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University Of Pennsylvania Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - accounting help

Question - I also need help with this excersize Cost-Volume-Profit Elements and Relationships Your best friend just received a gift of $7,000 from his favorite aunt. He wants to save the money to use as "starter" money after college. He can invest it (1) risk-free at 6%, (2) taking on moderate risk at 8%, or (3) taking on high risk at 14%. Help your friend project the investment's worth at the end of four years under each investment strategy and explain the results to him. Submission Requirements: Complete your work in an MS Excel worksheet Document Preview: 960000 770000 132000 462000 162000 145000 220000 32000 93000 160000 11000 2.7 77 16 0.7 0.4 The budgets of four companies yield the following information: Sales revenue Fixed costs ...Read More

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