Allocate Regular Activities


How did you allocate regular activities (such as attending gigs, gym or sports, spending time with friends at home or in pub)?


The subjects that require more study time are Sight reading and Music Theory. These are the two main areas on which I feel to concentrate more. As far as my strong subjects are concerned, I feel very comfortable with Vocal techniques and Performance. These are two key areas in which I think I have a good command.
I have allocated the study time keeping in mind all the necessary things or the topics which are mandatory for me. I have given my morning time to the subjects or the areas in which I think I lack a lot because practicing or learning anything, especially in the morning has a deep impact on us. Apart from this, I have distributed my afternoon time according to my secondary priorities as well as revising whatever I have studied in the morning. This period also includes lunch breaks and some leisure time. I am using the “To do List” tool for making sure that I must complete my task as per the target which I have set for that particular work. When we set any target with time bound, it gives us a sense of responsibility that we must do it within the time frame, it also ensure our efficiency and accuracy. Other musical activities are also of prime importance, so, I have also scheduled them and allotted required time for them so that no part of the study gets ignored. 
I have also allotted time for regular activities like going to gym, attending gigs, sports, spending time with my friends at home or anywhere outside. These activities play a vital role in the all-round development of an individual. If these will be neglected then it is very tough to progress and excel as these enables us to become more social, make ourselves fit and fine etc. If these will be ignored then our daily routine will become monotonous, and we will start feeling bored because every human being requires all sort of activities in his day to day life for his/her overall development. On some of the days, I have also dedicated my evening time for some part time job as this will make me feel that I too have the ability to earn and I can also become self-dependent in case if it is needed. This particular feeling gives a sense of satisfaction to me.
The entire planner has been made on the idea that maximum time is given to my music. Music is something which possesses maximum importance in my life. I have tried to give more to music because it will help me in making myself a better musician. So, the schedule/planner has been made in such a way that nothings get neglected and at the same time music gets my maximum time. More focus has been given to practices and to my weaker subjects. 

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