Discussed The Parenting Challenges and Parents’ Intimate Relationships


Compare and Contrast Critique Essay



The question is discussed the parenting challenges and parents’ intimate relationships. Firstly, the review used in the study as summarized the case. Then the review was critiqued which involved the how to make peace with the parents and have an intimate and nurturing relationship with them and others. The cases used in the study are highly informative and also provide with the statistics whenever they were possible. Overall, it can be said that the whole empirical research was highly structured, and the POP psychology was highly informational. This paper discusses major critical findings from both the cases of pop psychology and the empirical research.

POP Psychology

The issues being discussed the parenting relationship and how to have a nurturing as well as the intimate relationship with parents. Dr. Phil addressed various questions from the audiences and provided them with new insights on the parenting relationships. Oprah takes questions from the audiences while Dr. Phil answers them efficiently. One of the people in audiences mentioned that due to her fear of saying no to people who were a vital part of her life she had a fear that she might lose all of them. In this critical moment, Dr. Phil revealed very important questions that are highly important to be asked to oneself when present in any relationship be it with your parents, or friends. Similarly, it was observed that Dr. Phil dished out various vital no-nonsense advice to their audience members who had a very struggling relationship with their parents.  
The whole case in the show outlines the importance of the nurturing the intimate relationships. The case depicted that people were struggling with various relationships in their day to day lives. Many observations showed that the children look up to their parents with high respect demanding various compliments and utmost care which they believe was not provided to them during their childhood. Dr. Phil even mentioned that some of the parents are highly over-protective, and some are highly immature and devoid their children of all the love and care they deserve. It was observed that talking your heart out to your parents might be the best solution to deal with these situations. Some people were seen to be highly emotional and feel heartbreak, Dr. Phil suggested them to hold together and to trust your instincts and to embrace their parents with full faith even when they are wrong and receive their parents in good spirits and even if the parents are not ready to embrace their child they should move on and stand up for what they believe is right. 
The overall whole episode turned out to very highly informative. As the questions were put up directly by the audiences, the whole episode was extremely reliable and trustworthy.

Empirical Research

The second article being reviewed involves, “Parenting challenges and parents’ intimate relationships by Marjan Khajehei. The research not only highlights the importance of family and parents’ well-being and its impact on the well-being of the child and further emphasizes on the children-parents interactions and the intimate relationship satisfaction of the couples. 
This article was highly structured due to aptly edited subheading and was highly informative due to the various statistics provided in the study.
According to various studies the well-being of the family and parents impacts the well-being of the children. It was revealed in the paper that around 64.3% Australian women experience sexual dysfunction during the first postpartum due to the dissatisfaction in their relationships. Further, it was seen that 37.2% of the postpartum women are seen to have relationship dissatisfaction during the first year after childbirth.

The author of this article has completed his research studies of the parent's intimate relationship and the well-being of the child by using various assessment method which was widely used in the academic settings. The author has compiled as well as analyzed the whole research beautifully. The conclusion provided in the article is by the data from this research and the result of prior research studies. The research article included various past and present information and data from various reliable sources which are complete and highly accurate. Therefore the whole article does not solely pertain to the up to date information because past experiences have also been mentioned in the article.
The author took a definite perspective in identifying the correlation between the parenting relationship and the well-being of the child. The findings are presented in a logical manner so as to support all the evidence of the project. Furthermore, some personal reflections are also used in the article. 

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