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Brand Management Assignment


Oporto, is one of the Australian based international quick service restaurants in the chain of fast food franchise with the Portuguese theme, as it specializes in making of Portuguese style chicken.

Oporto, having about more than 100 ‘eat in’ and ‘take-away’ numerous restaurants in Australia, New Zealand, India, the United States, and the United Kingdom, moreover with a majority of large restaurants in New South Wales, Australia, headquartered. Previously, it also operated their stores throughout the way of China.
The name of the restaurant “Oporto” derived from the word Porto, Portugal second biggest city. The founder of Oporto, 1986 was the Antonia Cerqueira, the one of the Portuguese immigrants in North Bondi. Moreover, by Business review weekly in Jan 2005, its first franchise store named fastest growing franchise which was commenced in 1995. It having 94 franchises in NSW and around 100 of stores were operating throughout the world and further plans to open more new stores. Oporto comprises of three basic stores such as: 
i.    Drive thru
ii.   Shopping Centre
iii.   Strip stores 
The expectation of this advertising study is to take a look at Oporto establishment which is located in North Sydney, and it is the contending market. The report investigations marketing strategies, its point, and exhibit fundamental issues, which help with fulfilling marketing goals for North Sydney Oporto (Oporto, 2016). Tending to their relative and competitive advantage over its rivals, the promoting arrangement includes execution and control in observing its execution in following after years.

Brand Engagement – Digitally Led, Activation Driven & Flavour Inspired 

Inferable from the extensive size and spending force of the Millennial business sector, a lot of exploration has been led on the most proficient method to accomplish best brand engagement with this exceptionally lucrative gathering. 
While conventional publicizing still serves an imperative part, promoting procedures that emphasize a more individual, enthusiastic association with the brand – those that cultivate a brand relatable character that expands effectively into the advanced space – are seen as ideal.
Oporto, having manufactured its plan of action around the Millennial business sector, has been on-point in guiding its expansive advertising endeavors to focus on this business sector portion.
In 2015, Oporto dispatched the 'Fire Rewards Program', a dedication activity that permits clients to gain "Flame" focuses for each dollar spent in the store. 'Flame Rewards' incorporate a free feast on your birthday, points earned can be reclaimed on dinners, and being a part will offer access to elite occasions and rivalries.
Also, Oporto is devoted to the progressing production of selective substance intended for most extreme offer capacity online through online networking channels, which will keep on solidifying Oporto as fun and relatable Australian social symbol, driving benefits for franchisees into what's to come (Hayes and Huffman, 1985). 
Oporto's key purpose of separation has dependably been its flame-grilled chicken and burgers flavor profile. Roused by the Portuguese origin author Antonio Cerqueira, the remarkable Oporto Chili Sauce (with overpowering power) has been a hit from the principal burger sold in 1986.
Important information that informs our brand strategy
  • Favorable image on quality of food in comparison to the market
  • Bondi Burger is iconic to the Oporto brand
  • Exclusive in the fast food industry

Brand Performance

Sustainability & Longevity
Natural sustainability has turned into an undeniably intriguing issue as of late, and the effect of the fast food industry on nature has been in the spotlight.
In looking at the ecological impression of different meats, chicken is thought to be the most reasonable. It requires less water, less framework, and less land to cultivate effectively than its red meat rivals. In reality, chickens are the most effective converters of food into the meat of all area based animals species.
Chicken cultivating itself is likewise far less hurtful to nature than meat, which causes 13 times more atmosphere effect because of the arrival of methane – a significantly more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.
Chickens deliver no methane at all and create far fewer discharges generally speaking during cultivating and production.
There are a couple of factors that calculates the view of accommodation – recognition, reasonableness, and accessibility. The focused and hungry client is searching for a brand that they know they can believe, that they know they can manage, and one that is anything but difficult to acquire.
Since opening its first store just about 30 years prior, Oporto has accomplished solid, positive brand awareness in Australia and immovably engraved in the Australian mind.
Since it is surely understood and accessible in various settings – from strip malls and strip shopping centers to standalone eateries with drive-thru administrations – Oporto has further solidified itself as a natural and welcome presence over the Australian fast food landscape.
Moreover, drive-thru eating alternatives are turning out to be progressively (Hill and Reed, 1983) desirable as heading to work keeps on ruling strongly in Australia as the favored style of drive.
Brand strategy
In light of the meaning of non-specific rivalry, the contenders of Oporto can be any items which can satisfy clients' need. It can be any bistro or take away and snappy administration. In this report, we just center the contender examination on the enormous extensive size of the fast-food chain.
Subway: With its saying "Eat Fresh" Subway has engaged and earned the notoriety of displaying clients a more advantageous and better alternative to customary slick and greasy fast food. In this manner diminishing the greasy admission and expanding the stringy admission. Prior, their advertising concentrated for the most part around flavor and tradition yet now it is changed to exploit craving to thin by picking precisely what a client wishes in their sandwiches. They as of now have a market share of around 6 %.
Giving client crisp, solid and quick item, adaptable menu offerings and low franchise startup expenses as their quality, they are one of the significant contenders for Oporto. However, they have an obsolete inside beautification, higher worker turnover expense, and irregularity in the conveyance from store to store as their shortcoming which goes about as favorable position for Oporto.
Pizza Hut: Established in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney sibling in Wichita Kansas USA, today it is the biggest pizza chain working far and wide, with 325 stores situated in Australia. Pizza Hut promoting technique has dependably been to be in the first place; they were the first to begin with a home conveyance, first in an enhancement of their item, offering something new to their menu and now coming up with Pasta Hut.
Pizza Hut dependably tries to accompany something new and imaginative with enough distinction giving a client the sentiment of another item or product. As of late they have begun with an online order with the home conveyance. They are the pioneer in imaginative items which is their quality. With their expansive determination of various items, it gets to be less demanding for them to advertise.
McDonald's: McDonald's has around 27% piece of the overall industry which is the greatest in the fast food industry in Sydney. It gives emphasis on quality and consistency of its item. In spite of the fact that it has no branch in North Sydney yet at the same time client once in a while have a tendency to go for the brand. General it has a high penetration in the commercial center with altogether of 730 stores all over Australia and ten stores in Sydney. McDonalds concentrates on more assortment and alternative, decision and variety for its client (Hoover, 2003). This can be seen from various things being added to McDonalds New Tastes menu.
Market dynamics
This point refers to the some components may make the probability of changing existing business sector, and additionally the cooperation between powers of interest and supply and the evaluating signals they have created. In this way, the materiality of business sector elements uncovers that any critical component of business sector progression is outside the ability to control of any firm or gathering.
Dynamics variations
The circumstance of cost for fast food business sector is one significant element variation affecting the changing of business sector supply and demand. McDonalds as a run of the mill service administration eatery is a pioneer in Australian fast food market. Its cost of items is same all over the place since they are the franchise and you can get the a few burgers, chips, drinks and different items. In this point, Oporto keeps the cost of item same because of it actualizes the similar working technique as McDonalds'. Besides, the level of item cost amongst McDonalds and Oporto is demonstrated the same also, for an occasion, the cost of dinners from $7 to $11, the single menu things from $5 to $8, and the cost of breakfast things from $3 to $8, individually. This value standard is fulfilling the client request in the current fast food market, and the cheap food is the dominant part of the fast food for the most clients.

