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University Of North Carolina At Charlotte Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Wet sugar

Question - Wet sugar that contains one-fifth water by mass is conveyed through an evaporator in which 85.0% of
the entering water is vaporized.
(a) Taking a basis of 100 kg feed, calculate (i) XW, the mass fraction of water in the wet sugar leaving
the evaporator, and (ii) the ratio (kg H2O vaporized/kg wet sugar leaving the evaporator).
(b) If 1000 tons/day of wet sugar is fed to the evaporator, how much additional water must be
removed from the outlet sugar to dry it completely, and what annual revenue can be expected if dry
sugar sells for $0.15/lbm?
(c) The evaporator is built to achieve the production rate of part (b), installed, and started up, and the
water content of the partially dried sugar is measured on successive days of operation ...Read More

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