first of all tell me who this Anonymous group is presented on the internet and involved in cybercrime activities? They have hacked the site of FBI and U.S Department of Justice. They are international hackers who have hacked phone lines in Scotland. This group is responsible for cybercrime against hacking credit cards, websites of government and Sony in various countries like New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Chile, U.S, U.K etc. Even they were involved in hacking Pentagon. Anonymous hacked the website of US sentencing commission on 25, January. This operation became famous by the name “The Last Resort" and it was done as a counterattack against the suicide of a hacktivist Aaron Swartz. Due to hacking the site of the commission was inactive for some time in the weekend. In addition, this group made several pages editable for the public, spoiled the website content and also posted a video on website with a statement that was directly connected with the death of Swartz. 
Swartz was a young computer programmer age only 26, he was involved in the development of social networking website "Reddit” and also RSS feed’s web format. In the year 2011, Swartz was arrested in January for illegally disseminating and downloading content from a journal “JSTOR”. 
Swartz expressed complete disapproval against the compensation of publisher of journals rather than article writers. This compensation was made against the membership fees. He also said that public access to public scholarship with the public funds in the existence of the membership fee is restricted. He would have sentenced to 30 Years imprisonment, in the case he was convicted.  
A statement was issued by the family of Swartz, accusing him of 'threatening' and 'indictment overreach' through a judicial system of criminals. Many were watching this criminal proceeding against Swartz and they were overzealous. 
Anonymous released a statement on the website of commission “Two weeks ago today, a line was crossed”. Swartz has killed two weeks ago because of an impossible choice. He died because he was forced into a game where he is going to lose everything.     
The attack on the US Judicial was the most recent attack by Anonymous.
What type of attack was launched on DOJ?
In the counter-attack for ending of donation account of WikiLeaks by PayPal, this group (Anonymous) released an attack named DDOS in PayPal's server. Here DDOS represents distributed denial of service. With the help of various means, DDOS tries to deliver a system unavailable to users.  Including saturated target computer or external communication network requests, which has refused to serve legitimate users. 
Two attacks were: 
•    Extremism: Obama DOJ Launches Attack on Sex?Specific Bathrooms Nationwide (Garrison, 2016)
•    Attack on Department of Justice (Limer, 2013)
What was compromised or breached?
Data breach is a state where any information or data is being stole from a system or server without any information to the admin of that system or framework. 
In this case, when a key is determined by the attacker, that attack is known as compromised, it is the type of encrypted code or security number needed for encrypting, validating or decrypting the information. A certified engineer or associate used to communicate by exchanging letters with the servers. When an attacker succeeds in the determination of key at that time, without getting into knowledge of the sender, the attacker used to decrypt the information with the help of a key. There are two types of keys in PKI also known as Public Key Infrastructure, these keys are very sensitive. One is a private key, which each certified holder has, and other is session key which is used to exchange after a successful transaction. (GOODIN, 2016)
BREACH also known as “Backronym Browser Reconnaissance and Exfiltration via Adaptive Compression of Hypertext” it is security breach against HTTPS. 
However, human error is often caused by a network violation, to ensure that IT software environments can currently help in reducing the possibility of malware attacks. This will include the regular updates and patches that will be applied to system and all desktops, mobile devices and laptops are locked with the latest cyber security devices.
How was the attack accomplished if known?
Detecting an attack by a hacker is not an easy task, especially for those who are not familiar with coding.
There are several ways of detecting an attack by Hacker, these are: 
Windows Machines
1.    Check whether there is a lot of outgoing data on your network and your system is not using it. This is a sign that your data is used by some other person.
2.    Try to look at disk activity, if your system is at idle state and there is lots of disk activity going, then it is a symbol of attack.
3.    When person firewall is blocking a large number of an incoming packet from an anonymous IP, this is a symbol of a hack.  
4.    When antivirus used to detect a lot of virus and Trojans. (Zaitsev, Buchka, Eremin, Yunakovsky, & Kuzin, 2017)
Using the above mentioned steps will help in detecting the accomplished attack. 
Businesses are not responding strongly enough for malicious network activity. According to the 2016 Cisco Media Cyber Security report, the industry average is 100-200 days to detect the danger and it is not nearly enough fast.
If there is sudden increase in the uplink and downlink of network tarrif, then the main reason behind that might be a hacker, this can also reduce the speed of the internet. Employees should notify the IT security department, when they face very slow speed at normal network speeds.

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Your own analysis and feedback about the attack?
There are few strategies for analyzing and managing feedback. 
1.    Protest against the request for a counter-attack.
2.    Instead of recognizing that situation as an even, it should be recognized as Process. 
3.    Do not confuse the incompetence and messenger's style with the message. 
4.    Try to ask a question but be careful that time.
Cyber-attack can be very dangerous and it can leave you nowhere. Try to use VPN and other Internet Securities for the protection against Cyber Attack. 
It is very important for a business to effectively install cyber security program for protecting them from cyber-attack. This plan should implement strong IT security equipment, there is a strategy for emerging threats and education programs for employees to consider because most of the attacks are due to human error.
Creating an employee awareness programs and deploying an advanced email security solution, because email is likely to be a vector of choice for "human kit". Solutions should be adopted to analyze and quarantine the phishing before they will reach employee’s system, this will help in reducing the human errors. (Cohen, 1999)


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