any food that gives you pleasure

Question: Write an essay on any food that gives you pleasure

Answer: Pasta

There are two things which I love to do during leisure time and these are reading and eating. I love to try and make different types of food. Yes I am foodie and I don’t feel shame in saying so. I love to make experiments with my taste buds. I not only love to eat but cook also. For me food is everything because it helps me to connect with other people and my family. This is because, food provides a platform where people interact with each other and make discussion on different type of topics. In terms of my habit, I am bit lazy person. Thus, I am always in the search of that kind of food which does not require much prior preparation. Further, I also don’t like to wait for food much. So it is the reason why I always try to learn that dishes which can be made quickly and require few ingredients. 
Pasta is my favorite food because I love to eat that kind of food which contains both stomach filling as well as healthy property. I love to make my Pasta with different types of vegetables. Further, I like to eat that kind of food which is very spicy or which can be change according to my taste and desire. It is my favorite because it is the only dish which I would love to eat when I am not feeling well or when I am sick. Further, I like it because Pasta is the only dish which gives an option to prepare it with few ingredients and it does not demand much training. My favorite cuisine is Italian and among it my favorite dish is Pasta. Pasta is basically a staple food which own global popularity. It is made with durum wheat semolina which is mixed in water to make dough. Pasta comes with both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. For example, with an aim to make non vegetarian version of pasta egg are added to it. In addition to this, Pasta comes in varied shapes and size such as Shell, Penne, Rotini, Farfalle and Fusilli etc. Further, Pasta has different type of colors also such as green and white. However, the major color of Pasta is white. 
Further with this, I love to eat vegetables. This is because eating vegetables gives me feeling that I am doing something healthy and nutritious for my body. In addition to this, I always love to see lots of colors as well as flavors in my food. Thus, these are the two basic priorities which I kept in mind while I am eating any kind of food. Moreover, I am also very much attracted towards the artistic element in food. It is the one thing which influences me to purchase specific type of food whenever I go for shopping. Besides this, I love to eat that kind of food which can be effectively complemented with any kind of wine and drinks. 
In terms of objective discussion about Pasta, I would say that it is the dish which comes with different shapes and sizes. Further, it goes very well with varieties of seasonal vegetables. In addition to this, the Pasta which is boiled for preparation purpose should not be used after one or two days. This is because, if it is done then it will became very sticky further it will also lose its good properties also. 
Additionally, Pasta contains starch also which tend to cause negative impact upon health. Some common effects of starch upon human body are high sugar level and weight gain etc. Hence, it is correct to say that Pasta is not the right option for those individual who are trying to reduce their weight and suffered from diabetes. Further with this, it can be made with or without soup. It is the dish which is popular among children and adults. Pasta can be a complete meal for many individuals. It can be prepared with different variety of sauce also. 
With reference to the subjective discussion regarding my favorite dish, I connect it with party and enjoyment. This is because, as per my opinion no party is complete if there is an absence of Pasta dishes in a food menu. I always try different shapes of Pasta and it gives me feeling that I am eating something very different and unique. For me, Pasta is the great weekend dish which I eat with my favorite movie or TV serial. In this regard, it can be said that 
For me, Pasta is a filling as well as healthy meal option even though it posses many negative points. This is due to the fact that, I always prepare my Pasta with many vegetables and does not cook them full. Hence, it is through this way only I make my Pasta healthy and nutritious. It is by complying with given type of activity only I increase the nutritious elements in my Pasta. Additionally, I also relate my favorite food with convenience. This is because it is the only dish which can be prepared in minimum time as well as without many efforts. I have emotional connection with Pasta because it reminds me about my childhood memories. Further, I can change the dish of my favorite food with my mood also. For instance, if I want to eat some very spicy and tangy then I can prepare this with red sauce. Similarly, if I need to eat something subtle and bland then I can prepare it with white sauce.
Overall, from the above discussion it can be concluded that there are certain things which influence the opinion of individual when making decision about favorite dish. This may differ from person to person. Similarly, there are some people who give importance to nutrition criteria while making selection about food. However, for many individuals nutrition criteria in food do not matter if food which they are eating tastes good. Hence, it can be said that objective and subjective elements associated with food have influence on person’s choice regarding favorite dish. 


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