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University Of North Carolina At Charlotte Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Two aqueous

Question - Two aqueous sulfuric acid solutions containing 20.0 wt% H2SO4 (SG = 1.139) and 60.0 wt% H2SO4
(SG = 1.498) are mixed to form a 4.00 molar solution (SG = 1.213).
(a) Calculate the mass fraction of sulfuric acid in the product solution.
(b) Taking 100 kg of the 20% feed solution as a basis, draw and label a flowchart of this process,
labeling both masses and volumes, and do the degree-of-freedom analysis. Calculate the feed ratio
(liters 20% solution/liter 60% solution).
(c) What feed rate of the 60% solution (L/h) would be required to produce 1250kg/h of the product?

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