Leadership theory

Leadership Assignment based on movieView Movie: McFarlane


McFarland is the epitome of leadership quality.

1. The first character in the movie which depicts the leadership quality is Jim White (Football Coach)
According to the path-goal theory, it can be said that Jim possesses the leadership quality.

Path-goal theory

This theory is the most respected and most current theory in the leadership. The theory implies that an effective leader is one who is assisting his followers from time to time mainly to them achieve their goals. Effective leaders are those who take initiative and motivate the followers to act accordingly (Chemers et al., 2014). To become an effective leader one should provide the support and clear direction to the followers in a way to make them realize that goals can be achieved and are attainable.
This theory also tells us that effective leader should clear the path in a way to achieve the goal in an effective manner. 
Jim white- After reviewing the McFarland Movie it can be said the Jim white possess the leadership quality as after joining the new job in the school he made the boys of that school to win the match by making providing them training and support. Jim made the path easier by providing training and support to the team they lost their first race because of how they ran the hills.  But after training differently, Coach White confidently acknowledged, “When we see a hill we’re going to smile. So all the above quality of the Jim tells us that he possesses the leadership quality. 


2. Cheryl also demonstrated the leadership quality in the Movie.

Leadership theory (Contingency)

According to this theory of leadership, it can be said that orientation of leaders are of two ways that are they are either relationship oriented or they may be task oriented. A leader who is task oriented tries to work at their best in both the situation that is unfavorable and favorable. But the leaders who are oriented to relationship work at their best mainly in the favorable situation (Northouse et al., 2018). So according to Fielder Model, he suggested that what makes the situation or condition favorable or not favorable is the degree of relationship with the team and structure of the task and the position power that is how the degree of power is been exercised by the leader.  
Cheryl- after coming to the underprivileged place with his husband and daughters she demonstrated the true leadership quality in the movie by trusting and motivating her husband from time to time and making good relation with the children and teams and with the whole community. Providing the necessary materials to the runners from her own pocket and saying that these kids are like our kids and tirelessly supporting her husband throughout the training and coaching. So all these quality of Cheryl depicts that she bear the leadership quality and making the healthy relationship with the kids in motivating them and also motivating her husband.


3. Youngest daughter of the Jim White 

Trait theory of Leadership

This theory implies that every leader should possess the quality of drive and self-confidence he or she should be visionary and extroversion. Basically this theory focus early leadership 1920s or 30s (Antonakis et al., 2017)This theory tells us that a common set of traits is there which will differentiate you with other as a leader and such traits are you must be visionary, cognitive intelligence, self-confidence, desire and lead and so on. 
So in this movie it has been observed that the youngest daughter of the Jim white Coach demonstrated the true leadership quality and it can be said by stating that when White was watching the player running the youngest daughter only make him realize and brought the fact to his attention that in all the players four players are not only fast runner but extremely fast. As she predicted in advance and help her father to take the decision of asking permission from the principle to arrange the championship as the runner are very good and if trained they will win, and same happen. So this demonstrates that she has the skill of vision and helped her father taking the decision. Although through many difficulties in the life she never gave up. All this are the example of the leadership which is been categorized under trait theory of leadership. She drives her father and player to take part and arrange the championship and win. And at the same happen the team won the championship.

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