Channels of distribution

Distribution channels include some free associations, for instance, wholesalers, retailers and sale agents. So the part of the channel of distribution is to move results of administrations from organizations to the end client, particularly, customers or alternate organizations in the business sector exercises. The huge capacity of it intends to conveyance items and administrations to the end client at the perfect spot, ideal time and the most minimal expense, (Market Analysis, 1964) to make the procedure of acquiring more comfort, successful and productive.
The figure demonstrates the system how the items are conveyed from crisp food supplier, nourishment producer, and beverages maker to speedy administration eateries.


As a food administrations entrepreneur, you help people eat, drink, and be happy consistently. In any case, owning an eatery, bar, or cooking administration accompanies an arrangement of risk that most entrepreneurs never need to stress over. Health codes, food arrangement convention, and risk alcohol laws must be a priority. Through appropriate safety preparation and handle convention, you can enormously lessen the risks connected with these issues.

Brand Communication

As per the advancement of fast food eatery, the business sector advancement still is an essential piece of progression varieties that affect the course of business sector improvement. It is an arrangement of exercises that the general population use to speak with others about their item and administration and for motivating force and persuade them to utilize it. Subway eatery is one of the contenders of Oporto in North Sydney's fast-food territory. There is a progression of offer advancement exercises it has intended for fulfilling distinctive client requests in the objective business sector. The gift card advancement exercises have been performed base on the cost arranged advancement in client advancement. It is isolated into three sections for different individuals as per the intended interest group in the deal market. The main sort of gift card is for representatives, and the card is paid ahead of time customized with client organization's logos, photographs, and content. The second one is the standard card for other individuals, for example, guests and understudies they can get motivating forces, recompenses, prizes, and recognitions. In any case, the deal advancement exercises of Oporto are more quickness and worthy than its rival. That contains understudy rebate cards, ten%discount for unique occupation and gatherings, for instance, policemen and shoppers who are obtaining item over $100, and other advancement coupons.
Another promotional activity is publicizing that a type of correspondence with a few media planned to persuade target gathering of people to direct some activities. It incorporates the fundamental data of items or administrations which could advantage the present clients and influence potential client to expand it (Tang, 2010). The majority of fast food eateries focus on their promoting for kids and students. For the most part, the sorts of conventional promoting effort involve
  • Television advertisement battles 
  • Radio campaigns
  • Print media campaigns
  • Billboard campaigns
  • Event sponsorship 
  • Product position in film and TV programs 
  • Direction signs and publications 
The accompanying demonstrates the usage proportion of various sorts of advertising in the fast food eatery as of late:


As, it is considered to be the better brand in a fast-food chain, though not many of customers or individuals know about it but yes it somewhere have made up a place in the chain of fast-food restaurants. Many of its competitors may arise, but it sticks with their all-time favorite dish that is grilled chicken, Bondi Burger, Chicken products, burgers, wraps, salads, sides and desserts and much more. Despite being not so good, yet it deals with their competitors in a fine and distinct manner to be in a race of fast food restaurant. So, finally, it's the analysis that gives the clear picture of this brand. Moreover, yes, it somewhat familiar in the city with a good positive image in the market. Bringing down costs will give a focused edge on value figure and will help to draw new client and to convince an old client to stay back rather on striving for a change. Staying open longer hours will be an additional point of interest over the new contender and will likewise pull late home going clients.  And customer reward arrangement will help a tempting client to stay back, be faithful and procure reward and harvest advantages.  

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