analysis research develop the strategies for their business

Question: Using the situation analysis research develop the positioning and the strategies for their business

Introduction and positioning 
The application that is chosen for the project is named as the Hi-Hike is socializing app. It mainly connects the hikers who are like minded. The application is completely for the people who love to have to hiking as it has been observed that hiking has become one of the vital part of the culture and it has also gained popularity at an alarming rate in the current year. The application is different because of unique and creativeness when contrasted with other applications (Armstrong and et al, 2015). The entire project will revolve around the key subject matter that is situational analysis and positioning. In general terms, positioning includes who is the target market for a company? What does the firm do? What makes the product of the company unique and different? And why it is so vital to the prospective consumers? However, the project will address the factors with regards to the marketing mix in the strategies that will develop a positioning that is clear for the product.
What do you offer?
The application mainly offers all types of facilities to the people who are passionate about the hiking. The application was developed keeping in mind that a lot of people go for hiking but do not have anybody else whom they can take for the hiking. Moreover, there are people who are new in a country and do not have any friends so the application have the options for the individual to pick their relevant partners and the application also keeps a check with regards to security as it is the basic requirement. When the individual founds their partner for hiking the application also provides a chance for communication in between the (Lee and Kotler, 2011). 
Who are you for?
It has been already mentioned that the application is completely for the hikers who are new in a country and do not have any friends but are extremely passionate about hiking. Hi-Hike is socializing app is all in one app that caters each and every needs of the hikers 
How are you different?
The application is completely different and unique from the rest of the applications in the marketplace because it is suitable for the professional, beginners and also for the amateur hikers. It has been observed most of the hiking apps fail to cater the above-mentioned three groups but this application serves them. Moreover, unlike the other hiking apps this app is full of interesting details (Kotler, 2012). 
Why does it matter?
It matters a lot because in the recent times if the positioning of the application is not done in a perfect manner then the application will not be able to survive in the marketplace among their potential competitors. It can be also said that only being unique will not serve the purpose the company of Hi-Hike is socializing app will have market their application successfully via various types of social media platforms so that it grabs a lot of attention from everyone.

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