outlining the business operation to the Ministry of Public Transportation.


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BidTaxi is a new taxi service that improves the ride-sharing service. Rather than working on pre-fixed rates based on distance and time, BidTaxi uses a bidding service for rides. A customer states the beginning and ending point of the journey, time and number of passengers. The system will then broadcast to the drivers who will then bid for the service within ten minutes. A comprehensive set of tools such as distance, route, estimated time, toll costs, etc. will be provided on the app to both parties. An estimated cost will even be provided. The customer will see in real time the responses by the drivers. And once selected, the cost is locked in. Payment will only be released to the driver-provider at the end of the journey as determined by Global Positioning System (GPS) location. The entire journey will be tracked.
To achieve this goal, it has embarked on the following:
1) BidTaxi requires all drivers to be certified, vehicle thoroughly checked for road worthiness and appropriate insurances paid.
2) The system will allow both customer and driver to rate each other and provide comments. A star-rating system will appear for both customer and driver next to their online verified IDs.
3) Customers without smartphones or tourists may use a web site to book ahead. Those without credit/debit cards may use Osko or purchase gift cards from supermarkets. Osko payments will be held by BidTaxi office.
4) To encourage service loyalty, each customer is given status points for rides paid. These points can be used as discounts for future trips, given as tips to drivers or can be donated to charity.
5) Driver-providers who complete a target of time and distance over a self-set period will be rewarded with fuel discount gift cards by the company.
Question 1 (1500 words)
Write a well presented report for the above outlining the business operation to the Ministry of Public Transportation. Provide any three recommendations that are well substantiated with journal literature and referenced correctly to support this service. (You may use the reasons/justifications above or use your own - that support this service).
Question 2 (500 words)
Provide any two suggestions into improving business service/operation offerings substantiated with current literature. These two items have not been mentioned above. An example could be driver training.
All referencing to be done in APA 6th edition. Only one reference list is required at the end of both questions.




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    The write-up mainly talks about the new car ride service that is Bidtaxi and thereby presents a description of the same along with its usability, its importance and its relevance in the transportation system of the country. This is a new ride sharing service. The paper mainly presents a report with all the vital points related to Bidtaxi such as its usability, its effectiveness, its impact on the transportation system and others. However the report about the operations of Bidtaxi is being presented here to the Ministry of Transportation of Australia so that the Ministry or the higher authority can understand about this new car service and also can decide for the fact whether this service can be accepted and can be taken into mainstream transportation system or not. The report has been presented in various segments so that it is easy to understand all the points and have an in-depth knowledge about the same. The entire business operation of Bidtaxi has been presented or outlined here and this is for the Ministry of Transportation of Australia. 
New car service:
    This section mainly gives a brief about the new car service that is Bidtaxi which mainly runs on bid system that is the customer puts his request about his travel plan in Bidtaxi site and then the requested is sent to all the available taxi drivers (Zeng & Oren, 2014). They then put a bid quoting and amount for the service that they would offer. It does way with the old model of pre fixed rates and ushers in a new way of travelling or transportation (Zeng & Oren, 2014). This Bidtaxi service gives the liberty to the customer to select that their destination, the number of passengers and also allows the customer to decide on their own time and decide on their own start and end time of the journey. It also helps the drivers in providing rating to the customers and also helps them in putting forward their views and their reviews about customers (Zeng & Oren, 2014). This Bidtaxi service ushers in a totally new and advanced way of transportation and also provides equal platform to the customers and the drivers. Other than this the safety issue in this type of car service is also maintained. Vehicles used for transportation are checked before using, the drivers are all certified and the drivers are given their identity badges as well so that the customer can feel safe and secured while being the car with them. This Bidtaxi is a complete package with all the enmities and is also very prospective in ushering in of a good communication process (Zeng & Oren, 2014). Bidtaxi services are continually monitored and thereby have all safety measures to it as well. This is a new ride sharing service that benefits large amount of people at a time since the Bidtaxi services gives or provides ride to more than one people. It is a sharing kind of a service that helps many to reach their respective destination at a time. Distance, route, estimated time, toll costs, etc are all provided before the beginning of the journey and thereby does not have any obscurity in the service as well (Zeng & Oren, 2014). Amount is generated at the end of the journey only and that is then paid by the customer. This however gives a brief about the Bidtaxi service. 


Recommendations that support this service:


    In this prospect three main recommendations would be ushered in the context to show that how this service is supported. The recommendations are all there to support the usefulness and the positive aspect of Bidtaxi service. 
    The first recommendation is “time saving”. Bidtaxi service helps in saving time since all the things are done by the applications and it is with the quick and effective use of the Bidtaxi app that all the things are fixed. The usage of this service makes a passenger or a customer travel with others as well and in that way it saves the time of many (Zeng & Oren, 2014). The simple procedure of sending travel request and then selecting the best bid and then the car arrives at your doorstep and also the pre estimation of all the important things really saves time (Zeng & Oren, 2014). There is no need to communicate, no need to wait and also no need to talk about the price prospect. This service saves time and thereby it is recommended here that this Bidtaxi service can be opted by the Ministry of Transportation of Australia so that it helps the commuters in reaching their destination faster and also helps them in saving their time and do their respective jobs very effectively and rightly (Leng,   Wang & Xiong, 2016). As per Zeng & Oren time is very important in today’s fast life and thereby it is always necessary to have some time for yourself and do way with wasting of time uselessly. Going by this the recommendation of time saving aspect is quite true. This can be justified with the fact that people who have opted for the service have themselves talked about the fast service and also the time saving prospect of Bidtaxi (Zeng & Oren, 2014). Thereby it is it can be said here that this very point supports the service and the authority of the Transportation department can look into this matter. 

