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University Of North Carolina At Greensboro Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Isooctane is produced

Question - Isooctane is produced in the reaction of isobutene and butylene in an emulsion with concentrated sulfuric acid: i-C4H10 + C4H8 ? i-C8H18 The fresh feed to the process flows at a rate of 60,000 kg/h and contains 25.0 mole% isobutene. 25.0% butylene, and 50.0% n-butane, which is chemically inert in this process. The fresh feed combines with three separate recycle streams, as shown in the flowchart, and the combined stream enters the reactor. Essentially all of the butylene fed to the reactor is consumed. A portion of the reactor effluent is recycled to the reactor inlet and the remainder passes to a decanter, in which the aqueous (sulfuric acid) and hydrocarbon phases are allowed to separate. The acid is recycled to the reactor, and th ...Read More

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