Investing in talent

Question: Investing in talent



In this paper, we are answering two different questions which are described in the case named as “Investing in Talent.” The case is about the Darden who operates a chain of restaurants through investing in talent. The continuous investment in talent management and creation of healthy work culture lead its competitive advantage over existing competitors. 

Answer 1

The Darden restaurant growth is not a surprising factor. It is because the Darden focused enough on its employees. Therefore, it is sure to get success and competitive advantage within the market. There are a large number of factors that have led Darden to take its current approach towards employee advancement and development. The first and foremost factor is its focus and consideration. The main concept is that the Darden believes in considering the employees as vital resources rather than recognize them as expenses. This current approach of Darden becomes the foremost factor towards its initiatives regarding employee advancement and development. Due to his high focus on its employees, Darden able to secure a great reputation within the existing markets. It is because Darden team recognized the dedication and value employees have. Generally, it is believed that when a business treats its employees as important assets, the employees will want to do very well. It has been identified that the rate of employee turnover within Darden restaurant chain is below 20 percent which is lower than its industry average. It happens due to his sufficient consideration and focuses towards its employees and their career development within the firm. Therefore, it is right to say that the main factor behind its current approach to employee development and advancement is its consideration and belief regard employee participation within organizational functions. In the absence of this factor, it becomes difficult for the Darden to give strong competition to its competitors and plan employee’s growth effectively. 

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Answer 2

It is right to say that the Darden is engaged in the operation of a large number of family-oriented casual restaurants and serving the needs of a wide range of customers. It growing structure of existing restaurant chain will facilitate employee development in an effective manner. It is because the growing restaurant chain will provide the employee's an opportunity to develop their career within the similar organization. Darden is providing a healthy cultural environment to the employees that serve as a competitive factor for it within the existing industry. This competitive factor of the company plays an important role in employee development. It is because they feel valuable within the Darden restaurant's internal environment. This feeling of value will encourage them to stay here and plan their career progression within the similar firm. Therefore, such decision of the employees will improve their career as well as minimize turnover rate within the company. Therefore, it can be said that the growing family-oriented casual restaurant chain of Darden business comes with a positive influence on employee development. It is because employees feel motivated due to the effective and healthy internal culture of Darden's restaurant. Moreover, the employees also have a belief that if they perform very well, there will be a growth opportunity in front of them. That's why it can be said that the structure offers a wide range of growth opportunities to its employees.

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