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University Of North Carolina At Charlotte Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - salvage valu

Question - 1. An asset is purchased for $50,000. It has an estimated useful life of 12 years and a salvage value of $5,000. What is the annual depreciation of the asset using the straight-line method? A. $3,750.00 XXXXXX B. $4,000.00 C. $4,500.00 D. $4,583.33 2. An asset purchased by Able Corporation for $15,000 on 01/01/1997 also incurred freight charges of $200 and installation cost of $1,000. The asset had a life expectancy of eight years and a salvage value of $2,800. What are the accumulated straight-line depreciation and book value on 01/01/2000? A. $1,675; $9,975 B. $5,025; $11,175 XXXXXX C. $1,875; 10,575 D. $6,075; $10,125 3. Parker Inc. purchased a $30,000 asset with a salvage value of $1,200 and an estimated useful life of thr ...Read More

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