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university of southern california Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - standard cost

Question - Morro Bay Surfboards manufactures fiberglass surfboards. The standard cost of direct materials and direct manufacturing labor is $225 per board. This includes 30 pounds of direct materials, at the budgeted price of $3 per pound, and 9 hours of direct manufacturing labor, at the budgeted rate of $15 per hour. Following are additional data for the month of July: Units completed 5,500 units Direct material purchases 190,000 pounds Cost of direct material purchases $579,500 Actual direct manufacturing labor-hours 49,000 hours Actual direct labor cost $739,900 Direct materials efficiency variance $ 1,500 F There were no beginning inventories. REQUIRED 1. Compute direct manufacturing labor variances for July. 2. Compute the actual ...Read More

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