Assignment Based on Improvement in The Sales Service


Assignment based on Improvement in the sales service. 


Solution to the issues discussed: Improvement in the sales service

1.    The customer service skills need to be improved in the staff. 

This is related to training. For this training needs to be provided to the staff who deal with the customers directly. They need to be trained on clear communication lines; they have to become more adaptable to the needs of the people in the industry. Since the business is of selling the plastic containers to the public, so sales industry has to identify that what are the needs and wants of customers, what they aspire for, what do they look for in the product etc. then in the skills, the staff should be taught about the work ethics. They need to understand that when they see the problem of the customers from their own eyes, the customers feels good, they feel associated and the customers don’t have to waste much time in explaining their problems to the staff. This saves time, the product is sold at a faster rate and a right balance gets maintained in the sales and profits of the company. 
Then the staff has to train on the knowledge aspect, they need to have full information about the product that they are selling. The customers trust the staff for the knowledge they have. Suppose the staff is giving them incorrect knowledge or half knowledge about the product then it would be very harmful for them and the company. 
The image of the company gets destroyed later and the customers feel dis satisfied. So the staffs need to have a detailed knowledge about the product so that they are able to respond to the queries of the customers, guide them properly. This is appreciated by the customers too as they feel that now they have complete knowledge about the product so it becomes easier for them to take their purchase decision. 
Further, the skill that the staff should possess is that they need to become thick skinned. They need to trust the fact that whatever the customer is saying is always correct, they must not question them or blame them if they don’t accept what the sales person says. This is due to the reason that customers have the option of giving feedback on social networking and various other sites and they have the power to destroy the image of the company. So they should not be blamed, instead they should be told that whatever they believe is right, but the product contains this feature too hat can solve their particular problem. 

2.    The company needs to enhance its strategy for the customer service

This is not related to the training needs of the company. For this the involvement of the senior management is very important. But on the other hand those who will implement this strategy needs training so this can be both training and non-training aspect of improvement. In this, the company should get more personal with the customers in the sense that they should communicate with them more often, they should send them emails, messages; give them various discounts and offers. 
They should encourage the customers to give their valuable feedback. When the customers feel associated with the company, they tend to buy more and the sales increase. So the company should follow this thing. Then secondly, the company has to make sure that are available for the personal touch with the customers. 
If the customers are in different time zone or in international markets so they should arrange a customer resolution desk that is open for 24*7 so that the customers can ask their queries for there and resolve their problems timely. Next is that the people of the company should show care to the customers by fully meeting their needs. This involves relationship building.
 The customers should be given VIP treatment and they should be appreciated for their decisions related to purchase. The company can also run a survey to get idea about their customers, their likes and dislikes and wants and desires. Seminars, webinars can be created so that all the people come close to each other and they interact. This can also be used as a sales promotion technique. 

3.    Take feedback

This is very important to be taken. Feedback helps in knowing where the company is lacking and what all needs to be improved in the service. Also, when they give positive feedback, the company can reward the deserving people. Feedback helps to make continuous improvements, it helps to avoid mistakes in the future, it also helps in making the image of the company better in the eyes of its customers. 


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