Community Health; Drug



Using the essay outline, write your argument (body) and conclusion in
full. Rewrite your introduction taking additional material and marker
feedback into account. Find and use a minimum of two external, peer-
reviewed sources in addition to the theories / required readings from
ANTH106. (You can draw on the 'additional readings' in the unit outline
for your 2 external sources.)
Structure and writing styles are as important as content when writing an
essay. You are encouraged to have a peer read a draft of your essay
and provide feedback on your organisation and written expression.
You will submit your essay online through the Turnitin link provided on
iLearn (i.e. in the same way you submitted the essay outline
Your case study will be selected from one of the following options
(Remember you’re using the SAME CASE STUDY as for the essay
• Option 1: Dwyer, R. 2011. ‘Chapter 1: The social life of smokes:
Processes of exchange in a heroin marketplace’ in Fraser and
Moore (eds), 2011. The Drug Effect: Health, Crime and
Society. Melbourne: Cambridge U Press.
• Option 2: Race, K. 2011. ‘Chapter 2: Party animals: The
significance of drug practices in the materialisation of urban gay
identity’ in Fraser and Moore (eds), 2011. The Drug Effect: Health,
Crime and Society. Melbourne: Cambridge U Press.
• Option 3: Boyd, S. 2011. ‘Pleasure and pain: Representations of
illegal drug consumption, addiction and trafficking in music, film
and video’ in Fraser and Moore (eds), 2011. The Drug Effect:
Health, Crime and Society. Melbourne: Cambridge U Press.
• Option 4: Any chapter from Marc Lewis. 2011. Memoirs of an
Addicted Brain: A Neuroscientist Examines His Former Life on
Drugs. PublicAffairs.
Use the following questions to guide you in writing your essay outline.
• What issues are raised by your case study?
• How do they relate to topics covered in class and weekly
• What are the complex social processes and relations that surround
the production and consumption of drugs?
* The word limit will be enforced strictly and you will be penalised 1%
for each 10 words you exceed the word limit!





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The essay has been outlined through underpinning the analysis of a case study relating on drugs along with homosexuality with probable measurement of the issues raised through determining the facts and inception accumulated from the case. Here the identification and analysis of different complex and also social factors relating to drugs has been justified so as to ensure the ideas reflected upon the bases derived from the overall impact of the study. Here the case selected for illustrating the essay has encompassed the ideas of party animals that are highly significant in measuring the drug practices in considering the materialization of urban gay identities. 
Issues rose 
The issues aroused in this particular essay regarding the topic have sincerely empowered the fact that the gays have to think about the overall subcultures regarding the sexual determination as sleazy. But the success achieved by them has propounded their respective ways in cumulating the way of pertaining their livelihood has been measured through succeeding the political rights significantly along with their variation regarding the identities. This has not been regarded as possible enough but the existence regarding the public and the sexual culture they have despised within the public are quite serious. Thus the paper has traced upon the criminalization regarding homosexuality and also the usage of drugs in the country Australia, Sydney considering the scene that accompany gays, in mapping different importance in relation to the social as well as political entity comprising different gay identities (Race, 2014). The ideas reflected by Kane race has predominantly ensured about the facts by emitting the connection between the usages of drugs along with the ramifications regarding the success of different gay liberations. Historically it has been excluded from different sources that the private life regarding marriage as well as family. The homoerotically inclination of the men have possessed the usage of public along with different semi public venues considering the bars along with the coffee shops in addition to other places for meeting with other men that has pursued the social along with the sexual ties. The surprising legal prohibition regarding the homosexuality has meant with public gathering that has spotted gay men has subjected towards the police raids incessantly. The issues have also been forecasted within the dance parties where key resources regarding the collective identification and also popular involvements have been implicated through elaborating the queer belongings. 


Analysis of the findings


It has been analyzed that the dance parties has provided only place to queer men that could easily congregate away towards the heterosexual gaze. Thus it has been subjected towards the examination through which complete heteronormative lens along with constant surveillance has been assured through ensuring the gender performances that has manifested the real as well as effective indicator regarding the homosexuality. Regardless of the drawbacks, it has been assumed that being free from different aspects of heterosexual gaze; spaces have been created for the gay men that has enabled the gay culture which empowers drugs, alcohols and many other fantasies which removes daily living mundanely. the new culture has expressed the necessity regarding the men that urges to take drugs and party for entire life and thus the lifestyle has presented the reflection that every people has accustomed to pertain (Moore & Measham, 2012). Nevertheless, the lessons have empowered the gay spaces about how they have produced the unique gay queer for cultural element. Thus it is highly important to create the aspects of space that are generally free from the heterosexual gaze and has allowed the queerness in manifesting the difference through much more positive and defensive manner. The aspects regarding the deterritorialization has occurred some important activities regarding the gay spaces. 


Complex Social process and relations


The expressions have generated constricted stereotypes in order to undertake the different actions that are sustained in the following parameters of using drugs among the gay men. The gay dance culture has differentiated itself with both substantial and practical consumption of practices that generates heteromasculine drinking culture to redefine the association of night time violence. These interventions have partaken the police to use sniffer dogs within the party as it is considered as ongoing disciplinary actions to form publicly social able action in creating the uniqueness thoroughly in order to find the essences. The signs are considered to be the interest through which the hobbies along with the activities has allowed in healing the sensation described upon the reaction supplying the HIV crisis that are needed to be protected. 




Thus it can be concluded that the participation of drugs such as ecstasy has materialized the community responses to identify the crisis of AIDS also cumulating the perspectives of peace, empathy and also openness that cares with proper stimulation and also embodied feelings regarding the experiments held for eradicating the overall responses achieved from the gay men for using the drugs in their life. 




Race, K. (2014). Complex events: Drug effects and emergent causality. Contemporary Drug Problems, 41(3), 301-334.
Moore, K., & Measham, F. (2012). The silent “G”: A case study in the production of “drugs” and “drug problems”. Contemporary Drug Problems, 39(3), 565-590.
Lancaster, K., Hughes, C., & Ritter, A. (2017). ‘Drug dogs unleashed’: An historical and political account of drug detection dogs for street-level policing of illicit drugs in New South Wales, Australia. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 50(3), 360-378.


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