Cultural security and safety

Essay-For Personal Reflection of own values and attitudes of Cultural safety in the provision of health for Aboriginal &Torres Strait islander peoples and coomunity


Cultural security and safety are on a variety of care with cultural consciousness being the first and foremost footstep in the kind of learning process. This may be involved with cultural type sensitivity and core understanding and that is being a next step of the final outcome of that process. The Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander are the people of Tasmania and Queensland, which is in the northeast part of Australia respectively. They keep themselves separate from the people of the rest of Australia. It is very much important to provide these people with awards of cultural safety and health. The purpose of the cultural awareness of Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander is to provide them with understanding and awareness about Indigenous Culture. Culturally appropriate discussion process is very much necessary to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding and reading and demonstrating appropriate body language and language (Behrendt, & Kelly, 2012). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander's standard of health is very poor compared to other Queenslanders. Various improvements have been done by the Australian govt. but there is a gap in life expectation of these people is compared to rest of the other people and is significantly very high. Different reason of illness and premature depth now can be prevented. But still t a huge no. of barriers is present there which prevent entrance of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander to a good quality health system. The recent inconsistency in there is mostly multigenerational trauma, deep rooted gender discrimination and loss of their traditional cultural identities. 


As per my thinking the recognition of different aboriginal people is a starting point to form an effective relationship with those people and their communities nowadays. It is not possible to transfer a relationship with one community to another one automatically. You have to invest time in contact building and demonstrating respect to each and every aboriginal community you've worked with.  Each and every aboriginal community has its uniqueness. There is no. of board terms are used to indentify one aboriginal person or indigenous person. Clearly all aboriginal persons are not same- using their terms inappropriately may count as ignorance. In case of the condition of their health, various diseases had most impact which is considered as destructive on aboriginal people and their culture. Some of those diseases are - smallpox, typhoid, measles, syphilis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough etc. Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander's are the most disadvantaged group in entire Australia. They are significantly than other Australians (Larkin and Griew, 2012)

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This is to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of this learning experience what I have gain and now dealing with all the own values of health culture and safety among aboriginal community in Queensland, Australia. The media performs an important part in structuring the technique I believe regarding topics. While Aboriginal populaces are determinedly represented as drunks, wellbeing reliant as well as fierce performers, it is able to energy bigoted approaches among the broader populace and this kind of discrimination has a chief impact on the health of Aboriginal Australians. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populace have had lots of common incidents of colonization that have directed to negative impacts on their physical condition. They keep themselves separate from the people of the rest of Australia. It is very much important to provide these people with awards of cultural safety and health. The purpose of the cultural awareness of Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander is to provide them with understanding and awareness about Indigenous Culture (Alford, 2014). Numerous age groups have had invasive threats to their welfare: psychologically; communally; morally as well as ethnically furthermore due to their link to ground. 


The chronological determinants of wellbeing still control the present drawbacks in health effects. As the entrance of non-Indigenous populace in 1788, established poor health has sourced a great pact of damage to the health of Aboriginal populace (Johnson, 2016). Negative health effects have been connected with profound fundamental sources for example racial discrimination as well as prejudice, enforced deletion of kids, loss of individuality, language, ethnicity and earth. Bereavement, dying along with interment practices is a steady existence in numerous Aboriginal populaces’ existences – a large number extra so than for non-Aboriginal Australians. Contact around bereavement, dying as well as interment practices is currently being common on social media. The most widespread negative matters were alcohol, kid mistreatment, petrol sniffing, aggression, suicide, bereavements in custody plus offense. The most widespread positive subjects integrated education, role modeling in support of wellbeing, activity as well as employ (Cherednichenko, & Rose, 2016).

Action Plan

From cultural events to camp should be the main thing to do here in that community. Trusting each other is one of the crucial things to do by those people. In my opinion they should not be introvert has to feel good thing and need to know how to survive. Some externally developed program must be there. Organizational principles and strategies and some of few standard policies are maintained and need to be so because to improve add in culture protocols of the health and that will deal with social determinants as well (Grant, 2015). Make proper service and need to welcome those and that have the potential to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing. The term racism should be avoided and communication is the only thing by which they can be flexible upon large group. They should make complain and raise voice if the health security and safety being avoided (Green, & Colbung, 2015).


It is to be concluded that the health culture and safety issue in the community must not be ignored. The local people need to create their own value to each other. Complete primary health care provides a sympathetic and loyal base for the achievement of those strategies. The community controlled model needs to be celebrated and as well as acknowledged. I would mostly prefer those critical and positive things and those are my own value and that will be good enough for them. 


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