Equality for women

Question: Write an essay on "Equality for women"


To promote women rights is to address a multitude of social issues. The concerned social issues constitute anomalies that have, again and again, brought about imbalance in the social structure, making it easier for the menaces like inequality to invade the socio-political and economic spheres and bring about disruption in the overall quality of human life. Moreover, promoting women rights also means  upporting the ideology of feminism in a thorough manner. 
Promoting women rights firstly mean promoting equality in a society. Gender inequality is a menace that has been plaguing myriads of societies across the globe. Hence, such problem should be addressed and to address such a problematic issue one has to support and promote women rights. It is the presence of the problems like gender inequality that trigger gender discrimination and quite interestingly both gender inequality and gender discrimination are interrelated. Gender inequality has given rise to different problems that have culminated into other socio-economic problems including child marriage, lesser initiation for girl child education, etc. It is due to the presence of gender inequality and gender discrimination that some fundamental rights are denied to the women in almost every country across the globe. Child marriage, for an instance, is a crime that is perpetuated by the existence of gender inequality and void of women rights. Round 15 million girls are affected by child marriage worldwide (Byrd), and this figure should be taken seriously while determining the need of promoting women rights. There is a need to promote women rights and this also because of the fact that still now “Women constitute two-thirds of the world’s illiterate people” (Byrd). It is due to the void of practice of providing women with their fundamental rights like right to education that the menace of gender inequality and gender discrimination can linger in such a way and spread so much menacingly. In the political sphere too, it is the absence of women rights that have resulted in the lesser participation of women in different political events and matters. Only about 22% of parliamentarians are women (Byrd), and this shows that lack of the presence of women rights in a proper manner has affected the political sphere in such a way that the evil of institutional discrimination has already been ingrained in the political practices. It is also due to the absence of strong movements advocating women rights that still now women are abused so brutally. It has been found that “In all the countries of the world, women and girls risk experiencing violence in their lifetime – at the hand of their fathers, husbands, or strangers in peace times and during war – in their homes, schools, on college campuses, at work, in refugee camps, and in churches” (Byrd). Such a terrible condition of women should be addressed in a thorough manner and one way to address the issue properly is to advocate women rights. Promoting women rights would be ideal for preventing crimes against women and the criminal justice systems around the world should also try to contribute generously to any movement that is meant for promoting women rights. It is due to the absence of certain women rights in an explicit manner that women in different countries still suffer from the patriarchal dominations that should be considered undue, illegal and immoral. Women could not have the same rights as men have (Truth) is the basic outlook of the male-dominated patriarchal society where it is essential to promote gender equality as the need of the hour. 
Promoting women rights means promoting morality. Depriving women from the fundamental rights in itself is a crime of heinous nature and this crime should be combated by advocating for the promotion of women rights. Moreover, a major challenge in the way of promoting women rights “is the tension between the commitments made by governments to global norms and policies on gender equality and their actual implementation at the national level – the gap between rhetoric and action” (Byrd). It has been observed that there are countries that advocate for strong measures for ending violence against women, but quite pathetically many of such countries have been found to be cutting funding for women’s shelters nationally (Byrd). It is such gap between rhetoric and action that has triggered the need of advocating and promoting women rights in a thorough manner on a global basis. Furthermore, in the religious sphere too, the absence of women right has given rise to challenges that act as hindrances to the development of women in the sphere of religious studies and services. In this respect it should be taken into account that “Adventist women study theology, they invest much time and energy in their congregations, yet they are asked to hold back, their calling is denied, and they remain invisible for male decision-makers” (Byrd). 
It should be noted that women rights are human rights and hence, they must be promoted in a thorough manner for the sake of sustaining the balance needed for the proper survival of the human race in the long-run. It is noteworthy that, “Women around the world nevertheless regularly suffer violations of their human rights throughout their lives, and realizing women’s human rights has not always been a priority. Achieving equality between women and men requires a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which women experience discrimination and are denied equality so as to develop appropriate strategies to eliminate such discrimination” (“Women’s Rights are Human Rights”). Hence, considering the humanitarian aspect too, it should be said that women rights must be advocated and promoted because advocating and promoting women rights is equal to advocating and promoting human rights. 
In conclusion, it must be said that it is essential to advocate, support and promote women rights globally to save women and the human society from the clutches of the menaces like gender inequality, gender discrimination, etc. Violence against women is immoral and such immoral practice should be stopped by promoting women rights. Moreover, as women rights are equal to human rights; for the sake of sustaining the moral balance in the human society it is imperative for societies across the globe to promote and preserve women rights. Women must be given their rights and women rights should be considered among the fundamental rights. 


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