Company has a great competitive positioning around the globe

The purpose of this report is to utilize Library Resources and Company information to assess the market the company works in, key competitive threats, life cycle issues with products, margin analysis and a critical review of external forces that the analysts, research houses and others are saying about the company and its future.
Your report must start with an overview of the company, financial overview, key businesses, key customers, stated strategy (Annual Report and filings) and competitive positioning.
SWOT analysis based on the research you have done and the conclusions you have come up with.

Overview of the Company 

McKinsey & Company is the consulting firm of the global management that works for leading not-for-profits, businesses and the various government and non-government organizations. The company provides help to the customers in order to make improvements to the performance of the clients and ascertain their significant goals. They have developed the firm which is being equipped uniquely to the desired tasks of the company. The company was established in 1926 ("McKinsey & Company," 2016).

Financial Overview

                     Source: ("Sales Leads | Company Info | Industry Analysis | Hoovers," 2016)
The table shows the financial overview of the McKinsey & Company. It can be easily understood from the table that the company is maximizing profit every year.

Key Businesses

The key businesses of the McKinsey & Company are:
•    Analysis of capital market- to identify which business model and strategy will help the client to develop the value.
•    Management of active portfolio- in order to fund the growth of the corporate and maximizing the value for the long term (Hair, J. F. 2015).
•    Investor communications- to explain the strategy of the corporate, manage the expectations of the performance, maximize the value of the shareholder and to anticipate the investor's perspective.

Key Customers

The key customers of McKinsey & Company are:
•    PTT- they wanted advice from McKinsey for IHS and foster wheeler.
•    DEWA- it requires McKinsey for the study on the power of clean coal-based.
•    Allsate- it requires the company in order to maximize the profitability.
•    Dial- it requires the company for the marketing and sales of good and services.

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Stated Strategy

The strategy of the McKinsey & Company is to reflect the creation of the value and the adequate considerations of the risk which are important for the success (Cusumano et al., 2015). The company works with the center of trend analysis and the strategy in order to help the clients in maximizing the value by aligning the strategy with the perception of the market (Ulrich, D. 2014).

Competitive Positioning

The company has a great competitive positioning around the globe. As they have got a great brand name. The company is one of the most prominent organizations of the world (Rigby et al., 2015). The company has a successful portfolio of the project and provides advice to the clients to a great extent.

SWOT Analysis 

•    Qualified and experienced employees from varied streams.
•    The system of knowledge management.
•    Brand awareness.
•    The in -depth analysis is sometimes given which is not even required.
•    Competition from other consultants like Booz and company and Bain and company.
Opportunities (Aghina et al., 2014):
•    Maximized penetration into the economy.
•    Diversification from the venture and general strategy into the various other areas.
•    Expansion of the experts of the industry.
•    The companies are setting the centers of knowledge with the IT.


It can be clearly understood that the McKinsey & Company is the most consultancy firm across the world. The company offers advice and consultancy to various firms so that they can maximize their profitability and to attain a sustainable competitive advantage. The SWOT analysis helps in understanding that the company has great opportunities in order to expand more. 


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