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WIT Financial Accounting Test Chapters 5 and 6 1. From the adjusted trial balance for Worker
Products Company given below, prepare a multiple-step income statement in good form. Worker
Products Company Adjusted Trial Balance December 31 Debit Credit Cash $ 9,400 Accounts
receivable 25,000 Merchandise inventory 36,000 Office supplies 900 Store equipment 75,000
Accumulated depreciation - store equipment $ 22,000 Office equipment 60,000 Accumulated
depreciation -office equipment 15,000 Accounts payable 42,000 Notes payable 10,000 F. Worker,
Capital 110,700 F. Worker, Withdrawals 48,000 Sales 325,000 Sales discounts 6,000 Sales returns
and allowances 16,500 Cost of goods sold 195,000 Sales sa ...Read More

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