Competitor Analysis Report

Question: Write a Competitor Analysis report.


Microsoft in an American Company in the technology sector and is headquartered in Redmond. It manufactures and develops software, operating systems, and other hardware devices. In this report, we will compare the revenues of three of its competitors. 
Three of the major competitors of Microsoft are: 
Let’s compare their revenue with the help of resources available online.  
Microsoft Corp (MSFT.OQ)
Ticker Symbol: MSFT
Revenue: $ 28,918.00    Billion
1st Year Sales Growth: 5.43 %
3rd Year Sales Growth: 1.18 %
Net Income: $ 11.59 Billion
1st Year EPS Growth: 29.15    
3rd Year EPS Growth: 0.99    

Competitor 1: Apple Inc (AAPL.OQ)

Ticker Symbol: AAPL
Revenue: $ 229.2 Billion
1st Year Sales Growth: 6.30 %
3rd Year Sales Growth: 7.84 %
Net Income: $ 48.35 Billion
1st Year EPS Growth: 10.84    
3rd Year EPS Growth: 12.58

Competitor 2: Google (Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O))    

Ticker Symbol: GOOGL
Revenue: $ 32,323 Billion
1st Year Sales Growth: 22.80 %
3rd Year Sales Growth: 18.87 %
Net Income: $ 12.66 Billion
1st Year EPS Growth: 7.44        
3rd Year EPS Growth: 14.75

Competitor 3: SAP (SAPG.DE)

Ticker Symbol: SAPG
Revenue: $ 22.06 Billion EUR
1st Year Sales Growth: 6.34 %
3rd Year Sales Growth: 10.14 %
Net Income: 3.618 Billion EUR
1st Year EPS Growth: 10.29        
3rd Year EPS Growth: 6.97
While doing the comparison we can see that Microsoft corporation recorded a net loss despite the increase in income by its competitors. 


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