paper outlining the professional

You are about to set up a small business in the community service sector. Consider the organisation's objectives and wrie a 3 page paper outlining the professional and ethical standards to which your organisation would adhere. Use your imagination to fill gaps.


Community centre is kind of non-paying job which is performed for the benefits of the society members. In this respect, it is identified that the growth of nation totally relies upon the people who live in society. Herein, nation will be able to perform well if its citizens are well educated and have skill to perform different kind of jobs. By considering respective issue in mind, I decide to open employment development business in the community service sector of Australia. The name of my company would be “Let Grow Together”. To assist and guide individual professionally will be my first organizational objective. Furthermore, to arrange training and development program for people with an aim to enhance their employability skill will be my second business objective. These are the major goals of my company. Besides this, there are certain professional and ethical standards which I would follow in my company. These are all detailed in below:
•    Each and every individual who works in a company should comply with the principle of integrity. 
•    It is the responsibility of firm’s employees that they should provide high quality services to their customers. 
•    Individual should treat each other with respect.
•    Employees of the firm should be open to take responsibility.
•    Employees should avoid the act of discrimination in company.
 These all professional and ethical standards will play the role of pathway for my company. Here, it is with the help of these principles only I will be able to give my best services to the members of community in an effectual manner.
In addition to this, there are different external influences and data identified that would inform about the expectation which I have from my employees. The government statistics in relation to the area where jobs are more will be consider as one of the external influence. This gives information about the employees which I should recruit in my company. For example, on the basis of analysis it is examined that management related jobs are more in Australia. Then in this condition I will employ such individuals in my company who have good knowledge of different management skills such as planning, organizing and controlling etc. Moreover, the kind of employees being recruited by other companies will be considered as other external influence which will inform about the type of employees I should recruit. Thus, these are the two basic external data which I will use in my recruitment process. However, above all the employee which I will recruit should be kind hearted and must be ready to anything for its society members without any benefit.

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The success of any company totally depends upon the skills of its employees. Thus, it is required by the firm that it should make constant improvement in the skills of its employees in an effectual manner. Herein, for the purpose to upgrade skills of my employees I will arrange training and development program once in a month. For the given purpose, I will invite professional individual. In addition to this, I will also give them support in the form of books and magazines etc which will inform them about current trends in employment. Thus, on the basis of these trends they will provide effective services to the members of community who are looking for the job. On the other hand, with an aim to assess the developmental needs of my employees I will use the technique such as skill audit. With the use of this tool, I can make comparison between skill which they have now and skill which they require for future. Thus, on the basis of assessed gap I will arrange training and development program for my employees. Furthermore, I will also use performance appraisal technique with an aim to examine their skill development need in an effectual manner.

I will encourage employees to reflect upon their work practice through my motivational speech. Herein, daily I will applause them for the work which they are doing for the society. Besides this, my organizational environment will be open wherein each employee can communicate with me directly without following any hierarchical structure. Further, I also give them full freedom to freely express their views in front of me regarding any problems which they facing in terms of their skill development. Thus, it is through such type of activity only I can get idea about the problem which is being faced by them. It is through this way only the success of whole organization will be ensured.   

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