Project Justification


Assignment B Project Management
1. Draft a Project Problem Statement and ensure that it provides a clear statement related
to the issue and why it needs addressing. (the issue in developing a brochure)
2. Draft a finalised Project Goal.
3. Write a Project Justification to support your Project Problem Statement and Goal.
Provide references and work place experience to establish an evidence based
approach to the identified need for the project.
(For 1, 2 & 3 ,word count is 700 words including references).
4. Submit a draft of three (3 only) Project Objectives, which must be Specific,
Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (SMART).
5. Finally, draft Strategies designed to achieve the objectives. You need to explain the
strategic need to undertake the project in your organisation and why your solution to
the identified problem is the best way forward based on the evidence.
(for 4 & 5-word count is 240).


Project Problem statement 


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The problem statement of this study is to develop the brochure which will provide the basic knowledge on the Hemodialysis as well as the fluid compliance when the renal patients are undergone at the first start of the dialysis. The education of the patient is thus the key component with all kind of healthcare settings for understanding as well as managing the chronic disease for the purpose of having better result.
Thus, the mission of the complicated is to researching theoretical part along with the practical in the order for receiving the best possible outcome for the benefit of the company. The practical part is also included as the semi-structured issue through the in-depth interview along with the employee of the logistics departments. 
The problem statement thus can be given by:
    1. Is the audience are much specialized or familiar with the subject and the general audience has used the brochure for the purpose of Hemodialysis?
    2. How the brochures are utilized for other marketing tools?

Draft of the project Goal:
The finalized project goal is thus summarized as follows:
    1. To develop the brochure for providing the education to the patients when they are subjected to undergone the hemodialysis.
    2. To help the patients for increasing their knowledge about the fluid restriction under the process of hemodialysis.
    3. To increase the awareness of the risk factors that are associated with the process of the same.


Project Justification 


The Hemodialysis is a kind of medical treatment which is designed for removing wastes, toxins as well as fluids from the blood as the time of Kidney failure. Thus, it is a very common treatment at the end stage renal disease or (ESRD). At this time Doctors use to recommend for Hemodialysis process in case of kidney failure. It can be checked for longer perform for the function when they are said to under process of removing the waste as well as the extra water from blood in form of urine [ CITATION Wat17 \l 1033 ].
As, the above described process is mostly done by Doctors and the nurses under the hospital authority, the other members along with the patient are not able to  know which exactly is taking for curing the disease behind their eyes. In that scenario, the brochure is subjected to prepare in which case the patient party as well as the patient can be educated about the process and its requirements as well as the utility. 
Also, the in case of taking this kind for treatment decision, it becomes much risker when the process is not supported by the body of the patients. In that scenario, the health of the patient can be deterioted further and there may be possibilities of some miscommunications or negative relation can be growing up between the patient’s family member as well as the doctor or the hospital authority. For sake of conveniences of this kind of matter, it is also need to know the patient more knowledgeable or must be aware before going through the treatment. 
On the other hand, in some cases the Hemodialysis process is used to perform under the dialysis set up at the home. For that case the, the family members must be aware of the functionality of the dialysis machine and the process as in some cases they may have to take care of the patient in an absence of doctor or nurse, but they need to follow the proper instructions from the doctor for hemodialysis treatment.  In that cases the brochure become more helpful to grow the knowledge as it includes the pictures as well as the instructions within very short type descriptions [ CITATION Pat17 \l 1033 ].
Therefore, the usability of the brochure under the treatment process of the Hemodialysis is very important as it in the only way to know about the machine essential parts and the whole process with very gist and objective manner.
As per the goal of this research project, the requirement of the brochure is more  essential part which can be reduce any kind of complexity between the patients as well as the his or her family members while undergoing the treatment at the first time as prescribed by the Doctor as well as the hospital authority. 


Project Objective


In this case the project objective is as follows:
    1. To increase the knowledge about how to create or prepare a good and knowledgeable brochure for the Hemodialysis process.
    2. To raise the awareness of the risk factor associated with the Hemodialysis process.
    3. To measure the decision making process in reasonable condition when the blood transplantation is required for the patient through the treatment of Hemodialysis.  
strategies for achieve the objective 
For achieving the objectives stated above, here some strategies are recommended as below:
    1) For achieving the proper knowledge for Hemodialysis:
    a) The brochure is needed to provide the patient and his family while the first time the treatment is taken care. 
    b) The brochure is required to have pictorial format so that anyone can have the knowledge about the treatment process.
    c) The brochure is allowed to keep with the patient’s prescription or at the wall hanging position at the first time for readily known about the treatment process.
    2) For raising the awareness of the risk factor associated with Hemodialysis process:
    a) The hospital authority can provide a short type booklet about the process of the Dialysis.
    b)  They can provide an internet link to follow up so that the family can be well aware for the process of hemodialysis.
    c) The hospital authority of the doctor can set up a set at the first day and allow the family member and the patient to check another patient who is undergone two three times for blood transplantation.
    3) Measuring the decision making process:
    a) Patients can be asked some true/false or some multiple type of questions for determining the level of knowledge.
    b) For assessing the steps toward the transplantation, patient would be asked for responding under the list of actions as per the outcomes
    c) Finally, patient will be asked for the medical records as well as review for 18 months with the post-baseline for creating the final study [ CITATION NIH17 \l 1033 ]. 


Reference List 


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Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. (2017). PCORI-1502-27462 Navigating High Risk Surgery: Empowering Older Adults to Ask Questions That Inform Decisions About Surgical Treatment. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 45-90.
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