Music Comparison is an Interesting Contrast


Need to choose any two musical selections, from the same or different eras, and write a detailed comparison.You may choose both from the assigned course material, or choose another song or piece that would provide an interesting contrast. Your study should be at least 500 words in length, written in full sentences with correctly-spelled words.


Music comparison

Music is always a great passion for music lovers. Music never faded away, and it always creates romances in life, whether it belongs to any era or generation. In this paper, we have discussed the comparison of two pieces of music Mozart: I. Allegro and III. Allegretto from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Chopin: Mazurka in B-flat Minor, Op. 24, No. 4. As these both musical selections belong to the different era but they are the legendary works of the composers. The serenade no 13 was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart In 1787, and the work is known by the title Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.( Mozart,2000). Mozart was born in 1756 at Salzburg and was a Roman. The piece has been written at the Grand master level of Mozart. The work that he wrote is written for chamber ensemble of two violins, viola and cello with the double bass system and is performed at string orchestras. Today this Senate is widely recorded and performed but it was published only after the death of Mozart in 1799 by his widow. On the other hand, Mazurka in B-Flat minor by Frederic Chopin is a composition written in 1835 by Frederic Chopin for solo Piano (Cooper, 1963). Frederic Chopin was born in 22 February 1810 and was a French. The senate was written in the beginner level of Chopin musical history. The Senate was launched in 1830 when the Russian rule was begun. The senate was an attempt by the musician to explain the political scenario going on in the Eastern Europe in late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The work Eine Kleine Nachtmusik was composed by Wofgang Amadeus Mozart in 1787. The piece of work is entirely based on the snippets of famous tunes that are taken from the American folk music. This musical set is the occasional piece of light music that makes the person happy as it is based on the romantic tone. The tempo marked the tone of Romance which creates the feeling of romance and intimacy by the prevailing of tenderness in the movement. On the other hand, the Mazurka in B flat minor is noted as the masterpiece. The theme is Kujawiak provenance which is free from hesitation and constraint and is a beautiful creation of swinging and swaying that reaches the peak. Kujawiak provenance means the origin of Kujawiak which is a slow and tuneful dance for the Mazurka and comes from the region of Kujawy.

The strengths and weaknesses of the pieces include that in the Mazurka in B flat minor the composer is using the music that softens and dwindles the falls. (Higgins, 1973) And the most memorable part of it is the finale which is properly an epilogue. The phrase is heard in the utmost silence. The composition also brings the moment of delight and joy. The piece enjoys the strength of being one of the most famous Mazurkas and never leave the stage performance. The piece has a universal appeal and is affecting. However, it is a difficult and complex form of music compared to others. On the other hand, the composition of from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is a romantic work which consists of Minuet and Trio; however, the weakness is that it is no longer known by anybody that who will remove it, as it is from the missing movement. The piece holds the strength that it is popular as the most classic and famous work of all Mozart;s works. It is one of the undisputed and light piece that can be heard at any time. However, it faced the weakness that it was sold to Johnn Andre and was published long after Mozart’s death, which took away its charm.
By making a comparison of both the works in terms of theme, tone, style and period we came to the conclusion that both the works are the artistic works that were composed in different eras, but yet contribute the remembrance in the mind of music lovers. 

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