Health and Safety

Prepare a case study report on the given case(health and safety).


It is right to say that the customer service is the foremost priority of any organization to gain popularity among the eyes of existing as well as new customers. This paper has discussed the issues disclosed in the case. The main motive behind the discussion of case issues is to give an effective recommendation to the owner so that he can improve his business situation and gain competitive advantage within existing market. Apart from this, the paper has covered the need for a budget and importance of WH&S. The knowledge of both will enhance the competency of Jack Alexander to deal with different problems and plan success of his small leisure center.

Issues identified in the Case 

From an in-depth analysis of the given case scenario, it has been identified that there are a lot of problems and issues recognized within the case. These issues are following: 
The absence of Training and development Opportunity: The first and foremost issue recognized within the discussed situation of Jack Alexander is the absence of training and development in favor of existing as well as newly hired individuals. The training and development serve the core basis of individual performance (Dhar, 2015). If an organization want to earn a high profit, it becomes essential for the firm to provide significant training and enhance the knowledge of its employees.
Poor Customer Services: The second issue identified from the situation is poor customer services offered by management to its customers. The customer services of leisure center are constantly poor due to lack attention of management towards training activities of employees. If the employees receive customer service training, they will able to serve a lot of customers and fulfill their needs. Due to the poor customer services, the number of customers visiting the leisure center is constantly decreasing. 
Poor Standards or Regulations: Another issue identified from the case is lack of timing standard and work regulations (Zhuang, 2015). Due to the poor timing framework, it is spreading negativity among the mind of its potential customers, and they remain dissatisfied with the facilities offered by leisure center.
Poor Reporting Structure: The last and final issue or problem identified in the case is poor reporting structure. It means that the top management or Jack Alexander do not get any information about the customer feedback and their perception towards the organization. Therefore, this hampers the overall present and future planning of leisure center.

Options and Strategies for the Owner to consider 

In order to ensure the effective management of small leisure center, the owner (Jack Alexander) need to develop a plan on day to day basis. There is a variety of option in front of management to deal with. These options and strategies include; development of working standard and regulations, evaluation of available stock of products on a regular basis, development of reporting structure or hierarchy, and focus more on work health and safety programs in favor of employees (Dabestani, 2016). With the help of all these strategies and options, the owner can plan an effective success of his small leisure center.

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In order to adopt above-mentioned options, the owner needs to plan expenses as per below-mentioned table:

Importance of WH&S when undertaking different jobs

The workplace health and safety plan is necessary for an organization. It is because the presence of workplace health and safety plan helps an organization to avoid anticipated problems and plan the smooth progress of the company. Moreover, the presence of workplace health and safety plan also reduces the number of workplace incidence that may become the reason of reduction of company profitability as well as reputation in domestic as well as the international market (Orel, 2014). So, it is right to say that the WH&S leads protection of business houses from all costs that are related to incidents occurring on the site along with potential liabilities.

Recommendations to resolve identified issues and improve customer services

 In order to plan progress of small leisure center, it is necessary for its owner to follow some important considerations. The first recommendation is that he should conduct training and development practices for employees. With the help of training, he can provide practical knowledge of customer services to his employees. The second recommendation is the use of workplace regulations. The workplace timeline and regulation is mandatory to manage overall business schedule and potential customers (Wilson, 2016). The third and important recommendation is that he should conduct a timely evaluation of available stock. With the help of timely evaluation, the owner can get significant information about material available within the stock. This will resolve the problem of undersupply of required material. Moreover, other recommendations are appropriate to follow up of WH&S practices and development of reporting structure. All of these recommended innovative ideas will help Jack Alexander to meet customer needs and derive satisfaction to them. 
The owner of small leisure center also needs to take an effective initiative towards resolution of issues like roster changes, inconsistent opening hours, café menu, and negative reviews on social media. The owner can prevent roster changes by informing employees on a priority basis and perform planning in advance. This will maintain consistency among roster changes as well as the availability of staff members. Moreover, the owner needs to fix opening hours of its café. By doing this, the owner can significantly attract the customers in a particular time period of providing satisfaction to them. Apart from this, the owner can resolve café menu issue through make it more creative and insert additional variants and choices. With the help of this action, the owner can satisfy the different needs of customers and provide them high-level satisfaction. Moreover, the owner should have a digital marketing team to operate its social media responses and put control over negative issues. With the help of all these initiatives, the owner of the leisure center can bring the performance of its café on track and gain a positive response from its target customers.


After studying all this, it can be concluded that the poor customer service is foremost failure reason for the small leisure center owned by Jack Alexander. This problem can effectively resolve by the owner through effective follow-up of recommended strategies. These strategies do resolve not only case problem but also bring the growth opportunities for the organization.


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