    The 2nd recommendation is money saving. In the past that is before this there was the concept of pre fixed rates where the rates was decided or was known at the beginning only and there was no such deviation from it but with the new mode of car service where the rate is decided through bid there remains a chance of getting a fair price or a low prices than that of the estimated one (Leng,   Wang & Xiong, 2016). As this whole service is based on bidding the price keeps on fluctuating. However when the travel request is placed by the customer different bids from the customers come up and based on all those suggestions or bids the customer get the chance to choose the reasonable one. This thereby saves the money. It is thereby a justified one to use this service since this would make the daily commuters very happy (Leng,   Wang & Xiong, 2016). This recommendation makes the whole thing very simple and time saving as well for the customer (Leng,   Wang & Xiong, 2016). However apart from the service being a shared car service automatically saves money since the customer gets the option to share or divided the amount with other co passengers and it does not puts a heavy charge on any single individual. As per report on car sharing service is known that the most advantageous aspect of it is money saving prospect or approach and the same is applied in case of Bidtaxi as well (Leng,   Wang & Xiong, 2016). It is thereby justified that selection of this service will save the money of the commuters and if this is accepted by the Ministry of Transportation and thereby fully implemented in Australia then the customers would also be very happy with Transportation Department of the country. 

    The 3rd recommendation is technology based. In the contemporary there are many services whether it is food service or beauty service or e-commerce, all are based on the use of technology. Bidtaxi is also based on technology and this itself makes the service all the more advanced and modern (Leng,   Wang & Xiong, 2016). Being technology based the Bidtaxi service can be used by many since many people are themselves using or are always relying on technology for all their services (Sanchez-Graells, 2017). This feature makes the transportation prospect all the more unique and also very interesting for the contemporary people. This thereby is an advantageous one from commuters or common peoples’ point of view (Sanchez-Graells, 2017). Being tech savvy the service will attract many people as it is totally hassle free and also easy to use. This thereby is one of the justifications here and if this is accepted by the Ministry of Transportation then it would usher in new light in the transportation system of Australia.




    The paper thereby talks about all the justifications and recommendations and also talks about the prospect of Bidtaxi. The Ministry of Transportation can go through all the recommendations and justifications and then can have a clear view about its acceptance or not. 


Question 2


    In order to improve the business service or the operation offerings of Bidtaxi two suggestions can be provided here (Sanchez-Graells, 2017). One is driver training and the other one is development of the Bidtaxi application. These two are very important here since based on these two the business and the service of the Bidtaxi can be developed or can be enhanced. Bidtaxi is a new way of driving customers and for the drivers also need to be prepared or ready (Sanchez-Graells, 2017). The drivers need to trained about the operational prospect of Bidtaxi that includes how to bid for the orders or the ride requests, how to behave with the customers, how to answer the customers about the related queries, how to initiate the payment or bill at the end of the journey and others (Sanchez-Graells, 2017). The prospect of driver training is based on making the driver totally fit and apt for the new kind of ride that Bidtaxi is offering to the customers (Leng,   Wang & Xiong, 2016). The training would include behavior prospect, would include imparting knowledge about the bidding system, would include knowledge about putting the bid, would impart knowledge about rating the customer and will also tell them about the areas or the basis on which the customer need to be rated (Sanchez-Graells, 2017). However other than this the driver training would also include imparting knowledge about the entire Bidtaxi system so that he is totally aware of all the functionalities of this new age driving experience. The training prospect for the drivers is very important since it would help in development of the business service and the offerings of the business as well (Leng,   Wang & Xiong, 2016). The other suggestion here is development of a unique Bidtaxi application. This application need to be developed by the organization itself so that it can be downloaded by all the users and thereby can get right knowledge about their ride position (Sanchez-Graells, 2017). Since Bidtaxi is a new way of riding and everything is fixed virtually with the interaction of driver and the customer face to face it is important to have an application from the company’s end. Developing the application of Bidtaxi will enable the customer to have a look on the bidders profile and will also allow the customer to know about the order request status or the order request (Sanchez-Graells, 2017). It will give an idea about the travel time or to be precise an idea about the initiation of the travel time. Application of Bidtaxi can then be promoted in the social networking site with the tag like easy way of travelling, new way of travelling and others to attract more customers. This definitely adds to the business service and the business operation of Bidtaxi (Sanchez-Graells, 2017). The application on the other hand can be easily used by all the Smartphone user and this will help in getting quotes from the drivers and then based on that customer can select the final one (Zeng & Oren, 2014). The application needs to be developed to usher in driver verification aspect, driver details and also driver feedback in the application only. These will all the more it advanced and helpful. These are thereby the two suggestions to improve business service and business offering of Bidtaxi.




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